Tony Abbott has been in power since 7 September 2013. From that moment, he and his government have broken promises and hurt Australians. This post will be regularly updated to keep track of the Abbott Government’s broken promises and everything his Government does to hurt Australians. Each separate item will have a link to a source. Broken promises appear in bold and in a separate fully referenced list at the end.


478. Breaks a promise to provide a stable and unified Government – 14 September 2015 

477. Laughs at Pacific countries who’s existence is being threatened by climate change – 10 September 2015

476. Rejects recommendations to make banks pay for tax payer funded insurance – 4 September 2015

475. Wastes $55 million, including $15 million on relocating four refugees to Cambodia before the deal to resettle refugees from Nauru collapses – 30 August 2015

474. Oversees botched Border Force announcement that they would stopping people for visa checks in the Melbourne CBD – 28 August 2015

473. Splurges $10 million to rename Border Force – 26 August 2015

472. Cuts $10 million from a grant to support sufferers of an incurable disease – 26 August 2015

471. Breaks an election promise to “make no changes to the GST” by extending it to purchases made online – 21 August 2015

470. Spends over $20 million on an advertising campaign to sell it’s free trade agreement with China – 19 August 2015

469. Tries to introduce laws to stop citizens exercising their legal rights to stop big developments that damage the environment – 19 August 2015

468. Allows Scott Morrison to describe paid parental leave as a “first world issue” – 17 August 2015

467. Asks for a list of national security related things to be announced weekly until the election – 14 August 2015 

466. Blocks a conscience vote on  same sex marriage – 11 August 2015

465. Reduces Australia’s carbon emissions reduction target – 11 August 2015

464. Oversees an inquiry that recommends cutting penalty rates, lowering the minimum wage, individual contracts and giving employers more power over workers – 4 August 2015

463. Scuttles a proposal from Indigenous leaders for constitutional recognition – 3 August 2015

462. Backs speaker Bronwyn Bishop despite revelations she has rorted her travel entitlements multiple times – 31 July 2015

461. Dramatically increases the cost of applying for a divorce – 14 July 2015

460. Bans the Clean Energy Finance Corporation from investing in roof top solar panels and other small scale solar energy – 12 July 2015

459. Directs the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to stop investing in wind power – 12 July 2015

458. Launches a review of the ABC program QandA – 29 June 2015

457. Closes off the possibility of High Court challenges to offshore detention – 25 June 2015

456. Cuts the pension for low and middle income earners – 24 June 2015

455. Establishes a Commissioner for Wind Farms – 24 June 2015

454. Slashes the renewable energy target – 24 June 2015

453. Signs a free trade agreement with China which allows companies who have a 15% Chinese investor to import 100% overseas workers, undermines Australians safety and environmental standards and allows companies to sue the Australian government – 16 June 2015

452. Gags doctors, teachers and nurses from speaking out about conditions in detention centres with new laws imposing jail for speaking publicly – 4 June 2015

451. Deregulates the shipping industry removing the requirement of companies to pay Australian wages and conditions – 26 May 2015

450. Muzzles the Freedom of Information watchdog – 26 May 2015

449. Refuses to join the international effort to resettle refugees in crisis, stating “nope, nope, nope” – 21 May 2015

448. Gives the Minister for Arts the power to decide what art gets funded – 12 May 2015

447. Makes medicines more expensive for the chronically ill – 12 May 2015

446. Stops Family Tax benefit B to parents when their child turns 6 – 12 May 2015

445. Removes childcare benefits from parents who cannot work or study – 12 May 2015

444. Abolishes another 71 net jobs in the Federal public sector – 12 May 2015

443. Scraps funding to the academic website “The Conversation” – 12 May 2015

442. Cuts $12.5 million from the National Heritage Trust – 12 May 2015

441. Cuts $140 000 from the Refugee Council of Australia – 12 May 2015

440. Cuts $72.5 million for health scholarships – 12 May 2015 

439. Reduces the take home pay of those who work for charities and NGOs but cutting tax benefits – 12 May 2015

438. Cuts $3.6 million from Screen Australia – 12 May 2015

437. Slashes $403 million from the Australia Council – 12 May 2015

436. Decimates aid to Africa with a 70% cut – 12 May 2015

435. Cuts aid to Indonesia by 50% – 12 May 2015

434. Gouges almost $2 Billion from health – 12 May 2015

433. Kicks 80 000 or 46% of parents off the paid parental leave scheme and labels them “rorter” – 10 May 2015 

432. Scraps a Ministerial directive for the Australian Federal Police to consider Australians opposition to the death penalty – 1 May 2015

431. Gives $4 million to an academic who’s views align with the Prime Minister’s on climate change – 16 April 2015

430. Spends millions on a widespread advertising campaign to sell their “Intergenerational Report” which is discredited by the celebrity scientist who they paid to sell it – 15 April 2015

429. Fails to act on allegations of physical and sexual abuse of asylum seekers on Nauru despite knowing about it for over a year – 9 April 2015

428. Introduces laws to retain the metadata of Australians that 85 security and policing agencies can access – 26 March 2015

427. Axes the National Produce Monitoring System which monitors chemicals in Australia’s domestic food – 18 March 2015

426. Threatens to sack 1700 researchers if the Senate did not pass their bill to deregulate universities – 15 March 2015

425. Dismisses Indigenous culture by describing living in remote communities as a “lifestyle choice” – 11 March 2015

424. Violates the UN Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment and has found to have done so multiple times by the U.N. – 9 March 2015

423. Defends the decision of the LNP to hold an International Women’s Day lunch at a club that only accepts male members – 4 March 2015

422. Dismisses the inquiry into the treatment of children in immigration detention as a “political stitch up” and attacks Gillian Triggs the President of the Human Rights Commission – 24 February 2014

421. Tried to induce the President of the Human Rights Commission Gillian Triggs to resign before her report outlining the abuse of children in Australia’s immigration detention centres was released – 24 February 2015.

420. Pays $3.32 million to the lead lawyer for the Royal Commission into trade unions for under two years work – 19 February 2015

419. Puts at risk efforts to halt the executions of two Australians in Bali by threatening Indonesia with aid funding  – 19 February 2015

418. Bungles the tendering process for building submarines threatening hundreds of jobs – 19 February 2015

417. Dismisses a damning report into the impacts of mandatory detention of children seeking asylum as partisan and politicised, and says the Human Rights Commission “should be ashamed of themselves” – 12 February 2015

416. Breaks promise to lead a “strong, stable, accountable” government – 09 February 2015

415. Dumps his signature paid parental leave policy – 2 February 2015

414. Awards a Knighthood to Prince Philip on Australia Day – 26 January 2015

413. Undermines court system by commenting on the bail decision of a Victorian magistrate – January 16, 2015

412. Announces a freezes to the annual increases to the Medicare schedule – 12 January 2015

411. Attempts to undermine Medicare by slashing the amount doctors get for consultations – 12 January 2015

410. Votes against a UN resolution calling for the end of the Israeli occupation of Palestine – 31 December 2014

409. Spends millions on market research and TV advertisements promoting their proposal to uncap university fees – 28 December 2014

408. Slashes funding to community organisations that support tens of thousands of vulnerable families and people in crisis causing 2500 community workers to lose their jobs two days before Christmas – 22 December 2014

407. Defunds peak organisations who advocate for the poor and oppressed including Homelessness Australia, Financial Counselling Australia and National Shelter – 22 December 2014

406. Appoints a climate skeptic who praised Rupert Murdoch as the “starting point for green innovation” to the position of parliamentary secretary to the minister of the environment – 21 December 2014

405. Backflips on clamping down on multinational companies who shift profits to avoid paying taxes in Australia – 17 December 2014

404. Blows out the deficit to $40.4 Billion – 15 December 2014

403. Abolishes the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency – 15 December 2015

402. Ceases payments to apprentices under Support for Adult Australian Apprenticeships program – 15 December 2014

401. Cuts funding for the National Trade Cadetships programme – 15 December 2014

400. Slashes another $3.7 billion from overseas aid – 15 December 2014

399. Cuts 26 more government bodies down to 6 – 15 December 2014

398. Abolishes the Operational Working Party which advises government on the needs of the ex-service community – 15 December 2014 

397. Cancels the National Health, Aged and Community Care Forum – 15 December 2014

396. Abolishes the Current and Former Members of the ADF Emerging Issues Forum – 15 December 2014

395. Abolishes the Australian Financial Centre Taskforce – 15 December 2014

394. Silences the National Injury Insurance Scheme Advisory Group – 15 December 2014

393. Abolishes the National Children and Family Roundtable – 15 December 2014

392. Silences the Minister’s Dementia Advisory Group – 15 December 2014

391. Cancels the Healthy Life Better Ageing Committee – 15 December 2014

390. Annuls the Aged Care Reform Implementation Council – 15 December 2014

389. Cancels the Aged Care Planning Advisory Committee – 15 December 2014

388. Abolishes the Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency Ltd – 15 December 2014

387. Cancels the Indigenous Development effectiveness Initiative Steering Committee – 15 December 2014

386. Abolishes the First Peoples Education Advisory Group – 15 December 2014

385. Cancels the Australia in the Asian Century Advisory Board – 15 December 2014

384. Annuls the Regional Australia Standing Council – 15 December 2014

383. Dismantles the Northern Australia Ministerial Forum – 15 December 2014

382. Abolishes the Marine Council – 15 December 2014

381. Terminates the Expert Advisory Panel on Northern Australia – 15 December 2014

380. Silences the Northern Australia Indigenous Experts Forum on sustainable Economic Development – 15 December 2014

379. Annuls the Infrastructure Coordinator – 15 December 2014

378. Abolishes the Technical Advisory Committee for the Coal Mining Abatement Technology Support Package – 15 December 2014

377. Abolishes the Gas Market – Industry Reference Group – 15 December 2014

376. Disbands the Department of Human Services Council on Strategy and Innovation – 15 December 2014

375. Disbands the Anti-Doping Research Panel – 15 December 2014

374. Abolishes the Tourism Quality Council of Australia – 15 December 2014

373. Disbands the Australia Awards Board – 15 December 2014

372. Abolishes the National Marine Mammal Scientific Committee – 15 December 2014

371. Disbands the National Marine Mammal Advisory Committee – 15 December 2014

370. Abolishes the National Landscapes Reference Committee – 15 December 2014

369. Gets rid of the Indigenous Water Advisory Committee – 15 December 2014

368. Disbands the Iconic Sites Taskforce – 15 December 2014

367. Abolishes the Fuel Standards Consultative Committee – 15 December 2014

366. Abolishes the Emissions Intensive – Trade Exposed Expert Advisory Committee – 15 December 2014

365. Disbands the Commonwealth Environmental Water Stakeholder Reference Panel – 15 December 2014

364. Abolishes the COAG Standing Council on Environment and Water – 15 December 2014

363. Abolishes the Bureau of Meteorology Water Accounting Standards Board – 15 December 2014

362. Abolishes the Antarctic Science Advisory Committee – 15 December 2014

361. Cancels the COAG Select Council on Workplace Relations – 15 December 2014

360. Wipes out the Education Investment Fund Advisory Board – 15 December 2014

359. Dismantles the Australian Qualifications Framework Council – 15 December 2014

358. Abolishes the Strategic Cross-sectoral Data Committee for Early Childhood, Education and Training – 15 December 2014

357. Dismantles the Vietnam Veterans Education Centre – 15 December 2014

356. Abolishes the research working group – 15 December 2014

355. Abolishes the Peacekeepers Study Advisory Committee – 15 December 2014

354. Abolishes the Medicines Advice and Therapeutics Education Services Writing Group – 15 December 2014

353. Abolishes the Medicines Advice and Therapeutics Education Services Veterans Reference Group – 15 December 2014

352. Abolishes the Medicines Advice and Therapeutics Education Services Practitioner Reference Group – 15 December 2014

351. Abolishes the Gulf War Study Advisory Committee – 15 December 2014

350. Abolishes the eHealth Technical Advisory Group – 15 December 2014

349. Abolishes the Community Nursing Clinical Advisory Committee – 15 December 2014

348. Abolishes the Australian National Memorial New Zealand Advisory Panel – 15 December 2014

347. Abolishes the Anzac Centenary Public Fund Board – 15 December 2014

346. Abolishes the Official Establishments Trust – 15 December 2014

345. Abolishes the Australian Council of Local Government – 15 December 2014

344. Abolishes the Urban Policy Forum – 15 December 2014

343. Abolishes the National Disaster Recovery Taskforce – 15 December 2014

342. Abolishes the Local Government Ministers’ Forum – 15 December 2014

341. Abolishes the Inter-Jurisdictional Working Group – 15 December 2014

340. Abolishes the Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics Advisory Board – 15 December 2014

339. Abolishes the Pharmaceutical Industry Working Group – 15 December 2014

338. Abolishes the National Precincts Board – 15 December 2014

337. Abolishes the Fair Work Building and Construction Independent Assessor – 15 December 2014

336. Abolishes the Standing Council on School Education and Early Childhood Joint Working Group to Provide Advice on Students with Disability – 15 December 2014

335. Abolishes the Department of Defence CEO’s round table – 15 December 2014

334. Abolishes the Committee which was overseeing reform to the repair and maintenance of the Navy’s ships – 15 December 2014

333. Abolishes the Department of Defence Diversity Advisory Group – 15 December 2014

332. Abolishes the Australian Defence Force Financial Services Consumer Council – 15 December 2014

331. Abolishes the Subcommittee on Animal Health Laboratory Standards – 15 December 2014

330. Abolishes the Rabies Preparedness Working Group – 15 December 2014

329. Abolishes the New Test Evaluation Working Group – 15 December 2014

328. Abolishes the National Strategies Working Group – 15 December 2014

327. Abolishes the Laboratories for Emergency Animal Disease Diagnosis and Response Working Group – 15 December 2014

326. Abolishes the National Surveillance and Diagnostics Working Group – 15 December 2014

325. Abolishes the Forestry and Forest Products Committee – 15 December 2014

324. Abolishes the Department of Agriculture – Live Animal Export Division – Industry Government Implementation Group – 15 December 2014

323. Abolishes the Benchmarks Working Group which monitors acute hospital performance – 15 December 2014

322. Abolishes the Australian and New Zealand Standard Diagnostic Procedures Working Group – 15 December 2014

321. Abolishes the Artbank Advisory Committee – 15 December 2014

320. Cuts the Development Allowance Authority – 15 December 2014

319. Cuts the Reconstruction Inspectorate – 15 December 2014

318. Cuts the Inspector of Transport Security – 15 December 2014

317. Cuts the National Advisory for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment – 15 December 2014

316. Cuts the Health and Hospitals Fund Advisory Board – 15 December 2014

315. Cuts the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority Advisory Board – 15 December 2014

314. Cuts the Climate Adaptation Outlook Independent Expert Group – 15 December 2014

313. Cuts the Biological Diversity Advisory Committee – 15 December 2014

312. Cuts the Australian Antarctic Names and Medals Committee – 15 December 2014

311. Cuts the Antarctic Research Assessment Committee – 15 December 2014

310. Cuts the Forces Entertainment Board – 15 December 2014

309. Cut the Protection Zone Committees – 15 December 2015

308. Cuts the Telework Advisory Panel – 15 December 2014

307. Cuts the Australian Government Solicitor – 15 December 2014

306. Appoints the radically right wing John Lloyd from the Institute of Public Affairs to head the Public Service Commission – 12 December 2014

305. Appoints a former National Party MP who champions an abstinence policy on drugs over harm minimisation to be the new head of the Australian National Council on Drugs – 11 December 2014

304. Imposes a $900 tax on new homes connecting to the NBN breaking election promises on taxes – 11 December 2014

303. The unemployment rate hits 6.3 %,  it has not been this high since 2002 when Tony Abbott was Minister for Employment and Industrial  Relations –  11 December 2014

302. Announces a cut of $5 to the Medicare rebate after he fails to get his $7 Medicare co-payment through the Senate – 9 December 2014 

301. Breaks an election promise to improve transparency by restricting the transparency of overseas travel expenses after media reports on Christopher Pyne’s lavish trip to Europe with his wife  – 9 December 2014

300. Breaks a key election promise to bring in 26 weeks parental leave paid at a working mother’s actual wage – 7 December 2014

299. Introduces special work for the dole rules for regional and remote unemployed people so they have to work twice as many hours as city people in a measure that will mainly affect indigenous people – 6 December 2014 

298. Hands the immigration minister unchecked and unappealable powers to prevent refugees arriving by boat from seeking protection and allows him to return people to the country from which they fled – 4 December 2014

297. Reintroduces temporary protection visas for asylum seekers found to be refugees – 4 December 2014

296. Cuts  CSIRO funding, which means that CSIRO will lose 1/5 of its workforce  – 24 November, 2014

295. Slashes funding to the ABC and SBS resulting in job cuts and the axing of programs including state based 7:30 Report and breaking an election promise 19 November, 2014 

294. Refuses to contribute to the fund Green Climate Fund, which Abbott last year described as  “socialism masquerading as environmentalism” – 17 November, 2014

293. Uses G20 platform to comment on domestic political issues such as the fact people don’t like his $7 GP fee rather than international political issues – 15 November, 2014

292. Describes Australia as “nothing but bush” prior to the arrival of the First Fleet when addressing a breakfast for British Prime Minister, David Cameron – 14 November 2014  

291. Breaks promise to  achieve a surplus in the Government’s first year in office, instead overseeing an estimated $51 billion deterioration in revenue – 11 November, 2014

290. Describes coal as “good for humanity” while opening a coal mine in Queensland  13 October, 2014

289. Extends the Royal Commission into Trade Unions for another 12 months and expands the terms of reference despite their being no requests for either – 09 October, 2014

288. Cuts spending on science and innovation to the lowest levels since the data was first published – 07 October, 2014

287. Spends an estimated $500 million yearly participating in the conflict in the Middle East –  07 October, 2014

286. Limits scrutiny of ASIO, expands protections from prosecution for ASIO officers, and allows ASIO greater powers for surveillance with reduced requirements for warrants  – 30 September, 2014

285. Signs a deal with Cambodia to accept Australia’s refugees for a payment of $40 million over 4 years – 26 September, 2014

284. Breaks an election promise to a publish a proposal for constitutional recognition for Indigenous people and establish a bipartisan process to try to bring about recognition as soon as possible within the first 12 months of Government – 19 September 2014.

283. Breaks election promise to  build replacement submarines in South Australian shipyards, spending more than $20 billion on Japanese submarines instead – 8 September, 2014

282. Fails to provide adequate medical care to asylum seeker Hamid Kehazaei who died after developing an infection from a cut on his foot – 5 September 2014

281. Delays superannuation increases for seven years costing workers thousands of dollars in retirement savings2 September 2014

280. Kills the Low Income Super Contribution payment and the Superannuation Guarantee which aimed to boost the retirement savings of 3.6 million workers who earn $37,000 per year or less2 September 2014

279. Repeals the mining tax on the profits of big coal and iron ore companies – 2 September 2014

278. Bans secular workers from the school chaplaincy program – 27 August 2014

277. Refuses temporary visitors visas for Sri Lankan trade unionists to attend a union conference in Australia because they “do not have enough personal wealth” – 25 August 2014

276. Unemployment hits highest level in 12 years – 7 August 2014

275. Breaks an election promise to amend the race hate laws – 6 August 2014

274. Directs all government departments to disclose every contact with every union for any reason over the last decade to the Royal Commission – 28 July 2014

273. Allows the suspension of payments to parents whose children do not attend school in the Northern Territory – 19 July 2014

272. Axes the carbon tax with no viable policy to address climate change or Australia’s emission targets – 17 July, 2014

271. Risks up to $1 billion in revenue through job cuts at the ATO – July 15, 2014

270. Cuts all funding to Vibe Australia, the Indigenous organisation responsible for creating and producing the Deadly Awards, Deadly Vibe and InVibe magazines, Deadly Sounds radio, Move It Mob Style TV and deadlyvibe.com.au –  July 14, 2014

269. Detains 153 asylum seekers at sea on board a customs ship for a month, despite questions about the legality of this action – July 12, 2014

268. Offends China and many Australians by praising the “skill and honour” of Japanese soliders who killed 22 000 Australians and hundreds of thousands of Chinese during World War II – 9 July 2014

267. Hands over 41 Sri Lankan asylum seekers to the custody of Sri Lankan authorities after screening them at sea and transferring them while still on the water – 07 July, 2014 

266. Creates a strategic communications branch employing 37 people  and costing $4.7 million each year, to oversee communications in the department of Prime Minister and Cabinet despite saying at the 2013 launch of the Liberal Party’s book on ALP waste, that they would spend less on spin than the previous government  – July 05, 2014

265. Describes Australia as ‘unsettled’ before the British arrived, during an address to the Australia-Melbourne Institute Conference – 04 July, 2014

264. Grants the Immigration Minister power over the granting of permanent residence allowing him to personally decide the conditions of the test and his decisions will not be subject to appeal  – 03 July, 2014

263. Breaks a promise not to grant permanent permanent residency to people arriving by boat  by granting a visa to a least one refugee – 03 July, 2014

262. Prohibits Community Legal Centres from using Government funding to advocate for policy or law reform – 02 July, 2014

261. Appoints a former Liberal MP and a conservative columnist and vocal opponent of the ABC to the ABC and SBS appointments panel – 02 July, 2014

260. Strikes out protections for consumers of financial advice before the report into the Commonwealth Bank of Australia financial planning scandal is tabled, which recommends a Royal Commission into the bank to investigate allegations of fraud, forgery and a management cover-up – 01 July, 2014

259. Refuses to confirm the existence of two boatloads of refugees reported to be currently on board customs vessels. The Government previously denied the vessels were in trouble and refuses to comment on whether the refugees will be landing in Australia – 30 June, 2014

258. Revokes the residential determination of two asylum seekers from Vietnam currently in high school in Adelaide and removes them to a detention centre, resulting in up to 7 other children, also in school, running away for fear of the same fate – 28 June, 2014

257. Cuts Dementia and Severe Behaviours Supplement, a payment to those who provide care for people with severe behavioural  and psychological symptoms of dementia – 26 June, 2014 

256.  Breaks promise that no public servants will be forced into redundancy as it is revealed that staff in Treasury in Finance will be made involuntarily redundant  – 24 June, 2014

255. Seeks to reintroduce Temporary Protection Visas after the High Court strikes down the Government’s attempt to limit the number of permanent visas available each year  – 22 June 2014.

254. Refuses to halt return of refugees to war-torn Iraq – 18 June, 2014

253. Abandons the long-held, bipartisan position of referring to Palestinian land captured in 1967 as occupied – 06 June, 2014 

252. Abolishes the Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee, which has, for 25 years,  investigated gaps in Australia’s corporate and financial markets law  and recommended ways to close them – 05 June, 2014

251. Excludes Australian shipyards from a major new contract, sending jobs offshore and threatening the industry in Australia – 05 June, 2014 

250. Cuts funding to the peak refugee organisation the Refugee Council of Australia – 30 May 2014

249. Takes money from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and gives it to the Royal Commission into the Home Insulation Scheme – 28 May 2014

248. Breaks promise that no public servants will be forced into redundancy after revelations that public servants in the Department of Industry have been made involuntarily redundant – 19 May 2014

247. Scraps the National Water Commission – 13 May, 2014

246. Abolishes funding for Building Australia’s Future Workforce – 13 May, 2014

245. Abolishes the Get Reading Programme – 13 May, 2014

244. Scraps the annual subsidy to local ethanol producers – 13 May 2014

243. Slashes the Biodiversity Fund – 13 May, 2014

242. Cuts the Education Department’s Online Diagnostic Tools Programme – 13 May, 2014

241. Abolishes the Australian Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation Authority which was established to encourage organ donation – 13 May, 2014

240.  Introduces annual reviews for veterans receiving military compensation payments due to illness or injury – 13 May, 2014

239. Terminates the Office of Water Science research programme – 13 May, 2014

238. Abolishes the Commonwealth Human Rights Education Grant – 13 May 2014

237. Abolishes funding to the Exotic Disease Preparedness Programme – 13 May 2014

236. Slashes funding from the Indigenous Health Budget – 13 May 2014

235. Cuts funding for Indigenous language support – 13 May 2014

234. Cuts funding to the Torres Strait Regional Authority – 13 May 2014

233. Abolishes the Congress of Australia’s First Peoples, the only elected representative body for Indigenous Australians – 13 May 2014

232. Breaks election promise and slashes funding to Landcare – 13 May 2014

231. Abolishes the National Rental Affordability Scheme – 13 May 2014

230. Cuts funding from the corporate regulator ASIC which oversees the financial sector – 13 May 2014

229. Axes the first home buyers savings scheme – 13 May 2014

228. Reduces funding to the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency – 13 May 2014

227. Abolishes the Improving Educational Outcomes Programme – 13 May 2014

226. Cuts funding to the Child Care Early Learning Projects and the Professional Support Program which assist childcare workers gain skills – 13 May 2014

225. Reduces funding to the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership – 13 May 2014

224. Cut the Research Training Scheme, with tertiary education providers to introduce student contributions for higher degrees – 13 May 2014

223. Ends the development of the Australian Baccalaureate – 13 May 2014

222. Cuts higher education reward funding – 13 May 2014

221. Cuts the Australian National University’s HC Coombs Policy Forum – 13 May 2014

220. Cuts Australian Research Council funding – 13 May 2014

219. Abolishes tax break for mature age workers and replaces it with a payment for employing people over 50 who have been on Newstart or the DSP for more than 6 months – 13 May 2014

218. Cuts an incentive program for graduates to take up work in regional locations of need – 13 May 2014

217. Axes the National Partnership Agreement on Certain Concessions for Pensioners and Seniors Card Holders which supports state and territory concessions for senior citizens including energy rebates. – 13 May 2014

216. Kills off four grant programmes including the the Australian Community Food Safety Campaign and Outreach Support Services for Criminalised Women – 13 May 2014

215. Cuts $2.3 million in contribution to the World Health Organisation – 13 May 2014

214. Abolishes the Australian Interactive Games Fund which helped support local video game developers – 13 May 2014

213. Breaks a promise not to cuts funding to health by dramatically cutting hospital funding – 13 May 2014

212. Cuts $240 million over four years to community programs that support poor, sick or disadvantaged people – 13 May 2014

211. Cuts $25 million over 4 years (a quarter of the total) funding to Community Legal Centres who provide legal support to the poor and disadvantaged – 13 May 2014

210. Cuts the Women in Leadership program – 13 May 2014

209. Breaks a promise to have one million more solar roofs across Australia and at least 25 solar towns – 13 May 2014

208. Breaks a promise to spend $2.55 billion Emissions Reduction Fund by committing less than half this amount in the budget – 13 May 2014

207. Orders the spending of $11.7 million to plan the privatisation of: Defence Housing Australia, the Royal Australian Mint and the registry function of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission – 13 May 2014

206. Announces 3000 job loses at the Australian Tax Office – 13 May 2014

205. Freezes the Family Tax Benefit A at a set income level regardless of the number of children – 13 May 2014

204. Cuts the Family Tax Benefit B end-of-year supplement by 15% – 13 May 2014

203. Reduces funding for the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation – 13 May 2014

202. Reduces funding to the Australian Institute for Marine Science – 13 May 2014

201. Scraps a range of grant programs aimed at funding innovation and start-up businesses, including: Australian Industry Participation; Commercialisation Australia; Enterprise Solutions; Innovation Investment Fund; Industry Innovation Councils; Enterprise Connect; Industry Innovation Precincts; and Textile, Clothing and Footwear Small Business and Building Innovative Capability – 13 May 2014

200. Rips a further $111.4 million over four years out of the operating budget of the CSIRO – 13 May 2014

199. Ceases funding for National ICT Australia, which is a research centre for communications and information technology – 13 May 2014

198. Abolishes Medicare locals – 13 May 2014

197. Reduces payments to people under 35 with a disability who cannot find employment if they could work more than eight hours a week – 13 May 2014

196. Mandates religious education in schools by taking away the option for schools to opt for a secular social worker instead – 13 May 2014

195. Abolishes the ABC’s disability communities website Ramp Up – 13 May 2014

194. Abolishes the Disability Discrimination Commissioner – 13 May 2014

193. Abolishes the Better Schools Centre for Quality Teaching and Learning – 13 May 2014

192. Dismantles the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and will establish a health productivity and performance commission – 13 May 2014

191. Abolishes the Seniors Supplement – 13 May 2014

190. Axes the tax break for people with dependent spouses – 13 May 2014

189. Axes the Diagnostic Imaging Quality Programme – 13 May 2014

188. Ceases the Dental Flexible Grants Program – 13 May 2014

187. Axes the Charles Sturt University’s dental and oral health clinics – 13 May 2014

186. Axes funding for the nursing and allied health scholarships in Tasmania – 13 May 2014

185. Defers 13 Partners in Recovery programs which help people with severe and persistent mental illness and complex support needs – 13 May 2014

184. Cuts funding to the National Anti-Tobacco Campaign – 13 May 2014

183. Cuts Australia’s Animal Welfare Strategy – 13 May 2014

182. Abolishes Health Workforce Australia and cuts the expansion of the Clinical Training Funding Program – 13 May 2014

181. Axes the National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health – 13 May 2014

180. Defers the National Partnership Agreement for adult public dental services until July 2015 – 13 May 2014

179. Reduces the Medicare benefit for optometry services and allows optometrists to charge more – 13 May 2014

178. Abolishes the GP Education and Training Limited and ceasing the Pre-vocational GP Placements Scheme – 13 May 2014

177. Axes industry and community clean energy programs include the Low Emissions Technology Demonstration Fund, the National Low Emission Coal Initiative, Energy Efficiency Programmes, the National Solar Schools Plan, Energy Efficiency Information Grants and Low Carbon Communities – 13 May 2014

176. Scraps The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) which was set up to support new and emerging renewable technologies and in doing so breaks an election promise – 13 May 2014

175. Scraps the Housing Help for Seniors scheme which provided assistance to older Australians – 13 May 2014

174. Pulls $2.5 billion from aged care, including $1.7 billion from home based support such as Meals on Wheels – 13 May 2014

173. Cuts the benefit for unemployed people under 25 by moving them onto the Youth Allowance – 13 May 2014

172. Kills off the Gonski school funding vision by cutting future funding by $30 billion – 13 May 2014

171. Reduces Medicare and Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme safety nets – 13 May 2014

170. Breaks a promise to make no cuts to health with a $368 million cut from preventative health measures – 13 May 2014

169. Cuts the Family Tax Benefit A end-of-year supplement by 17% – 13 May 2014

168. Increases the fuel excise twice a year by indexing it to CPI – 13 May 2014

167. Forces students to repay their debt earlier by lowering the wage they need to earn before payments kick in – 13 May 2014

166. Increases debt for students by increasing the interest on their fees – 13 May 2014

165. Makes it harder for retirees to access the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card – 13 May 2014

164. Guts the Australia Council and Screen Australia by cutting $87 million for the Arts – 13 May 2014

163. Forces people under 30 to work for the dole if they want to receive any financial support after a waiting period of six months with no financial support – 13 May 2014

162. Imposes a six month wait for people under 30s to receive unemployment benefits – 13 May 2014

161. Cuts the Family Tax Benefit Part B – 13 May 2014

160. Cuts the old age pension by indexing it to CPI instead of wages – 13 May 2014

159. Increases the pension age to 70 from 2035 – 13 May 2014

158. Imposes a $5 increase on the cost of all medicines available under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (80c for concession card holders) – 13 May 2014

157. Cuts the ‘Tools for the Trade’ program which helped apprentices buy their tools, and replacing it with a loan scheme apprentices will have to repay – 13 May 2014

156. Caps the amount of money workers can recoup in entitlements if their employer becomes insolvent or bankrupt to 16 weeks – 13 May 2014

155. Breaks a promise to only cut the foreign aid budget by $4.5 billion and cuts it by $7.9 billion instead – 13 May 2014

154. Axes funding to the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition, the national peak body for young people- 13 May 2014

153. Slashes Disability Support Pensions by indexing to inflation – 13 May 2014

152. Abolishes the highly successful Youth Connections program that supports young people who have not completed, or are at risk of not completing Year 12 or equivalent qualifications also costing hundreds of community sector jobs – 13 May 2014

151. Breaks a promise of “no new taxes” by introducing a fuel levy – 13 May 2014

150. Announces the sacking of 16,500 public sector workers as whole Departments are abolished despite promising only 12,000 job losses – 13 May 2014

149. Cuts $500 million from indigenous programs over five years – 13 May 2014

148. Breaks a promise of “no new taxes” by introducing a deficit tax rise of two percentage points for people earning more than $180,000 a year – 13 May 2014

147. Scrapping a net $1.2 billion in tuition subsidies for universities – 13 May 2014

146. Scraps the Australia Network, Australia’s international television service broadcast across our region that provides news and current affairs from an Australian perspective – 13 May 2014

145. Breaks promise of “no cuts to the ABC or SBS” by cutting $43.5 million from the ABC and SBS – 13 May 2014

144. Tried to undermine Medicare by announcing a $7 fee increase for GP visits – 13 May 2014

143. Tears up the Federal Government’s agreement with states and territories to help fund increasing health costs – 13 May 2014

142. Tries to abolish caps on university fees, meaning universities will be able to charge whatever they like for degrees – 13 May 2014

141. Abolishes the COAG Reform Council — which provides information to Governments so they can track the performance of their programs – 13 May 2014

140. Sacks the National People with Disability and Carers Council — which pushed for and then helped build the NDIS – 13 May 2014

139. Releases the Commission of Audit report which recommends savage budget cuts that would negatively affect every Australian – 1 May 2014

138. Breaks a promise to introduce the paid parental leave scheme he took to the election – 30 April 2014

137. Spends $12.4 billion on new fighter jets whilst claiming a budget “emergency” and preparing to make big cuts to health and welfare – 23 April 2014

136. Abolishes the research and development tax incentives board – 11 April 2014

135. Begins dismantling GP Super clinics – 8 April 2014

134. Cuts 480 jobs from the Environment Department who are responsible for protecting places such as Kakadu, Antarctica and the Great Barrier Reef – 7 April 2014

133. Forbids public servants from making political comments online, even anonymously, and instructs them to report on colleagues who do – 6 April 2014

132. Establishes a secret, publicly funded “hit squad” to target political opponents led by the man who provided a “chaff bag” for Alan Jones to auction at a Young Liberal fundraiser – 1 April 2014

131. Imposes fees and charges on people who become bankrupt – 1 April 2014

130. Axes free legal assistance for asylum seekers – 31 March 2014

129. Attempts to defund Ethical Clothing Australia that worked with industry to protect outworkers in the textile and clothing industry from exploitation and abandons the Governments ethical procurement guidelines – 30 March 2014

128. Opposes a UN resolution to conduct war crimes inquiry in Sri Lanka – 28 March 2014

127. Closes all Medicare offices on Saturdays – 26 March 2014

126. Brings back the awards of knights and dames which were abolished in 1986 – 25 March 2014

125. Cuts 400 jobs from the industry department – 25 March 2014

124. Ensures a human rights enquiry into the Manus Island detention centre is shut down and human rights lawyers are denied access to the centre – 23 March 2014

123. Abolishes one third of the jobs in Treasury costing approximately 300 jobs – 21 March 2014

122. Cuts welfare payments to orphans of soldiers – 16 March 2014

121. Moves to deny funding to artists or events that refuse corporate sponsorship for ethical reasons – 15 March 2014

120. Cuts hundreds of jobs at the CSIRO – 14 March 2014

119. Reopens 457 visa loophole to allow employers to hire an unlimited number of workers without scrutiny – 12 March 2014

118. Overturns a ban on cattle grazing in the Victorian Alpine National Park – 6 March 2014

117. Frustrated and defeated an attempt at the UN to highlight the humanitarian consequences of nuclear war – 5 March 2014

116. Axes funding earmarked to save the Sumatran rhinoceros from extinction – 28 February 2014

115. Introduces legislation to allow people aged between 17-24 years old to work for half the minimum wage and be exempted from all other work rights including health and safety laws and protections should they be injured at work – 26 February 2014

114. Axes funding to Aboriginal Early Childhood Support and Learning Incorporated, the only Indigenous peak body advising on early childhood issues for Indigenous people in NSW – 25 February, 2014

113. Misleads the Australian public about what occurred on Manus Island when asylum seekers were attacked killing one person and injuring seventy-seven. Once the information was known to be untrue, waited five days to correct the record – 25 February 2014

112. Contravenes 113 years of established practice by moving to release the previous Government’s confidential cabinet papers to the Royal Commission into the Pink Batts scheme – 22 February 2014

111. Scraps food grants program for small farmers – 21 February 2014

110. Pressured SPC Ardmona to cut the pay and conditions for workers in return for Government money – 20 February 2014

109. Blames carbon pricing for the close of Alcoa smelters and rolling mills and the loss of nearly 1000 jobs, despite the fact the company states it had no bearing on their decision – 19 February 2014

108. Breaches the privacy and puts in danger around 10, 000 asylum seekers and their families by releasing their personal details on the Department of Immigration website – 19 February 2014

107. Fails to ensure the safety of asylum seekers in our care on Manus Island who were subjected to a vicious attack, which left one person dead and seventy-seven seriously injured – 18 February 2014

106. Reverses the previous government’s decision to care for refugee children who are without an adult family member (ie unaccompanied minors) in the community and sends them to detention centres in Nauru – 17 February 2014

105. Removes poverty reduction from the goals of the foreign affairs budget –February 17, 2014

104. Appoints a climate change skeptic to head a review of our renewable energy target – 17 February 2014

103. Pays hundreds of indigenous workers in his Department up to $19 000 less than non-indigenous workers doing the same job and cuts the budget for the representative body the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples causing two-thirds of the staff to lose their jobs – 15 February 2014

102. Breaks a promise to provide fibre-to-the-premises for all Tasmanians for the National Broadband Network – 13 February 2014

101. Unemployment rate jumps to highest in more than 10 years – 13 February 2014

100. Lies to the Australian public about the reasons Toyota gave for their decision to close in order to blame the workers and their union – 12 February 2014

99. Takes down a website providing information to the Australian public on the ingredients and nutritional content of foods. It is later revealed that the person in the Minister’s office who gave this directive is married to a lobbyist from the junk food industry and was still a share holder in their lobbying company – 11 February 2014

98. Destroys the Australian car manufacturing industry by refusing to provide any industry assistance leading to the decision of Toyota to shut costing up to 30 000 jobs – 10 February 2014

97. Launches a Royal Commission into unions – 10 February 2014

96. Attempts to reintroduce temporary visas for asylum seekers found to be fleeing persecution preventing them ever settling in Australia and retrospectively applies them to 20 000 people. This is stopped in the Senate twice by the ALP and The Greens – 7 February 2014

95. Supports a reduction of penalty rates and other Award minimums in a submission to the Fair Work Commission’s review of all Awards – 4 February 2014

94. Lies to the Australian public about the wages and working conditions of factory workers at SPC Ardmona in Shepparton and uses this incorrect information to blame them for their job insecurity – 4 February 2014

93. Launches an “efficiency study” into ABC and the SBS – 30 January 2014

92. Cuts the wages of Australian troops deployed overseas by almost $20 000 per solider – 29 January 2014

91. Intervenes on the side of Toyota to support cutting Australian workers wages and conditions – 28 January 2014

90. Privatises the 104 year old Australian Valuation Office costing nearly 200 jobs – 24 January 2014

89. Seeks to wind back the World Heritage listing of Tasmania’s forests – 23 January 2014

88. Withdraws funding from Operation Newstart, an early intervention program to help vulnerable young people – 22 January 2014

87. Exempts Western Australia from national environment laws to facilitate shark culling – 21 January 2014

86. Defunds all international environmental programs, the International Labour Organisation and cuts funding to a range of international aid programs run by NGOs such as Save the Children, Oxfam, CARE Australia and Caritas – 18 January 2014

85. Violates Indonesia’s territorial sovereignty while turning back asylum seeker boats – 17 January 2014

84. Politicises the national school curriculum by appointing a former Liberal staffer and a Coalition supporter, both critics of the current curriculum to conduct a review – 10 January 2014.

83. Directs that people already found to be refugees who arrived by boat be given the lowest priority for family reunion – 8 January 2014

82. Fails to contradict or take any action against a member of his government, Senator Cory Bernardi, who makes divisive statements about: abortion, “non-traditional” families and their children, same sex couples, couples who use IVF and calls for parts of WorkChoices to be reintroduced – 6 January 2014

81. Scraps funding for the Jewish Holocaust Centre –January 3, 2014

80. Devastates Australia’s contribution to overseas aid by cutting $4.5 billion from the budget, causing vital programs supporting those in extreme poverty in our region to collapse – 1 January 2014

79. Drastically reduces tax breaks for small business and fails to publicise it – 1 January 2014

78. Appoints Tim Wilson, a Liberal Party member and Policy Director of a right-wing think tank to the position of Commissioner at the Human Rights Commission even though this think tank argued for the Commission to be abolished – 23 December 2013

77. Approves private health fund premium increases of an average 6.2% a year – 23 December 2013

76. Breaks his promise to provide the promised customs vessel to monitor whaling operations in the Southern Ocean – 23 December 2013

75. Requests the delisting of World Heritage status for Tasmanian forests – 21 December 2013

74. Cuts funding to the Energy Efficiency Opportunities Programme which makes it mandatory for large energy using businesses to improve their efficiency –17 December, 2013

73. Breaks a promise to make no cuts to health by cutting $150 million from hospital and health services – 17 December 2013.

72. Scraps the Home Energy Saver Scheme which helps struggling low income households cut their electricity bills – 17 December 2013

71. Defunds the Public Interest Advocacy Centre whose objectives are to work for a fair, just and democratic society by taking up legal cases public interest issues – 17 December 2013

70. Defunds the Environmental Defenders Office which is a network of community legal centres providing free advice on environmental law – 17 December 2013

69. Axes funding for animal welfare – 17 December 2013

68. Breaks his election promise of no cuts to education by cutting funding for trade training centres in schools – 17 December 2013

67. Abolishes the AusAID graduate program costing 38 jobs – 17 December 2013

66. Cuts Indigenous legal services by $13.4 million. This includes $3.5 million from front line domestic violence support services, defunding the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services and abolishing all policy and law reform positions across the country – 17 December 2013

65. Abolishes the position of co-ordinator-general for remote indigenous services – 17 December 2013

64. Breaks his promise to unequivocally support the NDIS by changing the name of NDIS “launch sites” to “trial sites” and flags cuts to funding – 17 December 2013

63. Abolishes the National Office for Live Music along with the live music ambassadors – 17 December 2013

62. Cuts $2.5 million from community radio – 17 December 2013

61. Weakens the ministerial code of conduct to let ministers keep shares in companies – 16 December 2013

60. Disbands the independent Immigration Health Advisory Group for asylum seekers – 16 December 2013

59. Dumps the National Occupational Licensing Scheme which was designed to increase productivity by making it easier for skilled workers to work interstate – 14 December 2013

58. Axes $4.5 million from charities and community groups for the Building Multicultural Communities Program – 13 December 2013

57. Starts dismantling Australia’s world leading marine protection system – 13 December 2013

56. Scraps the COAG Standing Council on Environment and Water – 13 December 2013

55. Breaks his NBN election promise of giving all Australians access to 25 megabits per second download speeds by 2016 – 12 December 2013

54. Overturns the “critically endangered” listing of the Murray Darling Basin – 11 December 2013

53. Dares Holden to leave Australia. Holden responds by announcing its closure which costs Australians tens of thousands of jobs – 11 December 2013

52. Approves Clive Palmer’s mega coal mine in the Galilee Basin which opponents say will severely damage Great Barrier Reef – 11 December 2013

51. Demands that the few childcare workers who got pay rises “hand them back” – 10 December 2013

50. Approves the largest coal port in the world in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area – 10 December 2013

49. Removes the community’s right to challenge decisions where the government has ignored expert advice on threatened species impacts – 9 December 2013

48. Downgrades national environment laws by giving approval powers to state premiers – 9 December 2013

47. Undermines Australia’s democracy by signing a free trade agreement with South Korea allowing corporations to sue the Australian Government – 6 December 2013

46. Damages our diplomatic relationship with our nearest neighbour East Timor – 5 December 2013

45. Repeals the pokie reform legislation which was designed to combat problem gambling – 4 December 2013

44. Suspends the Wage Connect program, despite it being proven to deliver good outcomes for unemployed people – 3 December 2013

43. Axes funding to the Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia, forcing the 46 year old organisation to close. It is later revealed that a staffer in the Assistant Health Minister’s office had links to the Alcohol Industry – 27 November 2013

42. Breaks his promise to support Gonski and back flips three times – 25 November 2013

41. Shifts Australia’s position at the UN on Israeli settlements – 25 November 2013

40. Damages our diplomatic relationship with the Indonesian Government by refusing to apologise for tapping the phones of their President, his wife and senior Government officials – 23 November 2013

39. Converts crucial Start-Up Scholarships into loans, increasing the debt of 80,000 higher education students by $1.2 billion – 21 November 2013

38. Gifts two navy patrol boats to the Sri Lankan government to stop asylum seekers fleeing the Sri Lankan government – 17 November 2013

37. Introduces a Bill to impose on workers who are elected onto unpaid union committees huge financial penalties and jail terms for breeches of new compliance obligations – 14 November 2013

36. Condones torture by foreign governments by saying “sometimes in difficult circumstances, difficult things happen” – 14 November 2013

35. Hides information from the Parliament and the people about the government’s treatment of asylum seekers – 13 November 2013

34. Abandons Australia’s emission reduction targets – 12 November, 2013

33. Separates a refugee mother from her newborn baby – 10 November 2013

32. Cuts 600 jobs at the CSIRO – 8 November 2013

31. Abolishes Insurance Reform Advisory Group which provided a forum for industry and consumer bodies to discuss insurance industry reform – 8 November 2013

30. Abolishes the Maritime Workforce Development Forum which was an industry body working to build a sustainable skills base for the maritime industry – 8 November 2013

29. Abolishes the High Speed Rail Advisory Group whose job it was to advise Governments on the next steps on implementing high speed rail for eastern Australia – 8 November 2013

28. Abolishes the Advisory Panel on the Marketing in Australia of Infant Formula which for 21 years ensured companies comply with agreements on the advertising of infant formula – 8 November 2013

27. Abolishes the Antarctic Animal Ethics Committee who ensured research on animals in the Antarctic complies with Australian standards – 8 November 2013

26. Abolished the National Steering Committee on Corporate Wrongdoing that for 21 years worked to make sure the law was effectively enforced on corporate criminals – 8 November 2013

25. Abolishes the National Inter-country Adoption Advisory Council which provided expert advice on overseas adoption – 8 November 2013

24. Abolishes International Legal Services Advisory Council which was responsible for working to improve the international performance of Australia’s legal services – 8 November 2013

23. Abolishes the Commonwealth Firearms Advisory Council a group of experts in gun crime and firearms which was set up after the Port Arthur massacre – 8 November 2013

22. Abolishes Australian Animals Welfare Advisory Committee a diverse group of experts advising the Agriculture Minister on animal welfare issues – 8 November 2013

21. Abolishes the National Housing Supply Council which provided data and expert advice on housing demand, supply and affordability – 8 November 2013

20. Abolishes the Advisory Panel on Positive Ageing, established to help address the challenges the country faces as the number of older Australians grows – 8 November 2013

19. Refuses to offer support to manufacturing in Tasmania, despite requests and warnings. Caterpillar announces the move of 200 jobs from Burnie to Thailand, costing around 1000 local jobs – 5 November 2013

18. Provides $2.2 million legal aid for farmers and miners to fight native title claims – 1 November 2013

17. Abolishes the 40 year old AusAID costing hundreds of jobs – 1 November 2013

16. Launches a successful High Court challenge which strikes down the ACT Marriage Equality laws invalidating the marriages of many people and ensuring discrimination against same-sex couples continues – 23 October 2013

15. Denies there is a link between climate change and more severe bush fires and accuses a senior UN official was “talking through their hat” – 23 October 2013

14. Appoints the head of the Business Council of Australia to a “Commission of Audit” to recommend cuts to public spending – 22 October 2013

13. Cuts compensation to the victims of bushfires – 21 October 2013

12. Instructs public servants and detention centre staff to call asylum seekers “illegals” – 20 October 2013

11. Appoints Howard era Australian Building & Construction Commission (ABCC) Director to help reinstate the ABCC with all its previous oppressive powers over construction workers – 17 October 2013

10. Axes the Major Cities Unit a Government agency with 10 staff which provided expert advice on urban issues in our 18 biggest cities – 24 September 2013

9. Breaks his promise to “stop the boats” – 23 September 2013

8. Scraps the Social Inclusion Board, which had been established to guide policy on the reduction of poverty in Australia – 19 September 2013

7. Abolishes the Climate Commission – 19 September 2013

6. Appoints himself Minister for Women – 16 September 2013

5. Appoints only one woman into his cabinet and blames the women for his decision, saying he appoints “on merit”– 16 September 2013

4. Abolishes key ministerial positions of climate change and science – 16 September 2013

3. Breaks his promise to spend his first week with an Aboriginal community –14 September 2012

2. Takes away pay rises for childcare workers – 13 September 2013

1. Takes away pay rises from aged care workers – 13 September 2013

The Broken Promise Count

1. Does not spend his first week as Prime Minister with an Aboriginal community – 14 September 2013. This promise was made in front of indigenous elders and participants at the Garma Festival on 10 August 2013, this is a live recording.

2. Fails to “stop the boats” – 23 September 2013. This promise was repeated so many times I can’t count. Here’s Abbott’s 2013 campaign launch speech.

3. Breaks his promise to support Gonski – 25 November 2013 and 13 May 2014. Fails to commit to future funding or to require States to match the Commonwealth funding commitment. See paragraph two from Christopher Pyne on 29 August 2013

4. Breaks its NBN election promise of giving all Australians access to 25 megabits per second download speeds by 2016 – 12 December 2013 This was the Coalition’s policy they took to the election first announced 9 April 2013.

5. Breaks his election promise of no cuts to education by cutting funding for trade training centres in schools on 17 December 2013. He made this promise at the National Press Club on 2 September 2013 and in writing on 5 September 2013 as part of their policy commitments.

6. Breaks a promise to make no cuts to health. He made this promise at the National Press Club on 2 September 2013 and in writing on 5 September 2013 as part of their policy commitments. This promise was first broken on 27 November 2013 when they cut funding to the Alcohol and Other Drugs Council

7. Breaks a promise to make no cuts to health on 17 December 2013 when they cut $150 million from hospitals and health services.

8. Fails to provide the promised customs vessel to monitor whaling operations in the Southern Ocean – 23 December 2013 Promise made by Greg Hunt – 9 April 2013

9. Breaks a promise to provide fibre-to-the-premises for all Tasmanians for the National Broadband Network. This promise was confirmed my Malcolm Turnbull on 17 August 2013 and confirmed as broken by the NBN Co executive chairman Ziggy Switkowski on 13 February 2014.

10. Breaks a promise to introduce the paid parental leave scheme he took to the election on 30 April 2014 by reducing the promised benefit for those earning above $100 000.

11. Breaks promise of “no cuts to the ABC or SBS” by cutting $43.5 million from the ABC and SBS.

12. Breaks a promise of “no new taxes” by introducing a deficit tax rise of two percentage points for people earning more than $180,000 a year.

13. Announced to sacking of 16,500 public sector workers as whole Departments are abolished despite promising only 12,000 job losses and through natural attrition.

14. Breaks a promise of “no new taxes” by introducing a fuel levy.

15. Reduction in foreign aid budget of $7.9 billion over five years despite promise to not exceed $4.5 billion and cut via indexation.

16. Increases the pension age to 70 from 2035 after promising no changes to pensions 

17. Cuts to old age pension by indexing to CPI, while it was promised there would be no changes.

18. Scraps The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) which was set up to support new and emerging renewable technologies and in doing so breaks an election promise.

19. Tears up the Federal Government’s agreement with states and territories to help fund increasing health costs despite promise of no cuts to health.

20.  Breaks a promise to make no cuts to health with a $368 million cut from preventative health measures.

21. Reduces the Medicare benefit for optometry services and allows optometrists to charge more, despite promise to not cut health budget.

22.  Axes the Charles Sturt University’s dental and oral health clinics, despite promise to not cut health budget.

23. Abolishes Medicare locals, despite promise to not cut health budget.

24. Breaks a promise to spend $2.55 billion Emissions Reduction Fund by committing less than half this amount in the budget.

25. Breaks a promise to have one million more solar roofs across Australia and at least 25 solar towns.

26. Breaks a promise not to cuts funding to health by dramatically cutting hospital funding.

27. Breaks election promise and slashes funding to Landcare

28. Breaks promise that no public servants will be forced into redundancy after revelations that two public servants in the Department of Industry have been made involuntarily redundant since September.

29. Breaks promise that no public servants will be forced into redundancy as it is revealed that at least 30 staff in Treasury will be made involuntarily redundant.

30. Breaks a promise not to grant permanent permanent residency to people arriving by boat by granting a visa to a least one refugee

31. Breaks a promise to amend the race hate laws

32. Breaks a promise to “make no unexpected detrimental changes to superannuation” by killing the Low Income Super Contribution, the Superannuation Guarantee and delaying superannuation increases for seven years.

33. Breaks election promise to  build replacement submarines in South Australian shipyards, spending more than $20 billion on Japanese submarines instead.

34. Breaks an election promise to a publish a proposal for constitutional recognition for Indigenous people and establish a bipartisan process to try to bring about recognition as soon as possible within the first 12 months of Government.

35. Breaks promise to  achieve a surplus in the Governments’ first year in office, instead overseeing an estimated $51 billion deterioration in revenue.

36. Breaks a key election promise to bring in 26 weeks parental leave paid at a working mother’s actual wage

37. Breaks an election promise to improve transparency by restricting the transparency of overseas travel expenses after media reports on Christopher Pyne’s lavish trip to Europe with his wife  

38. Imposes a $900 tax on new homes connecting to the NBN and breaks his election promise on new taxes.

39. Dumps his signature paid parental leave policy 

40. Breaks promise to lead a “strong, stable, accountable” government

41. Breaks an election promise to “make no changes to the GST” by extending it to purchases made online

42. Breaks a promise to provide a stable and unified Government


  1. There are too many items here to comment on individually. However we are now in the hands of the philistines – blinkered ideologists – the empty vessel leftovers from the Howard regime. The Australian approach to asylum seekers ever since the Tampa affair has been contrary to all Christian teaching and is morally indefensible. Tony Abbott and similarly educated others of his followers should be well aware of this and their inability to follow the direct instruction “to be kind” at all times brings disgrace on all of us.

    1. Colin, YOu have hit the nail on the head when you say “blinkered ideologists”. I have been observing this hollowness myself at the lack of humanity and stubborn insistence on pursuing ideology and ignoring people and humanity in the equation. I do not quite know what this says about Abbott’s stint in the Catholic Seminary but he is a small man in very respect. The Soul is weeping

    2. I don’t know how he sleeps at night. He quoted Jesus as saying: ‘the poor will always be among us’ but he failed to complete it with ‘and all we can do is love them’ which I interpret as a welfare system to make their human rights are protected.

    3. This is an extraordinary and I don’t necessarily disagree with some of it but most items need some explanation by the people involved. There are many committee, advisory boards etc etc that just seem to be raised ad hoc and no one keeps an eye on whether they are still relevant and I understand that many of these are not and others have been rolled into one with wider parameters. Labour have definitely left us in a mess and as usual it is left to the LNP to fix it, it can’t simply be ignored. They have tried to spread the pain and if your opinion is that something is not right, we live in a democracy and can use our pencils to demonstrate our disdain. However, having said that, instead of just listing things considered wrong, where are the better suggestions? Something has to be done and waste is a good place to start. We must always look after those in need as long as the need is genuine but we also need to think of ‘nation’ not ‘me’.

      1. Bizarre how you actually believe that twaddle you repeat verbatim from the LNP propaganda machine, which they trot our every single election cycle and blah,blah,blah it where ever they can. It never was or has ever been true and right now we have a trashed country all by LNP’s fault. But do we hear any accountability for that from the likes of your mind.? No way, it’ll all be Labours fault too. Soooo bloody boring and predictable it’s pathetic.

      2. The trouble is Abbott said nothing of all these cuts before the election and has not explained why any of them are needed. With all the cuts he has still managed to double the deficit and under his watch the unemployment rate is the highest in 12 years(?). He has achieved nothing constructive. Even his own party has let him know he is not doing a good enough job. He has alienated so many different groups of people. His front bench is inhabited by the meanest, cruellest, snide bunch of politicians once can imagine. Roll on 2016

      3. This is not a site for ideas.
        And nobody owes the government ideas and that includes Labor .
        Tony Abbott said no to everything and told lies like the removal of carbon tax and mining tax would create thousands of job.
        He and Hockey also said they would have borrowed to keep the country out of recession TWENTY BILLION LESS is what they both stated.
        So that mess they all agreed to.
        Tony Abbott stood in front of Americans and told them not to cut spending
        but at home he slashes and burns while the country is going down hill.
        Tony Abbott had the plan he carried it with him during the last election and in it he promised to revive mining , services, and create TWO MILLION JOBS.
        Where is the jobs ? Where is the green army?
        If you have to ask your rivals for ideas because you cant get things past the senate then its time to call an election and put someone in that is ADULT enough to do it.

    4. “To be kind” you say. Well, our societies need to be safe and therefore kindness has to be relative to safeness. I don’t think we have ever been more aware of the importance of who we let into our countries. It is so easy to sit back and say how badly things are being handled when we have no idea the complexities. Labour certainly didn’t handle these issues well and no doubt the LNP will also have difficulty getting it completely right but let us recognise that refugees by nature are glad to be away from their homeland and looking forward to rehoming in a country where they can feel safe. They should be informed as soon as they arrive that they could be in a detention facility for years and then if they are not happy give them a chance to return from whence they came or go elsewhere. I believe these people are more unsettled through political stirring by those who feel they have something to gain.

      1. You don’t know any refugees do you? Your comment reveals a lack of knowledge of what refugees go through to seek asylum and safety.

  2. Awesome job Sally :) you may want to add No.7 to the broken promises list, Abbott Repeated “No cuts to health , no cuts to education, no cuts to pensions ” 31 August 2013 & 5 September 2013…Health & education were included in $1.1 billion worth of cuts announced 17 December 2013.

      1. No. No, he is not – he may have been raised one, he might know the right things to say at the right time during a mass, but Catholicism has at its very core a deep humility, and a deep sense of responsibility for the less fortunate.

        There are many examples of Catholics not living up to this – the priest/child abuse enquiry is full of them – but I wouold argue they, too, are not Roman Catholics. Attending mass on Christmas and Easter isn’t enough to make up for a massive lack of moral compass.

        Catholic, Christian, to be honest anyon of any religion other than maybe Jedi Knight would curl up in shame at the treatment of those most in need of our help – refugees, poor, our own native australian communities – not use the possibilty of even worse treatment as a campaign slogan.

  3. Very special list of Liberal Government “oppression”. Lies, lies, and more lies, that’s what Australians voted for, and strewth, that’s what they got. We’re all responsible for letting morons vote these animals into power. Perhaps next election we can all collectively ignore the ongoing stupid infighting of the ALP, in order to EVICT these lying criminals from power.

    1. Let’s wait for the next budget to see if Labor really wants to do anything about the ‘oppression’. They can, if they choose to, block supply. If they do it twice they trigger a double dissolution and we can all go back to the polls. I bet they don’t thought.

      And oppression! For heavens sake – do you even know what oppression is?

      1. Would paying a mortgage for 30 years yet having no house count a bit towards it? How about raising children alone then having a man who never had a child being allowed by a court to take your house and all of your assets in a “property settlement”. Dare to believe

        1. I doubt though that this would be Tony ABBOTTS fault. This is the fault of the Law system where judges are not held accountable for the decisions they make they believe they are above the law and some of the decisions they make are dreadful.

  4. I’ve said this before the election which in my opinion was an election without a clear choice of a competent leader. Greedy Abbott seen his chance at the PM job so got rid of Turnbull like Gillard got rid of Rudd. At this stage I believe Australia has to get Turnbull back as the leader or we are going to be the laughing stock of the world. IMHO, Abbott is the greatest idiot ever to be in a position of power which was always going to go to his head. I am worried as my wife and I are aged pensioners and we were doing okay under the Rudd government but this PM we have now cares about nobody and nothing except his own pumped up ego. Keep him at your peril as he will totally stuff all the great things about this wonderful country. The NBN is a typical example of making Australia the laughing stock of the developed world. Just check with the top surgeons and hospitals and they will tell you how important to them it was for surgery that would normally would not be done here but watching it in real time from overseas countries that do these operations would have made this possible. We had to have the NBN JUST FOR THAT WHICH WOULD HAVE MADE IT WORTHWHILE but this idiot who just has no idea of technology wants Australia back in the dark ages just so he can say that he reduced debt. The whole western world and the people in it survive because they have credit and spend 40 years or more paying it off so where is the problem with the country having a debt, providing we can afford to pay it and our deficit compared to our GDP is way less in percentage than most households in the country. Anyhow, that is my 2bobs worth and I have spoke with many people who agree with this. Get rid of this idiot now or pay a big price later. Great options to have.

    1. The problem is Don ,the morons that voted for this fool,go home every night and turn on the idiot box to their favourite commercial television station.They then lap up the misinformation,not for one second questioning if it is fact.They are totally oblivious to the fact that the owners of these stations are sympathetic to the right wing of politics
      and equally oblivious to the fact that the news and current affairs that they are watching is all carefully worded (or just plain lies) designed to manipulate their tiny
      little brains into drifting further to the right.

      1. I’m one of those “morons” who voted for Abbott. I mainly watch the ABC and, within that, mainly current affairs. Nearly all of my friends (sorry, “morons”) are the same. A good subset of us “morons” also voted for Hawke/Keating.

        Whilst you (and much of the Labor party) continue to demonise us “morons” you will forever be consigned to opposition with brief incompetent periods in govt.

        Perhaps have a good long think about what went wrong instead.

        1. You are right, Claude. Hawke and Keating set the most recent bench-mark for Right-Wing egotists who do more damage than good to this country;
          but Abbott and his team (with a few exceptions like Mr Turnbull) are racist, frothy-mouthed Neo-Fascists. The unnecessary and radically increased powers to the spooks is taking us toward being a police state. When and if we spivvy uniforms controlling the streets (maybe even jack-boots) then we can be sure that the latest variety of Neo-Nazis have taken over. Yes, a good long think about all our politics and politicians is urgently needed.

          1. A good think is the beginning, but real action is what is needed.
            Bob Hawke said to a close friend of mine, when quizzed as to why he sucked up to the yanks so much, “it’s the only way you get the job.’ They got rid of Gough and swore we’d never have another Whitlam. This is all public record.
            This psychopath Abbott has taken that as an open invitation to impose Milton Freidman’s idiotic and destructive neo-con polcies on a formerly clever, inclusive, inventive, popular, and progressive nation.
            We are now stupid, xenophobic, racist, reviled around the world, cruel and inhumane, criminal in our international actions and sinking into a fascist mire for the benefit of some giant corporations.
            And still some morons support this nut because their racist and sexist biases are validated.
            Thank you Sally for keeping up the good fight.

          1. By extension of my arguments? I’ve no idea what you mean.

            If you are simply asking if I think the Abbott government is competent, then I would say “mostly no”. They have had some good wins with keeping their pre-election commitments, but mostly its a mess.

            I remain hopeful because, unlike Labor, they acknowledge that something must be done about our budgetary position. Labor in contrast now rejects even their own pre-election savings!

            Labor is making the same mistake Abbott did pre-election: promising lots of spending, no cuts, and a return to surplus. It will come back to haunt them even more than Abbott because (assuming they win the next election) the problem is only going to get worse.

        2. Claude, have you read the list above? What exactly are you looking for in a government if it’s not the management of a society. I don’t know you, so i shan’t call you a moron, but allow me to think it.

          1. I don’t want a govt managing society. I want a govt that manages a framework in which society gets on with it. A govt that doesn’t pick favourites nor rewards special interest groups. Mostly I want a govt that acts on evidence and not emotion and ideology.

            Is calling or considering someone a moron on the basis of the tiniest information in an Internet forum thinking? I doubt it.

      2. Hey we should all take a leaf out of the liberal government – don’t spend any money, cut the services we are paying foxtel etc etc and watch the economy free fall. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. They have torpedoed the australian economy with their own negative rhetoric and then have the audacity to tell us we can’t expect an age of entitlement …from a politician that we shouldn’t expect an age of entitlement !! not bad from a group of entitled leaches.

      3. Don, I am an aged pensioner but one that saved carefully for my retirement. I admit I believe I have earned the entitlements I get through the taxes I paid but I have run a household for many decades and I know you can only run it on debt when you have the assurance of a good economy, jobs etc. If you already are burdened with debt then you cannot run and maintain what you have, let alone add infrastructure to it. So it is with the country. Yes we can manage a certain amount of debt but should another GFC come right now try and imagine where we might be. Sure we still have strong banks and a good credit rating (as we did before labour’s fiasco) but we don’t have the surplus available we had back then. Labour walked into an excellent situation and had the fat necessary to see us through, we do not have that now so we could well join the long list of countries who were in dire financial strife. Of course I don’t agree with all that is being done, who does, but we all have the right to put pen to paper and say what we feel. If enough people do that things can change but it is amazing how many people sit in their armchairs complaining but do nothing. These forums don’t change things.

        1. Don, you must not relate your experiences as a *user* of the Australian dollar to that of the Australian government, the issuer of the currency.

          As you’re aware, when a *user* of a currency (be it a household, or Greece) borrows too much, people stop lending them the currency they’re borrowing. Then they’re in real strife.

          The same can not be said for a government that borrows only the same free floating currency it issues. There is just no conceivably scenario in which Australians would be freely trading the AUD but nobody would be willing to loan it to the Australian government. It’d be like Japan (the country with the most debt compared to its size in the world) running out of yen – an unprecedented, unimaginable, scenario.

          We should stop fearing the Australian government paying us more AUD than it taxes us (a deficit). These deficits leave Australians with more money to spend, which means more jobs, better quality infrastructure, etc. It’s only when the govt cuts back – as it has over the past few years – that things start going pearshaped and employment opportunities dry up.

          By the government’s own modelling, the last few budgets (including under Labor) have increased unemployment – we’re unfortunately shooting ourselves in the foot, all on the irrational fear of the Australian government being the first govt in the world to be denied its own free floating currency by markets. So let’s stop doing that!

          Let’s instead push for a budget that aims for growth, for more jobs, and for better infrastructure, all making Australia a better place.

    2. When people make comments on Gillard “getting rid of Rudd” or refer to her as a backstabber i wonder if they realise a senior cabinet member doesn’t just walk into the PM’s office and say ‘righto, out you go i’m taking over” Julia Gillard was approached by the party and asked to consider becoming the new leader of the Labor party as they came to realise Rudd was a wrecking ball. Julia Gillard did not jump at the opportunity in fact the Party spent some time in convincing her she was the right person for the job. Eventually with the support of the party she agreed and then went and spoke to Rudd herself, face to face to let him know what was about to happen. As for Turnball…the man voted with his conscience…he crossed the floor on a climate change vote and Abbott challenged him in a confidence vote..he beat Malcolm by 1
      The fact that Abbott is now Prime Minister … lets me know we took some lessons from the US in election fraud

    3. I to am an aged pensioner before 2007 Rudd promise to give aged pensioners the same money regardless if we were single or married it did not happen Rudd gave us 2000 dollars told us to spend it that would help give the economy a boost I don’t whose I am sure China did our 500 dollar that we received every six months stopped pension over the last three years got smaller under Labour I remember the last one was just enough for tea and donut Turnbull is looking after the N B N Labour had Conroy looking after the man was talk .I am a 10 pound Scot I have lived in Australia for 48yrs I voted for Whitlam and Hawke I thought they both make bad decisions Whitlam with in 4yrs of him being P. M, T the price my house doubled Hawke made a bad mistake in reducing tariffs to allow cheaper foreign cars to come into Australia Fords was forced to lay of 1000 workers within two years RUDD GILLARD was the weakest government I have ever witnessed r

      1. Have you been naturalised yet? How can anyone who has lived in a country for forty eight years and claim another nationality be considered capable of constuctive comment? Get real and stop boasting of your bludgers ten pound fare. Suppose you didn’t pay union dues but always got paid an award wage.

      2. Interesting comments John. You just explained about governments.. they get some things right and some things wrong, some of the right things being exceptional, some of the wrong things being disastrous but that is what happens when you run a country. The LNP are trying to get us back into a position where storms can be weathered and it is a fine balance, how to grow the economy, jobs and infrastructure whilst lowering the rate at which we presently have to service debt.. Labour really have created the mess but are really not helping constructively to share the responsibility of getting us into a better position. Nice to read your comments, have a happy day.

  5. Open & Accountable gov ? ? ? oops ! Someone broke a promise ? ? ? Oh that’s 80 plus promises ? ? ? & you said JG broke one promise ? ? ? By that account you are an even worse gov then ? ? ? Yr words ? ? Suppose yr not worried cos ova two yrs til bxt public accountability @ nxt election ? ? ? There are other means DD ? ? Even dopy sleepy racist pathetic aussies will get pissed off if you keep taking $ out of their pockets ? ? ? Don’t believe me ? ? ?well just keep pocking the bear & see what happens? ? ? Workers of Aust UNITE SOLIDARITY FOREVER COMRADES TO THE BARRACKADES UNITED WE STAND MARCH IN MARCH PEOPLE MAKE A STAND ! ! ! ! PROUD TO BE LABOR ALWAYS :)

    1. That is the trouble we have people in this country who will never ever vote for any other party besides Labor, Liberal the other parties like Greens Palmers United Part, Katters Party and others will eventually go the way of other parties and disappear. It is the thinking people of this country who decide which party they want in power and the thinking people made up their minds at the last federal election and overwhelmingly said we want a new government and that is a Liberal Government. The thinking people are called the swinging voters they are not the people who I have already said would not vote for any one else but for Labor or Liberal.

      Workers of Aust UNITE SOLIDARITY FOREVER COMRADES TO THE BARRACKADES UNITED WE STAND MARCH IN MARCH PEOPLE MAKE A STAND ! ! ! ! PROUD TO BE LABOR ALWAYS. Sounds a bit like Uncle STALIN how may people did he have murdered during his reign was it 50 or 60 million.

      1. Sorry Fred but you draw a very long bow indeed to equate Labour supporters with Stalinists. On the opposite side of the spectrum we have conservative supporters whose rantings could be equally aligned with facist and Nazi oppression (if we apply your logic). I know intelligent, lateral thinkers from both the centre left and centre right and some are committed to their parties and others like me are committed to neither side. I also frequently encounter swinging voters who have the IQ of a wombat and have no logical justifications for the way they vote. Unfortunately it is the idiot contingent of the swinging voters set that sets the politicial agenda.

  6. Well the country is full of idiots just like him, we are going backwards faster than, they think they are going forward. Conservation! what? Multi culturism! your kidding, right…and so it goes on and on. Thanks for the update on his lunacy….

  7. Thanks Sally. You have done us all a great service. This is a truly appalling list of failure and deception. I try to follow political events closely and I was amazed at how many retrograde actions have been taken that I had heard nothing about! Keep up the great work!

    1. The media except for the ABC (which Abbott wants to dismantle) is MURDOCH run, he has a rather large monopoly and control over most of our media,radio,news,newspapers television, then radio stations- Alan Jones etc
      closed reporting.Murdoch wants to purchase the ABC and that would be the end of free press.

  8. “We are going to keep the promise that we actually made, not the promise that some people thought that we made, or the promise that some people might have liked us to make.”
    Abbot’s Surreptitious Promises fulfilled:
    1. Pay rises for aged care workers taken away – 13 September 2013
    2. Pay rises for childcare workers taken away – 13 September 2013
    3. Key ministerial positions of climate change and science abolished– 16 September 2013
    4. NBN new outcome plan as National Broadband Network – 12 Dec 2013

  9. Seems obvious to me that just about all of the above needed to be done during Labor’s second term. If they had done half of it, they might have made it to a third term. Throwing billions of borrowed dollars away was such an obvious economic disaster that the even Labor and Greens voters wanted them gone.

    1. yet conservatives dont seem to have a problem with the fact that howard totally squandered, in easy times, more than twice what labor spent fighting off the worst financial crisis since the great depression?
      Its delusional or at very least total hypocrisy.
      The IMF has clearly identified our two most fiscally profligate and irresponsible periods of spending as both being during howards reign.
      He totally blew a massive $314 billion of $334 billion on absolutely bloody nothing. Giving it all away to relatively wealthy people that didnt need it.
      The massive $334 billion surplus was gifted to them from the mining boom and the flogging off of all our blue chip assets onl, not from good economic management.
      Howard could’ve set up and invested in future industries and jobs, spent on infrastructure, training and education programs, something? He may as well wiped his bum with it as it didn’t even buy them votes in the end.
      If he had left more than a measly 20 billion in the kitty labor would’ve had a decent buffer to handle the GFC and wouldn’t have needed to go into debt.
      Its like howard spent it all out of spite, so as not to leave labor with enough to do anything meaningful.
      At least labor spent on badly needed infrastructure to schools, hospitals, roads and public transport etc. At least they had a plan with a valid reason to spend from which we actually got some benefit. We basically got nothing from all those billions wasted by howard.
      It still amazes me that so many conservatives automatically pull out the debt and deficit and the bad economic manager spiels that were paramount in the abbott and murdoch plan to get tony elected. I dont accept that educated conservatives actually believe the economic emergency and bad management story. How could they? The vast majority of the worlds impartial economists applauded labor for their economic management during the GFC. Not only for the stimulus measures but for the gradual and responsible reductions in spending over a period of time. So as not to shock the economy or stall the recovery. All the true facts and data, unbiased expert opinion and analysis about our economy, debt and our ability to manage it are there for all to see. As opposed to the LNP , Murdoch & LNP supporters being the only ones purporting to the bad economic management story. Conveniently and hardly surprising, its only those with vested interests and everything to lose that insist labor governed badly. Surely educated conservatives ask themselves why is that so? I find the insatiable lust for surplus illogical and a huge con. The likening of our nation’s economy and the budget to the average familys household budget is ridiculous and hasnt helped the debate at all. Why do people have mortgages? Why do the wealthy borrow and use other peoples money with big projects and developments etc? Not all debt is bad as the sheeple have been brainwashed into believing. Debt can be a good thing if leveraged properly to create more wealth. Our debt levels are relatively small and well within our ability to manage. We should be utilising and taking advantage of our AAA rating . A good government will take the occasional calculated risk or two.

      1. mate you have hit the nail on the head so many times with your comment and everything you say is absolutely correct. Howards era was without doubt the most wasteful in our history and yet repeatedly you hear right wing nut jobs bang on about what a responsible fiscal manager he was. I used to fly the idiot from Canberra to Sydney daily because he REFUSED to live in the Lodge (15k round trip) and he would regularly sit up with us in the jump seat. The man was mad with power and he sold all of us down the stream in a desperate attempt to hang onto it. Labor could have down a better job of allocating/administering funds during the GFC but ultimately it did the job and we survived. The right wingers now actually believe that the GFC didnt even exist yet somehow cant explain why the US until recently was having to bail out their own economy to the tune of 50 odd billion a month. But what are you gonna do; until Labor starts fighting with the same venom and lies that the LNP use to get into power we are all going to have to endure repeated episodes such as the lunacy of Abbott and co.

      2. Thank goodness for people like Ben, who understand that this debt and deficit mantra is all rubbish and mostly espoused by people who have never run a business in their life. Most of the businesses on the Stock Exchange work on Borrowed Money, as do so many of the others right down to the smallest. Why use your own money when Interest Rates are so low, unlike when Howard was Treasurer in the Malcolm Fraser Government, with Interest Rates at 22% and being kicked out by the voters leaving a deficit of $9.6 Billion or $64 Billion in today’s terms. About twice what our actual Deficit is before Joe Hockey doubled it relying on a good interest return from the Reserve, full knowing that the economy was in good stead and his investment was safe. FactCheck agrees Hockey doubled the Deficit. TRUE! The belief that the Government Budget is like a Household Budget and so often used by Poiticians, is garbage as explained by Ben. Can a householder print money? Can he issue Bonds? The list goes on. I have friends who think this is true, “It’s like a family sitting around the kitchen table, working out how much to spend this week.” No it’s not, not even close. They also think the Labor Party is Communist. When I asked them to name one who is a Communist, they said “They all are. There’s nothing wrong with a True Liberal Party and I’ve voted for them on numerous occasions, even Fraser unfortunately. This is not a Liberal Party, it’s a Fascist Party installed by Big Business, the classic definition is The Corporatization of Government. Anyone wishing to read the economist’s explanation should go to http://theconversation.com/why-the-federal-budget-is-not-like-a-household-budget from Melbourne University. Good stuff Ben

  10. Next Abbott will be telling the fools who voted for him he’s the best PM Australia has ever had, like his mate Costello the best Treasurer the world has seen. Both total jokes. Privatisation of the Australian Gov. He doesn’t want to pay for anything meaningful, education, health, etc., etc. What an absolute disgrace!!!

    1. Very much following the same sort policies that David Cameron has used in the UK to punish the less fortunate in the regions ,funnily enough both of them are Puppets of Murdoch and his friends such as Rinehart.
      Think the ABC are in a bit of trouble now ,this so called efficiency study is a Trojan Horse to call for the break up of the ABC or acquisition by The Murdoch Mafia .

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  12. He has also appointed his business advisor, Maurice Windsor, a known and vocal critic of wind farms to head up a “new” enquiry into alleged health effects on persons who live near them and just to make sure Abbott gets the answer he wants he has appointed two of his Liberal party mates to assist. They are ex Liberal MP’s who front a Lobby group who have campaigned against wind farms. Talk about bias and lack of procedural fairness. This ares wipe has rewritten the book.

    1. Don’t all governments do that appoint the people they want. What I have noticed a lot on this site is how followers of the Labor Party resort to name calling and abusive language just as you have.

      1. The name calling is no different than that which was used by LNP supporters on similar forums leading up to the last election, so please don’t accuse Labor supporters of something unless you and who you represent are without are without fault yourselves, something that you will never achieve.

  13. Great work, it’s really useful to have this sort of list. Did you get (or did I just imagine) the 2013-14 MYEFO announcements:
    – not proceeding with the proposed tax on superannuation pension earnings over $100,000
    – the two year deferral of the Super Guarantee (SG) increase to 9.5%
    – revoking the $500 refund in contributions tax paid by low income earners
    – revoking the income support bonus
    – revoking the Schoolkids Bonus

  14. You’ve got it all wrong!!! Tony is actually a paid up member of the labor party,paid by the unions to introduce policies and cuts to drive all the idiot swingers who voted conservative at the last election to go back to their labor roots at the next election. Watch and see how successful he will be!! (Oh dear, Its time for me to go and take my next happy pill!)

    1. Wow! Now there’s a different spin on things. Whatever pills you’re having can you post me some? Whatever, I sincerely hope it is just a one term government – I’d like to say he’s a moron but that would only be impugning the good name of morons.

    2. Not only the idiot swinging voters but also the gullible fools AND the treacherous distabilizing Kevin Rudd. I suspect this man will ‘go down in infamy’.

  15. I am under the assumption that they gave the National Reserve Bank $8 Bil to make the next treasury report look worse as well. As well as giving other money out for the same reason.
    Unwanted and un-needed.
    Please correct me if I am wrong, I just remember somewhere hearing about it.

  16. Thank you Sally, I think that you are fulfilling a very important role. However, my role and others like me, is to continue the dissemination of this information, far and wide so that public awareness is raised and the government (particularly PM Abbott) recognises that in the long run they will be answerable for their actions. Medicare, ABC and the environment are my particular concernsJan D

  17. Very grateful for this list… thank you for such diligent research.
    They say you get the politicians you deserve? No-one deserves this …

  18. During the election campaign didn’t Abbott follow O’Farrell’s lead & actually state that he was making a contract with the people of Australia?? If this was the case & he has broken so many promises why take a class action law suit out against Abbott & against the liberal paty both for breach of contract. Once this happens the Tony Abbott would be financially ruined, the liberal party would be financially ruined, or close to it & on top of this NO POLITICAL PARTY would ever be able to break an election promise in fear of the same happenning to them.

    1. I don’t think I can say the inquiry itself is “wrecking”, unless he has appointed a critic to conduct the inquiry. If he acts after the findings come down, then it will go on the list

  19. I really want to share this amazing catalog of horrors, the fb “share” wont work. I want to forward this information to friends who can use it to try and stem the tide, I don’t do twitter,

    can you provide a link or a means of forwarding this information with the links to articles.
    thank you

  20. Thank you Sally, for doing this. When the LNP won a friend said, “Oh well, its only three years. They’ll only last one term with Abbott at the helm. How much damage can they do in three years? ” To which I responded, “Just you wait and see, This mob are vandals. They can do untold damage to our civil, institutional and service communities in a very short space of time.” Its not a nice feeling to be so vindicated. I have kept a copy of Anne Junor’s (UNSW) analysis of the LNP budget wish list, and disseminate it wherever possible to show people that, belated as it was, what the LNP planned to do was public knowledge prior to the election, for those who wanted to see it. We have to March in March 2014, everyone HAS to get out on the street for this, because Labor need to know there is enough support out there for them to seek a Double Dissolution trigger before the LNP get control over the Senate in June.

  21. Abbott has cost Australians more jobs than people are always accusing the Greens of. I have never been more afraid of a Govt in my life and I fear for the future of all Australians who aren’t part of the big corporate world. I would not be surprised if we don’t end up in a war or as victims of terrorism, the way Abbott is going. God help us.

  22. You forgot ..cut disaster relief payments ON THE NIGHT the disaster that burnt 200 houses to the ground and damaged many more in yellow rock and winmallee…REFUSED to waive DA fees for rebuild..took NINE weeks to send the promised assistance for cleanup and make safe..took away ALL disaster releif for businesses..

  23. Sally, you and your readers may be interested to read this posting on the Institute of Public Affairs website, co-authored by our new Human Rights Commissioner. I must be very naive because I honestly did not think we had this kind of right-wing extremism in Australia. This is an extremist document – and Tony Abbott has already put 16 of the 75 points into action. You may want to add some of them to your list. We should all be concerned about Abbott’s intention to abolish the renewable energy target – this creates real jobs in this country and reduces pollution. Instead, he favours the interests of coalmine owners, many of whom are not even resident in Australia, so even though he seems to value money above all else, the bulk of profits will not stay here. But wherever the profits go, the emitted CO2 will be shared, to our shame, with the world.


  24. Sally, I am so glad you posted this! The real question now is, what can we, as people who are clearly against our Governments actions and policies do about it? This is our lives and the lives of countless others and I know I’m certainly not content to sit by and allow it to continue. So, realistically, (and I’m really looking for suggestions here), besides spreading the word- what can individual citizens do? History has showed us for centuries what a single leader is capable of doing and as citizens, we have got to act and the sooner the better!

  25. Very simple to fix all this just stop buying things from cheep and slave type labour !!!!! Buy Australian made .Bligh Hall

    1. A poor family has no choice but to buy goods made in China or elsewhere. The major problem is the embracement of free market policies that first began under PJK then have been extended by every government since. Band Aid solutions will not fix the issues of high a casual workforce, a move to unskilled non productive jobs for the lowest paid and a lack of fiscal security for average Australians. In 1972 the poverty rate in Australia was 6.2%. Today it is 12.8%, those earning less than 50% of the mean income is now 14%. During the years since PJK the Aussie workforce like most other english speaking western nations has increased productivity but still the floodgates are open for factories going overseas. To turn this around we do not need do anything but force importers to sell goods at a “fair price” via imposing tariffs and investment in growing a manufacturing base. The ALP like the LNP embrace “the free market’ with both supporting the TPP. The most secure time for Australians (not the best time for minorities or the disenfranchised) like the UK and the USA was from 1950 to about 1986. Since then there has been a steady decline in the basic living conditions of average Aussies.

      Yes the wealth of Australia has improved and the wealth of the most wealthy has dramatically improved. But in the Two major cites that hold 50+ % of all Australians the average Police Officer and Nurse cannot afford a mortgage. Rents are simply too high to allow a young person a chance of saving for the future. And both sides of politics are demanding that we work longer, work less securely and that our taxes pay for those on high incomes tax breaks in superannuating returns for their retirement. Where the simple policy of not having forced “super’ at all and increasing taxation towards funding a real pension could have provided for all people.

      The average wage earner can switch jobs up to 20 times now in a lifetime, with every company having a separate “super” accounts each with different fees and charges. Those fees and charges eat at the lowest the most hard and due to the poorest among us having the least education asking them to manage a life of casual incomes and frequent changes in employment is impossible. Both the LNP and the ALP know this. The Greens are ineffective on selling any fiscal measure so are ignored. The ALP embraced free market soft, the LNP embraced free market hard. On that count the LNP is at least consistent. They actually believe this disaster is better for the community. The ALP on the other hand embraced the marketplace and now lies to itself that if only they changed X or Y things will be better. We now have 30 years of proof it does not work.

  26. Awesome Sally! Would there be a similar list for the Labor govt too? I reckon we should all withdraw our labour for a day or two & see how that impacts their cosy little world….. Grrrrrrr

    1. Well Mary, if you’re so concerned about providing a list of ALP crimes, why don’t you get yourself off your shiny bum, and get cracking. You people make all sorts of stupid allegations, but don’t provide any evidence or data. You expect someone else to do it for you. Go get an education lady, you are in sore need of one.

  27. Thank you Sally. I’m so glad you are doing this – your project is the reading of a giant Lie Detector. We all must share this – I don’t use FB but will share as much as I can with Twitter. Every Australian needs to see this.

    1. My Irish husband came here on 457 visa in 2008 and is now Permanent Resident…he saw what had happened to Britain and to Ireland with the collapse of the Celtic Tiger. Couldn’t believe that Australian voters would risk a strong economy and progress toward Climate Change action, the environment etc by voting in Abbott who is right wing Thatcherite with a history of violence toward women and has publicly supported a convicted paedophile. Still reeling in shock at the election result (Libs lost, but slinked into office through their coalition with the National Party) and the destruction of our nation.

  28. Blue on blue attack, Just like the ABC this is not in Australia’s best interest either Tony and Rupert. Government MP Sharman Stone Has Accused Her Bosses, Joe Hockey And Tony Abbott, Of Lying Over Industry Awards

    Simon Thomsen Today at 10:59 AM  
    Treasurer Joe Hockey has been accused of lying by Liberal backbencher Dr Sharman Stone over his SPC claims. Photo: Getty Images

    Dr Sharman Stone, the federal MP for the Victorian seat of Murray, where SPC Ardmona is based, has just upped the ante on her fight to save the canning factory with financial support from the federal Government, accusing Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Treasurer Joe Hockey of lying over the terms and conditions of workers at the Shepparton factory.

  29. Great work keep it up Sally, what about Greg Hunt providing the WA govt with an exemption to include at risk shark species in their cull.

  30. They must’ve gotten to her . She’s now denying that she said they were lying . Typical Lieberal , say one thing today , tomorrow say you didnt .

    1. I’m updating for the sharks. The dumping on the Barrier Reef is in there. They approved it last year, it was the Authority who gave the final go ahead last week

      1. Sally, how about including the fact that the Immigration Website now refers to asylum seekers as ‘Illegal Maritime Arrivals (IMA) and that any visa application will not be assessed before 3 years.

  31. Possibly the worst prime minister this country has ever seen .Voted in only the gullible who watch main stream media the same media who paid for abbots campaign because he is all about destroying middle class so the super rich get richer the rest of us become slaves to abbots corporate agenda .This guy is the George W Bush of Australia -ultra religious incapable of accepting actual scientific facts ,it is our duty put the word out so tony bush ….um George abbot doesn’t see a second term !

    1. Oh my god! I always say that Tony Abbott’s the George Bush of Australia! Thank you! There are smart people in Australia! :’D

  32. Totally agree Nathan , but it’s not only Abbott that’s against the working class it’s the whole bunch of them . Neo- conserverties are only interested in the rich .

  33. Thanks, this list is greatly needed. I’m shocked at how extensive it is, it’s easy to forget the damage done.

  34. Wow. This is horrifying. I knew things were bad but had no idea just how bad. Thanks so much Sally. I’m inspired. At least there was something so bad it’s funny- self appointed Minister for Women! Haha! How does this happen? How could anyone keep a straight face?! Great work Sally. It’s so important that people know what is happening

  35. Thank you very much, now tell us how to get rid of this w*****r? Can’t we go to the GG and get him to dissolve parliament – it is supposed to be for us the people

  36. Re: World heritage listing, Is there a way that this heritage listing can be ingrained in some way in the constitution so that it can never be questioned without the agreement of the major majority of the population?

    These acts of environmental vandalism should be treated as criminal act as these beautiful forests are not theirs to decide what happens to them. They belong to the world’s people and the flora and fauna that makes its home within.

  37. One thing you haven’t mentioned is The TCCP Agreement that he has probably already signed without informing all Australians about it. If he has then we are doomed and we as ordinary Australians will be tried by law by the USA for video piracy. Our human rights are gone we will be monitored intensely by the US PRISM Security. Snowden is a hero for highlighting what America is doing in our Country and for that he is going to be executed. We are now living in the beginning stages of a Nightmare, the last of Human kind. Revelations tells us that.

      1. Does this belong on this list?
        Navy personnel carrying out border protection were quietly stripped of some workplace safety protections and obligations last month in an apparent preparation for dangerous operations such as turning back boats.

        The Chief of the Defence Force, General David Hurley, used his powers under workplace safety laws shortly before Christmas to exempt Navy sailors from their obligation to take ”reasonable care” to ensure their own safety and that of other sailors and asylum-seekers.

  38. Thanks Sally, this list needs to be seen by all Australians, we also should be wondering why we elect people like Tony Abbott,
    The fact is elections are fixed, the results prove this,, after doing some research on the last election, , I found that votes were not of equal value., when you look at the total first preference votes of each party and how many seats they claimed, you will find how many votes were needed to sit on a seat in Parliament
    Individual LNP members can say their share of the total votes for their party was 61.946 votes , that says each LNP member represents 61.946 Aussies, on the other hand, the GRN member of parliament represents 1,096.444 Aussies who voted for them, we should be working to change the system so every vote counts,, I am working on this right now,

    1. Add to comment, ALP needed 77,156 votes a seat, IND 87,957 votes
      KAP 133.244 votes, PAP 703,952 votes,,,,, add to that parties that did not get to represent the Aussies that voted for them, FFP received 179,618 votes
      SEXP received 77,378, the LNP members 61.946 votes to equal a seat does seem very wrong. time for change.

  39. It is so unfortunate that this governments appeal to the ignorant and racist sections of Australian society is thoroughly supported by mainstream media. This economical fundamentalism that is being forced upon ordinary Australians is propagated by fear and greed, there really needs to be something done to put forward the alternative outlook for Australia’s future rather than the small minded, recidivist rubbish that is being dished up to the cringing masses. Next thing we will all be told to put our faith in god to fix the worlds problems…. yes a return to Feudalism is well on the way.

    1. yes, basically the ignorant masses are wrong. We need someone smart like you to run the place so that the blind don’t get sidetracked from the main game… socialism.

  40. Australian Volunteers for International Development in Lebanon has been axed with less than two weeks notice. Ten volunteer positions lost. The AVID program in the Middle East has been given notice to terminate by June 2015 with the loss of a further ten positions.

  41. Only thing i see bad is the baby striped from the mother. I am upset about the NBN because everyone deserves decent Internet but other than that i would of done the same on most occasions, need to get this country out of debt somehow and not everyone is going to agree with the hard decisions.

    1. So by getting out of debt you borrow more , raise the debt ceiling , give nearly $10 billion to the reserve bank , that didn’t need it . Great fiscal managers these Lieberals , just ask Costello how he got his surplus of $22 billion …… by selling over $70 billion in assets . We’ve just had an upgrade on our GDP up to 2.75% ,so where is the debt crisis .

    2. Nathan, you’re about as sharp as a bowling ball. Do you honestly think it’s just because we won’t be getting our new shiny, ‘you beaut’ internet that so many people are enraged at this Governments actions. You should get out more, and try and inform yourself. You won’t like what you find, unless you’re an LNP supporter with buckets of money. Fair dinkum, there’s some drongos around…people like you, Nathan.

  42. I can’t believe this article. Lots of words but not a lot of truth nor a sense of reality. In summary it’s a blog full of whinging from a socialist union official and sympathetic labor sheep who believed what they were told by one of the most incompetent government in our nations history. Wake up and smell the stench of the Rudd and Gillard incompetency you folks. Can’t wait until July when the idiot green and labor senators lose their seats and then the Abbott government can fulfill the real wishes of the majority that voted them in. Get used to it for the next 3 and a half years you lefty do gooders.

    1. I hope you get your just desserts you Tory prick probably never worked a day in your life still clinging to mumsy and daddies coattails you idiot either that or you are just another Aussie began who hates women and refugees so crawl back into the trollop from whence you came and give normal people a break from your vile diatribe

      1. You must be joking. Asking a redneck to back up their mindless, Murdoch brainwashed sloganeering with real facts and information?? Try getting blood from a stone.

    2. I can’t believe you and your idiotic response to the KIST. it was not an ‘article’, idiot, it was a list of the doings of the worst Government in Australia since the days of the infamous ‘Rum Corps’. However, your LNP colours show through clearly. If you’re happy with Abbott’s “progress”, you’re either a millionaire, or a very, very stupid person. Somehow, I think the latter is correct, and you’re just another sucker that swallowed Murdoch’s propaganda, hook, line and sinker. Poor deluded you.

      1. It must hurt so damn bad John, just try and hang in the for a couple more elections. In the meantime you can make yourself feel better by hurling abuse at people who don’t agree with you.

    3. “The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.”

      ― Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

      LNP policy or just crazy Tony’s secret mission? You decide!

    4. There’s a reason people get labelled “do gooders”. It’s because they actually do good things. The fact it’s commonly associated with the attempted-perjorative of “lefty” just makes me glad I tend to swing left rather than right. My Liberal MLA father would be rolling in his grave at the current travesty.

    5. You “can’t believe this article”…yet you fail to dispute the claims or the evidence of the broken promises. We are talking about what we were told by Abbot and his followers during the election campaign, and the discrepancies. Did you not notice that in your pathetic attempt to turn the issues into something more palatable to yourself?

    6. They were not voted in by a majority Leigh, please do your homework. Also, these concerns are being raised by AUSTRALIAN’S, concerned about irreparable decisions damaging AUSTRALIA. Enough with the ‘we won, you lost’ mentality, it doesn’t help anything.

    7. I note again that those opposed to the facts being laid out resort to name calling and derision, and not providing even an ounce of well-thought argument or proof to the contrary. Not a word of truth? Yes, most of the article is simply a quote of Abbott’s deeds (and some of those in governance with him), so I suppose you’re right there.

      “In summary” should be used after an exposition or running statement from you, or at least should summarise the text. What we see of your summary however is a line of badmouthing and vulgarity. I also think you fail to understand what socialism is, and what an incompetent government is – IE, a government that isn’t competent to lead. Given the fact that Labor managed to produce some economic miracles during the GFC, and in fact the carbon pricing cost the average Australian very little (0.125% of business energy costs too), I’m not really certain what exactly about them that has you so incensed. Anything other than sloganeering? What exactly has impacted you so badly in their terms in government? Or is it possible that you’re more ‘sheep’ish to the Murdoch line than you realise?

      Not sure what ‘stench’ has to do with competency, unless you mean Abbott smells of roses and that’s why you voted for him. If your olfactory senses are what you use to gauge competence, then perhaps it is time to get yourself a new nose.

      I’m also quite glad you yourself realise Abbott will be a one-term prime minister, at least we’re in agreement there. Other than that, perhaps you would like to come up with a more reasoned argument with fewer words like “idiot, socialist, sheep” to fill in the gaps where your reasoning failed. Thank you.

    8. I’m still to hear a decent reply as to what’s wrong with being a ‘do gooder’ and why being the opposite is something to be proud of.
      Looking after each other is how civilisations are sustained. Of course if being civilised is not your cup of tea and you subscribe to the ‘every man for himself’ mentality, i hope you have good security. You rely on being looked after by others every second of every day of your life, Leigh.
      Oh, and the Liberals got 32% of the vote.

  43. Welcome to the wonderful world of the NeoCons, now creating chaos world-wide but actually in power here in the UK for four years.
    Welcome to internet trolls who actually believe the crap that the neo-fascists pump out through the media (many of which trolls are actually salaried government and Liberal Party employees) and which swamp postings like this.
    The sinkhole that is now “Great” Britain is what is going to be your future if you don’t kick the Mad Monk and his ilk out of office asap.

  44. Our corruption based political system is a farce. It’s time all political donations were made illegal and politicians were all put on the minimum wage and made to actually work for the people instead of the other way around.
    If they want to earn more money they could then be paid bonuses based on the happiness, health, education level and actual satisfaction of the people they work for.

    Also if they are all forced to use the public health system as well as the public schools for their kids, just watch how fast things would change. Plus of course their private use internet connection should be by the slowest and most expensive service available in the country.
    Perhaps then we’d have the NBN?
    After all if minimum standard living and communications is good enough for some of their employers (us) then it should equally be good enough for them.

    1. Clearly the profits of the multi national junk food industry is a priority over the health of Australians for the COALition.

      1. Sally there are some things that Abbott has done that I am also upset about. However, I hate being lied to be anyone. Please go back and remove all the duplications from your list, e.g. Tasmania and NBN, this appears more than once. Also on your list is an accusation that Tony hasn’t stopped the boats. Think he might have – perhaps that one or was it two or three in your list should be removed as well.

        Why do people feel they have the right to blame a government, any government, when their decisions as a consumer also have an impact on the economy. All they wailing and gnashing of teeth about the car industry is an example in point. Holden, Ford and Toyota would still be manufacturing in Australia if Australians had supported them by buying their product. I drive a Holden and am devastated it will no longer be an Australian car made for an Australian market, however, I am perfectly comfortable with the idea that more of my taxes are not going to follow where plenty of my taxes have been poured before. I feel very sorry for the people who are going to lose their jobs, but again, how many of them are driving a Holden, Ford or Toyota? The industry has been dying for years. It was Labor who set up the current system – see Senator John Button’s car plan. Throwing money at something isn’t always the right choice. Businesses need to be profitable. If I ran a business and it got into trouble would any of the people carry on at the moment think the government should give me money? Of course not and they would be right.

        I have to note also that one of the job losses you mention is not actually a job loss at all. The wonderful Live Music Ambassadors – who thought this one up for heaven’s sake. Ironically it was your own link to the article that alerted me to the fact that there were no actual job losses. It was one of the stupid promises made by desperate Rudd. No-one had actually ever been employed!

        Don’t decry someone as being a liar when you are doing it yourself. 100 ways Abbott is wrecking the country – too many lies and smoke and mirrors for me.

        1. Manda, you’ve left a fair number of accusations yourself, all of which unverified. And repetition is not lying, so we’re clear there. And I think the issue with the Live Music thing is that it’s yet another job/community building organisation that has been given marching orders. I’ve seen plenty of posters including yourself give it a derisive snort, but perhaps just because a particular industry has not worked for you personally, it might be of plenty importance to someone else.

          We should be encouraging young people to explore ALL avenues of employment, be it based on their natural talents in performance arts or researching the latest cancer cure. Becoming a one-track nation where the only jobs of ‘value’ are ‘money-spinners’ will mean any that don’t have the means or interest to enter these jobs become ‘losers’. There is no reason to penalise people for having different talents or aspirations. Just as you might hope no one would laugh at your profession, I think it would be kinder to think before you snort.

  45. NSW government to sell Macquarie Generation

    ACCC’s reservations ignored. The state Liberals follow crazy Tony in selling off whatever they can.
    I bet none of the money from this goes to creating long term renewable energy jobs for Australia’s power industry workers!

  46. Small l liberals must be shaking their heads wondering how they have got themselves into this mess. They will regret it when enough of the electorate has had enough and they get turfed out on their ears in total disarray. Just look at what boofhead Kennett did to the liberals in Victoria, 15 years down the track they are still in disarray.

  47. People who are barely surviving in third world countries with facist dictators and no sure future,
    are laughing at our politicians, and sending ME commiserations and pledges of support.

  48. We’re all in some serious trouble for the next few years. Labour wasn’t a great government, i think the money on the NBN could’ve been utilised on ambitious projects that would’ve had a more obvious benefit for the country. There were a few schemes that went awry, but all in all our country did well. Contrast that to the short time of Abbott and Hockey and our country will suffer immensely.
    Jobs, public assets, peoples rights, lost forever and we’ll have nothing of any substance to show for it. But we’ll have a surplus!

    1. Infrastructure on communication is very important for business, government, education and society in general. Anything other than NBN is inferior and relegating Australians into haves and have nots.

  49. So who is a better choice to run this country??
    Like always people will point the finger and show what the elected party are not doing!
    Name someone / anyone that everyone can agree is the better choice!!
    WILL NOT happen because they are all as bad as each other!
    Make a difference?
    For things to change YOU have to change!
    Not any political party! They are all in it together it is definitely “US against THEM”
    not any particular party, the whole sorry mess of them!
    If the people really wanted this country to change it could be done, history has shown this time and again!
    They don’t want improvements all they want is someone to blame for their troubles!
    If you want to make a better country, start by becoming a better you!
    Thank You for your Time

    1. It is the blind followers like yourself that got Australia to this position. Just remember nation debt isn’t a real thing it is made up by the banks and anyone voting for this purpose is just a sheep to the man.

    2. Charles, just apologize for voting this monster into power and let the proactive citizens of this country get to work fixing your mistake.

      Keeping a record of the government’s abuse is extremely important and I thank the author for taking the time to put this list together.

      Also there are plenty of better choices to run this country and to be perfectly honest, anyone would be a better choice than Abbott.

  50. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t he also raise, or wants to raise, the retirement age to 70?

    I bet he wont work until he is 70.

    Also I heard, ( from a solicitor ), that he will be taking any superannuation accounts that have been sitting idle for 10 years, without informing the account holder of his decision.

    If this is true, then isn’t that theft????

    Strangely enough, I know of a couple of super accounts that definitely did exist, all of a sudden have disappeared. ( Coincidence maybe??? )

    I think this needs some further examination and if correct, then officially made public so that the account holders can move their money into an active account, asap.

    Secrets, secrets, secrets. He appears to thrive on them.

    Come out Abbott and reveal the real you to the public.

      1. These funds have been ‘transferred’ to the ATO and is regulated like lost super. Yours to claim whenever you realise.

        I would much rather have my ‘idle’ money held in trust by our ATO than any of our Banks that erode it with ‘fees’.

    1. Paul, if you are correct a number of ex-pats, like myself, are being robbed. I have just sent a note to AMP asking for clarification.

    1. Whilst this is certainly hypocritical and embarrassing, I’m not sure it fits the definition of hurting Australians or wrecking the country

      1. I believe it does hurt Australia Sally – I understand Labor’s stimulus spending brought us through the GFC in great shape & a triple star credit rating, plus our schools benefitted enormously. By negating this fact, Abbott is in effect re-writing history = lying = hurting Australia. And by comparison the US economy is far worse off! Why should we emulate them when we have our own good economic model from Gillard Labor govt?

  51. It also appears that local government in WA have abolished the tenants rights association so now renters have no recourse to action at a crucial time when landlords have complete control, and renters are held over a barrel, with access to housing or buying not being a possibility any more.

    1. Wonder what your response would be if you were the landlord and a tenant had just trashed what you had worked so hard to attain. Especially when you get told you can’t keep the bond to help clean up the costs.

      1. I sympathise with Landlords who experience this but your comment suggests the majority should be penalised for the damage the minority does. I mentioned it because it’s another example of LIberals disempowering low and middle income earners further. (If you are looking for a great tenant and your home is North of the river in WA we may be able to solve each other’s problems).

      2. Tenants & landlords need equal protection. South Australia has the Residential Tenancies Tribunal which seems to have very clear regulations which protect both parties.

  52. This is terrific and I sincerely thank you for your efforts. Is there any possibility of you generating a simple Three column list of just the lies. Tony Abbott is an habitual liar and this disturbs me greatly and I would like to have a regularly updated list of his and his government’s lies. Column 1. The Date. Column 2 Abbott or govt statement. Column 3 The facts and verification source link.

  53. Labor lost the election. Man up and work with the present govt for Australia’s sake-not against it. Half of the things on ur list were jobs for the labor boys and not needed. National Office For Live Music= what a joke. Who set that little money spinner up?

    1. Obviously you in the COALition believe that just like the automotive industry and all of its suppliers, the live music industry is another industry which Australia does not need. Part of the strategy to keep people subservient by keeping them unemployed and poor or on minimum wages.

    2. Yes the ALP lost the election through some very stupid decisions and be honest some overtly negative media manipulation. With limited real choice ie the coalition or labor I think Abbott won by default. Irrespective of how he won he is in power but that should not and will not stop me from a critical analysis of his lies and policies.

      1. Isn’t the old saying, governments don’t win elections they lose elections. I think in this case the Coalition did win by default. However, on the bright side the Coalition by their actions are almost writing the ALPs material for the next election.

    3. I’m not sure what ‘jobs for the Labor boys’ means. Live music is an important component of community cultural life which has diminished. But leaving that aside, I do not agree that half of the jobs ( committees/ offices/ advisory teams) on the list are not needed or are jobs for Labor boys (& Labor girls)? They seem to be jobs in social justice, environmental, Indigenous affairs & generally not related to big business & profits but related to ordinary people who wish to improve the quality of life for ordinary folk.
      Not something which appears to be a part of this government’s agenda.

  54. Mr Mundine – Mr Abbott’s advisor on all things indigenous (and is indigenous himself) was talking on ABC radio on Thursday morning about placing indigenous children in Boarding School … so we are likely to see a new “Stolen Generation” in the name of getting indigenous kids to finish school.

    1. Oh dear god really? -.-

      I’d be very interested to read this if they have a transcript online. A lot of Indigenous people I know aren’t a fan of Mundine….

  55. Interestingly not all manufacturing in Australia has ceased.
    The COALition itself is in fact probably Australia’s largest ever BS manufacturer!

    1. Curiously this has come to me at a moment when I am drawing up a list of everything Abbott has done that identiries him as anti-environmental; causes potential or direct damage to the encironment; goes against what the rest of the developed world is doing to fight global warming; and anything else to do with the environment. So far I failed to uncover anything beneficial to any aspect of the environment. EVERYTHING he has done is damaging. How bad can he get?

  56. Abbott and the liberals whilst in opposition never voted with the Government an anything. Abbotts mantra was that it was not his job to make it easy with the Elected Government at that time. There you have it, don’t expect the now opposition to do the Governments job, the people have voted, cope it sweet. Remember when Abbott said he would lead a government that was open, honest and accountable? No surprises! Most of the current crop of government ministers have been caught lying, that might be ok with you but I’m a taxpayer and it’s not ok with me! Abbott has promised 1 million jobs in 5 years, I think he meant 1 million job losses in 5 years. Either way that would be 200,000 jobs per year or 100,000 jobs in six months. Which is it? 100,000 jobs created or lost in their first six months of office? And the reason they attacking unions, blaming unions is to soften the public up to the massive job losses. Why do they want and need the job losses and increased unemployment? Simple to put pressure on workers to accept lower conditions and pay. Why do they want this? To increase profits for private enterprise. Basically Abbott and the liberals hate workers and want them to work for peanuts. At the same time take away basic social welfare that makes Australia the lucky country. Abbott and the Liberals do not want a lucky country for workers but a lucky country for bosses and big business. cheers

    1. Please use the correct spelling: Liberals.
      Those of us who are liberals may find it offensive.


  57. While I dislike the man intensely & everything he stands for & everything he is doing, I wonder how it would look to compare his decisions to those of all governments in the sincce the sacking of Whitlam?!

    1. Well it seems to me that Liberal govt’s are always particularly good at discouraging social justice, environmental, health & educational reforms & improvements and are eager to reward big business.

  58. Everyone who I talk to didn’t vote for abbott, I only know one person and that was my mother who says that he is a wonderful Christian man, if being a Christian is being like abbott I think that I would rather be an atheist.

  59. Not recent, but certainly makes the skin craw;.

    A Prime Minister for Aboriginal Affairs

    Posted on April 19, 2013

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has pledged to take direct responsibility for Indigenous Policy…
    TONY ABBOTT: Under an incoming Coalition government, Indigenous affairs will be handled within the department of prime minister and cabinet. There will be, in effect, a prime minister for Aboriginal affairs.
    … in a speech given to the Sydney Institute on April 15th.
    While there was not much detail it certainly sounds impressive. A Prime Minister forcing improvements in Indigenous lives, closing the gap. But what sort of people would in effect be running the portfolio?
    On April 18th at a Qantas function his Director of Policy Dr Mark Roberts made a throat-slitting motion and threatened to “cut the throat” of funding to Andrew Penfold the CEO of the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation.
    Not only that, but when he realised there was a witness, Peter van Onselon, Mr Roberts apparently offered to become a deep throat from within Abbott’s office if van Onselon kept his mouth shut.
    The possible Prime Minister for Aboriginal Affairs only action was to not sack but only demote his Director of Policy.
    Makes me wonder how Indigenous Affairs will progress under Abbott.


  60. Abbott’s new Energy and Resources Minister Anthony Roberts has warned NSW must expand the coal seam gas industry if it is to head off surging household gas prices.

    In fact the opposite is true. We all know that in reality it is the government’s rush to export LNG which is increasing demand and driving up prices.
    As usual for the COALition it’s all about short term thinking and short term profits at the expense of industrialising our agricultural land and threatening our water resources.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/nsw-must-grow-coal-seam-gas-industry-to-keep-down-prices-minister-20140217-32vjt.html#ixzz2tdK7lODx

  61. Great work on the list but I didn’t notice his abolition of the CEFC. On 2 December, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (Abolition) Bill 2013 was introduced into the Senate. This after the CEFC Chair, Jillian Broadbent, testified in front of a Senate inquiry a week prior, stating that continuing the fund would provide taxpayers with $200m a year in revenue while accounting for 50% of Australia’s emissions reduction target.

  62. This list is going to be very, very, very long by the time his term is finished.

    On one hand, I’m furious at the behaviour of this Neanderthal and the troglodytes that surround him. On the other hand, the morons who voted him in deserves every bit of pain that Abbott’s moronic policies and decision cause.

    Keep of the good work Sally. This helps makes Abbott accountable.

  63. Seemingly caused our Navy to lose basic navigation skills and cross “mistakenly” into Indonesian waters, thereby further damaging diplomatic relations with our nearest trade neighbour.

      1. Six times? Really?
        If this was McHales Navy I’d believe it was accidental, but the Australian Navy? I don’t think so!
        Have to rename it McAbbotts Navy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Sort of like what happened to John Cook, the lawyer who prosecuted Charles Ist? After the restoration of the Monarchy, he was found guilty of treason, and

      “Dragged by horses to the place of execution,
      Hung and cut down while alive,
      His intestines drawn and burnt before his eyes,
      His privates cut off and burnt.
      His body broken on the wheel and quartered,
      His head and body parts displayed on pikes at the entrances of various cities.

      Is this really what we want for Tony Abbott? A bit extreme, perhaps, and no need to answer.

  64. And if we were to go this specific in to Labor mistakes lies and deception you would have to buy several servers to cover the amount of space it would take to write everything, you are all sheep, a pack of whining sheep who should shift to a communist country, it’s called democracy people, the rubbish gets removed when the people vote, the minority in this country are the biggest majority of crying sooks you will find anywhere in he world…………

    1. I would change one word in your statement, that being ” minority” to near “majority” and it is very scary.

    2. Thanks for your dumbed down redneck concept of politics Baa Lambs. Democracy also lead to the greens winning lower house seat at the 2010 election (need a majority by the way) which forced Labor’s hand on emissions trading scheme. Abbott has broken more promises in last 6 months than Labor’s last 3 years.

  65. What about Greg Hunt pushing a law through to give himself immunity against future prosecution for his decisions regarding coal mines etc… that later prove to be against scientific advice???

    1. Disgusting…and hopefully has some smart legal types, or perhaps Greenpeace resources, already onto finding a legal way of overturning that …. he also exempted WA re threatened species regarding the shark cull. Obscene behaviour from a minister supposedly ‘for’ the environment – but Tony’s happy with him ….he praised him as a minister willing to let the environment be utilised (or words to that effect or similar!)

  66. Is it worth running a crowd funding campaign to buy some full page ads in the WA press prior to the senate election? Probably couldn’t fit the whole list on one page, but enough to get people who aren’t aware of the contents of this rapidly growing list to maybe think. I’d be happy to kick in.

    1. Put me down for $50 a week through a 4 week campaign…Open up a page where people can donate through Paypal or something similar.

    2. The Greens or GetUp have funding request in play re ads toilet WA know their vote is important. But another, for this list – or an extract, with link to full list rather (full list’d take pages and pages! ) – would be great…and I would also contribute. I think many would. It’s been a hell’uva way to get the people more aware of the short comings of our electoral system, and so called democratic government/governance

  67. 27 Feb:

    Bishop withdraws $3M promised by Labor to save Sumartran rhinos facing threat of extinction!
    – The Guardian

    The Guardian prints a lot more abbott horror stories than e.g. the SMH.

  68. I’m really enjoying the record keeping Sall. It’s good to have someone journal the long over due reduction in government policy and agencies that interfere in our lives.

  69. People could do some lateral thinking here – i.e. all the personnel who have been shafterd by Abbott when he closed down or cut funding to their organisations are now free to critisize this appalling government and by my calculations there are hundreds of them and they are now in a position to let the public know the damage that’s been done to Australia.

  70. This is a wonderful email. You could fill out the stuff on the Gonski programs perhaps. Trevor Cobbold at Save Our Schools maintains a running brief on this posting material examining the numerous reversals by Minister Pyne of the Government’s promises made before the election. Below is a list of cancelled Indigenous programs with links. The last of the NACCHO documents contains a full list of cancelled programs. You may care to add something about the continuation of the Intervention in the NT and the appointment of truant officers to get kids into school which is entirely the wrong approach!

    Coalition cuts to indigenous legal aid under fire,
    Jane Lee Legal Affairs Reporter The Age September 6, 2013

    From 26 indigenous programs to five, Patricia Karvelas The Australian January 22, 2014


    Australian government cuts billions of dollars from social programs, Gareth Hutchens, Peter Hannam December 18, 2013 http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/australian-government-cuts-billions-of-dollars-from-social-programs-20131217-2zjbn.html

    NACCHO 2014 political news: Warren Mundine warns of budget pain for Aboriginal funding http://nacchocommunique.com/2014/01/06/naccho-2014-political-news-warren-mundine-warns-of-budget-pain-for-aboriginal-funding/

    NACCHO political health news : Abbott Government cuts to impact on Aboriginal health

    I think you are following the Trade Agreement which is vital: Australia’s position ought to be to not sign any agreement with the US which incorporates US practice; instead any agreement should incorporate Australian BEST practice in IR, health incl pharmaceuticals and the environment plus no provision for corporations to sue governments.

    Last you might like to follow the decisions made about submarines and the Joint Strike Fighter which John Howard unilaterally approved sight unseen so to speak.

    Thanks again and please keep on.

    1. “Best practice” unfortunately does not mean best in an absolute sense but relative to other lesser options… in itself it has no standard and no meaning. What happened to SAFE practices?

      1. One part of Pyne’s educational policies that seems intact and not short of funding is the intent to fill the minds of children with religious nonsense about the age of the earth at 6,000 years, talking snakes, and the rest of the creationist absurdity through the SRI program. This is “taught” by volounteers, with little or no training, and profoundly conservative religious ideas. The strategy of moving biblical literalism from the pulpit, where attendance is optional, to the school, where attendance is compulsory, and the audience is impressionable children, is one that Abbott and Pyne seem to endorse. Mind you, child abuse, in all it’s forms is no stranger to their church.

    1. Yep Tony has sure lied about things look he has even got Russia to invade the Ukraine. He never told us that at election time.

      1. It’s okay Fred Julie called the Ruskin Am assador in and sorted him out and the Russians are in retreat!

    2. Totally agree, Abbot should be removed from office. He has gone way too far already. Simply can’t understand how he is still in office.

    3. The Queen and the Governor General indirectly give the orders so there is no point! We must lobby the Senate to stop supply and create a Vote of No Confidence.in the Government who are intent in encouraging Foreign Ownership and reducing workers pay rates and benefits. By increasing Unemployment they will create a Nation of People who have to accept anything in order to be in work.

    4. Hi, I wrote to the GG’s office to ask she (back before change of governor to Peter Cosgrove) dismiss Tony Abbott. Got a reply indicating this is a matter for the sitting government. IE he is their elected leader. Considered writing to the Queen but in process of research discovered the Gov Gen CAN dismiss the PM if a vote in the House of Reps about seeking the GG to do that succeeds.

      So the way I see it there’s at least three ways we can be rid of the lunacy being endured since Sept, and partly as a result of his own party not being able to keep him in line (as I suspect many other LNP voters like myself hoped/assumed would happen):
      The March in March sees Tony shocked into reality and he resigns to protect the party and Coalition – highly UNLIKELY, as we now have seen more of and therefore better understand his personality
      Due to the MiM (March in…) – either before hand, to finally show the internal checks that should already have kick into place, or soon after – the Liberal Party mounts a leadership challenge, and we end up with the leader of it that we should have had – Malcolm Turnbull
      Due to the MiM the opposition puts it to the House and they all, plus enough Libs/Nats MPs (many must also be aghast as their “leader’s” performance and want him ousted), carry the vote to seek the GG to dismiss the PM.

      I suppose there are at least a couple more ways….. am surprised he, and Campbell Newman haven’t met with misadventure. And the incoming Gov Gen may do a John Kerr and dismiss the whole sitting govnment. Very unlikely tho’, but I think that power, as well as the Queen still being the ultimate authority, however unlikely to actually exercise such power, does still exist. But only done limits research and am not a lawyer……

      My money is on the LNP itself finally feeling safe enough to upend him themselves…..once they have the March in March as justification. They didn’t want to follow Labor’s habit of internal woe and chucking out their leader. But once the people, incl a significant proportion being people who voted for them, demand it via rallies to declare no confidence they will be seen to be free of that concern….

      If they don’t it is within the Reserve Powers of the Gov Gen that we need to look and ask the Opposition to implement

      Hope this helps, and perhaps reassures….all is NOT lost yet

  71. Guillain-Barré syndrome introduced by detainees!!!? bahahaha are you serious? The tip of an iceberg when it comes to to this massive brain fart…

  72. Keep up the good work Sally…, as far as I am concerned, like the previous Federal coalition government, this one also appears to be devoid of a social conscience.
    If they had have been in power at the onset of the GFC with their abhorrent Work Choices fully bedded down, job losses would have been astronomical.

  73. National occupational licensing system abandoned by COAG on 13 December on brink of fruition throwing away six years work tens of millions of dollars and foregoing $200 million in productivity savings

  74. I’m sorry Sally, but whilst I was initially keen to see your list it left me very disappointed. I checked three of the first four items I read (110 – 113) and found them to be in error, specifically:

    110 & 112 are proposals and not law. Whilst both are of concern, your list implies they are already done.

    111 is incorrect (or at best an exaggeration). A few hours after making his comments, Morrison held another press conference and cast doubt on his previous comments.

    I stopped reading because I no longer had any confidence in your analysis. That isn’t what you want – unless your only audience is rabid Abbott-haters, and really, do they need convincing?

    If you want to hold the govt to account – and who would not? – then you need to be more circumspect: quantity is not a substitute for quality. A smaller more soberly accurate list would have far greater impact.



    1. Hi Claude – I am only putting things on the list if they have actually taken an action to do something. There are lots and lots of ideas that have either been floated or foreshadowed that are not on the list. 112 – introducing legislation fits this criteria. If the law passes, the item will change and this one will be deleted. We dont know if things will pass the Senate. With 110 – I will check this. My understanding is they do not need a law changed to break a convention. With 111 – please provide me with a link to back up what you say. My information is it took him five days to correct the record.

      1. Thanks for the reply Sally.

        RE: 111. http://www.minister.immi.gov.au/media/sm/2014/sm211891.htm – this is the transcript of the press-conference held later that day. During that press conference he stepped back from his earlier comments and said he was getting conflicting reports about where the incident took place.

        RE: 110 & 112. The list has “Wreckage” in its name and promises to highlight “everything his Government does to hurt Australians”. Both are strong indicators of outcomes, rather than proposals or intentions. I think the list would be stronger if such things were left off until the damage (as you see it) is done, or (perhaps better) highlight them as not actually implemented but actively under discussion.

        Also, if you want to change things, you would be wise to think about your audience. Reading the comments, its hard to find a single comment that doesn’t support you whole-heartedly. These people are already convinced so I have to wonder about the purpose of your list.

        I think you would get better results targeting disappointed swing or LNP voters. Imagine how you would feel if the comments were full of “I voted for this govt and I’m so disappointed!” People like me :)

        Of course, its your list and you can do with it what you want!



  75. In 2008 Minister Jenny Macklin recognised the special disabilities of the indigenous people on Groote Eylandt who are crippled by the genetic disease Machado Joseph Disease (MJD). Initially $100,000 was provided but later Macklin provided funds to be invested to provide on-going assistance to victims to give them some sense of social security.
    The Abbott Government has now withdrawn that funding and created despair in this small community. http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/2014/02/24/foundation-hits-back-mjd-funding-cuts
    This sure looks like a very mean funding cut from some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people in society; very un-Australian. How low can you go?

  76. You can now add National Parks to the list. Apparently we need to chop them down so the Green Army can replant them.

  77. Number 99 needs an update. The person in the Minister’s office who gave this directive is actually still a lobbyist for the junk food industry. At the time the food rating website was pulled he owned 50% of the shares in the lobbying company with his spouse owning the other 50%.

  78. Let’s not forget that Abbott rolled Turnbull by 1 vote, thanks to Minchin who is now on his way to a perk in New York City. Abbott was schooled by the Jesuits but shows no compassion, no humility. He was a thug in his days in kindergarten politics at Sydney U & he hasn’t changed. He sets the tone of arrogance that has quickly become the signature of his administration. I have diehard Liberal voter friends who openly say ‘What have we done?’ Abbott is a boy on a man’s mission: a buffoon, a caricature of a national leader, a fool. Surely he’ll be a oncer. In the meantime, batten down the hatches.

  79. A sad and sorry list and it hasn’t been that long, 6 months and look at the damage so far and we haven’t had their first Budget yet. There will be page after page of cuts in that.
    However, just for comparison and balance, can we compile a list of the positive achievements of the Abbott gov’t, those that benefit Australians in general. It shouldn’t take long to list them but probably a long time to find them.

  80. Looking at this litany of betrayal one might be inclined to think perhaps Turny About is a more appropriate name.

  81. Those of us who are seriously concerned about the future of our country were always fearful of an Abbott Government. Well it is worse than any of us anticipated. When will the masses really stand up and be counted.

    We need quality rather than quantity. People Power! Myrtleb

    1. Greens Senator To Tony Abbott: “We Want Our Country Back”

      Seems this guy has what it takes to tell the moron running our country exactly what he thinks.
      In my book that makes him the sort of Australian we can all be proud of, unlike the spineless mRabbott.

      Check it out…………


      I think Ludlum has done a fantastic job of telling Abbott just how people feel. Not just Western Australians but the vast majority of us from all over Australia!

      This guy makes me think there is still some hope.
      I’m going to donate to his Senate by-election fighting fund and urge everyone to join me please.
      I’m not even in WA (In NSW) but I care deeply about our country, and we need to show Abbott we have all had enough.

      This is a great opportunity do do just that.
      If everyone gave just $5 it can make a huge difference.

      Power back to the people!!!!!!


  82. Why not to be fair list what good things this government is doing for the people of Australia or is your agenda just to stick it up this government. I also notice you have not listed the lies and stuff ups and broken promises of your beloved Labor Party the former government of this country. I thought this was supposed to be a democracy not a Socialist State.

    1. Fred, I don’t think the two lists you propose are necessary

      (1) The govt will promote everything they do, so we do need some balance to hold them to account. I don’t think Sally’s list is a good way of doing that, but I also don’t think it needs to be balanced.

      (2) The old Labor govt is history. Yes, I agree it was a terrible mess but that has been well documented and the electorate knows it – that’s why they were chucked out and an (unpopular) opposition elected.

      But I think you have hit on something useful: a list of the things that the current non-govt parties are blocking as this creates damage too. E.g. Qantas!

      1. They are trying to protect 30000 jobs!!!!!!!! As soon as Qantas is taken over all the jobs will go overseas. only jobs left here will be the baggage handlers!!!!!!!

        1. Darko, Qantas is going broke. In the end all the jobs are gone anyway unless something changes.

          One change would be giving Qantas money thru debt-guarantees, etc. But that only works in the short term and it hurts every over business. Most likely Virgin will start to suffer and jobs will be lost there.

          And ultimately, it it will never work long term. The car industry is a perfect example of the rivers of money wasted with no actual outcome.

    2. You need to read the title. It would be inappropriate to list any good things. Also impossible. The guy keeps going from one stuff up to the next.

    3. I;m trying hard to think of something that this government is doing for Australia Fred… and this country has been a social democracy pretty much since its inception – opting to take the best from both systems.

      I wonder which socialist states you are referring to though – Iceland? Norway? in fact all the Social Democracies in northern Europe that should be our models for welfare, education and medicine – rather than the failed behemoths of Britain and the US…

      Oh – and by the way – I’m not a Labor voter and am just as disgusted about them as I am about the LNP and I know a lot of staunch unionists that feel the same way.

  83. Oh the press, the press
    The freedom of the press
    We must be free to say
    Whatever’s on our chest …
    For whichever side will pay the best!
    – Marc Blitzstein, “The Cradle Will Rock,” 1936

    The media is a corporation with intent to maximise profit. Murdoch’s multiple and global presses do not provide objectivity. How can it? It represents ruling class capitalist interests – the rest of us can work, consume and die. Capitalist elites fears critical analysis and the media and commentators as crude as Bolt keep us distracted and ignorant playing on fear, celebrity and sporting entertainment. Oi, oi, oi.

    I’m old and educated enough to remember the media campaign that destabilised Allende’s Chile and Whitlam’s time. It’s a tried and true strategy. Goebbels was Hitlers propaganda man. Nowadays it’s called Public Relations. The media campaign against Labour started when Rudd won and lasted until Abbott did. Since it has retreated to business as usual.

    Abbott is a wrecking ball, that’s his job. Labour is no alternative. Hawke showed us that when he told thousands of demonstrators in Melbourne protesting at Kerr’s coup to go home. He was rewarded with the top job and brought Australia into line with yanquee imperial policy to deregulate our economy. He, Keating and all governments since have obliged. They are all traitors.

    Time to read Uncle Karl dudes and work it out for yourselves.

  84. Yes but in a Democracy should we not know what both sides are doing and why they are doing it I would be saying the same if this forum was about a Liberal Party that had just been kicked out of office and why they were kicked out and what the present government which in this case would be Labor was doing and why they were doing it. I know this post forum has been started by a staunch Unionist and there fore either a Labor or Communist supporter. In some posts people have complained about the press being against the Labor Party I did not see many bitches from Liberal Party members when this same press was backing the previous Labor government. If all some people can do is complain about this present government I am sure there are other countries overseas who would welcome them with open arms and then we could afford to bring in some of the poor refugees who have been surviving in camps for years and years around the world and not the ones who jump in front of those in the camps by paying people to get hem here by boat which by the way Tony Abbot appears to have stopped.

    1. Fred,

      Sure – balance is good and we should know what both sides are doing. But I think it is a stretch too far to expect this author to cover both sides fairly. Given normal human frailty, any given author will be unlikely to serve both sides of the argument fairly.

      Like you, I have also complained here about the structure/content of this blog. Instead of complaining to Sally, perhaps you and I should start our own blog’s and put in the time to create something better.

      However, If you are anything like me, this is unlikely to happen. Unfortunately Sally has me beaten 10x over with respect to the dedication required to create & maintain something like this :(

      For that dedication she has my respect, if not my agreement on her opinions.



      1. Claude,

        This is not a list of Sally’s opinions. These are facts backed up by enumerating the source.

        The only opinions on this blog are ours – yours and mine and Fred’s and lots of others.

        You will not find many of these facts – now 115 – discussed in the Murdoch media outlets.

        Please set up a blog listing Abbott’s achievements. It won’t take you long.

        Go for it.

    2. You don’t see a lot of shades of grey, do you? From Unionist to Communist in one breathtaking leap! Wow!
      And, appearing to stop the boats is different to doing it. Finally, what is wrong with the boats? The bigotry of “illegal people smuggling” is just that.
      Waving like mad to attract the attention of the Navy is not smuggling, nor is it actually illegal.
      The only person acting illegally may be the Master of the vessel should he undertake an International passenger voyage without providing a “Passenger Vessel” within the meaning of the IMO and relevant codes, which is why they do not want to enter Australian waters, and therefore complete an “International voyage.”
      Finally, as far as “queue jumping” is concerned, where these refugees come from, there is no queue to jump.
      I wish you could speak to the electrical engineer of my acquaintance who came by boat, escaping from the secret police in his country with his family after his father and brother were shot.
      He adores Australia, and will frankly have more to do with building the country than the redneck bigots who understand nothing, apart from their possible origins in the first fleet.

    3. Why is it that these Liberal trolls that spout their anger and hatred are ungrammatical, can barely spell, don’t use much punctuation and have lots of typos?

        1. Fred, have a bex & a good lie down, mate, and suppress your hysteria & your blood pressure. Just enjoy the day. I suppose every society has its nut cases but you don’t have to be one.

        2. Fred, That is a non sequitur. Your message is lost as soon as you lose punctuation, spelling, grammar and make typos.

          This contribution would have been an F for Fail in the school you would have attended all those years ago.

          “Fred must do better if he wants his message to get through”

  85. Good list. We were really between a rock and a hard place at the last election. I can’t believe this child is now PM. No one should be surprised about the wreckage his party leaves. What is wrong with our public, this Turny About has always looked like a rotten, cocky [insert every swearword you have ever heard].
    Just hope all his damage is reversible… and we get a chance to have a Good Leader again.

  86. Bob Hawke, Fabian Soclialist, sold out along with Keating – they are both Traitors and set the scene for current Government Policy with pro-yankee and obedience to the Banking Cartel and Corporate Business!

    1. Mike, a personal friend of mine asked Hawke why he sold out so badly to the yanks. His reply, ‘It’s the only way to keep the job’. Fair dinkum. I’d say God’s truth, but i’m an atheist.

  87. There is nothing wrong with welfare as long as it given to the people who genuinely need it when we have people taking the dole instead of a job because they would not get much more money by taking the job then the system fails. I took think it is entirely wrong that people like JOYCE earn $5 million a year ad other CEO earn such astronomical amounts whilst some workers are paid $17 per hour but if you take all the money the rich have and give it to the poor of this country I wonder how many more more would be on the dole because the rich cannot afford to employ them any longer because the government has taken all their money off them. As for England I can quite well remember a tax called the Super tax where the very rich were taxed at 90% of their earnings at lot of private companies were closing down and leaving the country as they could not afford to live or run their companies any more. Oh and by the way LABOR was in power in England when this was happening to.

    1. “There is nothing wrong with welfare as long as it given to the people who genuinely need it when we have people taking the dole instead of a job because they would not get much more money by taking the job then the system fails.”

      You bet it fails. And exactly how will this situation will be be solved by reducing wages even further? I have never been able to understand what it is that conservatives have against paying the people who work for them a decent living wage.

      The Abbott solution of course will be to reduce welfare even further along with wages.

      I see a surge in street swags coming.

      And, I have never understood the appeal to the poor of voting for those representing money and greed in the weird hope that there will be some sort of trickle down effect.

      How often do they have to watch the trickle turn into a drip, and then dry up entirely before they wake up to the fact they have been had.

      1. The original term was coined by Thatcher – who spoke of “drip down economics”. It was amended by cooler heads to “trickle down” when it was perceived how derogatory the first term sounded.

        That it doesn’t work under whatever name is rarely spoken of. Only upward flow works to get the economy moving effectively. Better welfare and low paid work models have to be tested and implemented.- this supports local economy and works its way up.

        Pumping money in at the top just buys Gina a new yacht – or a CEO a new imported TV – or pads out his cayman Island bank account…

        You have a street swag for sale? If I get arrested at one of the weekend marches in Victoria I automatically lose my Housing Commission flat

      2. unfortunately JDC, those representing money and greed employ divisive tactics to gather support from the poor and uneducated. Think Racism (the phantom terror of boat people, really muslims) same sex marriage, abortion. They don’t give a stuff about these issues really, but they know they can divide and conquer.

  88. In a word, ‘arrogance’ (no, add ‘incompetence’) characterise Abbott & his Ministers. There is not a breath, not a hint of humility. I gave them a chance with Turnbull, who seemed to offer a moderate stance. But now the Tea Party runs the show.

    Minchin has been given his reward for installing Abbott, off to NY City with his snout in the public trough. ‘Thanks mate’ & all that goes with such perks. Downer off to London: surprise, surprise!

    The loonies are running the asylum.

    ‘Poor fella, my country!’

    1. I can’t imagine the mentality of the folks who actually selected him as a leader, but when I see them in Parliament, I don’t need to imagine any longer. It is really CRISTAL CLEAR, Abbott’s Government is totally UNFITT to sit in PARLIAMENT. Poor fella, my country! sadly truth.

  89. The fact is that we are ‘blessed’ with a Coalition of the Tea Party persuasion & an Opposition that wouldn’t know its arse from its elbow.

    I see only Turnbull of potential statesmanship. Will he have the bollocks to pull on a challenge for the leadership?

    I suppose I should include Tanya Plibersek & Penny Wong in my short list of potential leaders, to be fair.

    Abbott is a mug, a buffoon, a lair, a thug, a caricature of a national leader.

    Poor fella my country…

    1. 54 years ago I sailed into Melbourne on the castle velice,I was never out of work and lived through some good times and some bad ones,now I am an old fuddy duddy,but I would not like to arrive into todays Australia,run by an prime minister who does not know what day it is. Sad times are here,what a shame.

  90. The craziest thing in all of this is the current government gets to blatantly hide behind the lies of the title the conservative Liberal Party, when they have no interest in conserving anything and they have nothing at all to do with Liberal ideals.
    Only in Australia could you get that lie conservative Liberal Party and have everyone pretend it is true. If there is one thing I would dearly love to see changed it is that lie and it’s acceptance by people who are actually conservative and believe in Liberalism.
    Australia where the lies blatant and huge, fair go, yup sure, stand up for the battler, uh huh, conservative Liberals now that doesn’t make any sense at all no matter which way you twist it.

    1. Lenny Lower (Spelling?) an unfortunately forgotten Australian writer put it this way, from the days of Doug Anthony, obviously:

      “No member of the Liberal Party believes in Liberalism. Liberal Party members sit in board rooms and complain about the wickedness of workers.”

      “No member of the Labour Party believes in labouring. Labour Party members sit on Trade Union Committees and complain about the wickedness of employers.”

      “No member of the Country Party believes in any part of the country other than the bit he owns. Country Party members sit on the fence and complain about the high cost of fencing.”

  91. This is a brilliant list, thanks for compiling it. I don’t
    Know how on earth you are going to keep up with it all though.
    Thank you.

  92. Thank you for this reminder of Abbott’s disastrous effect on our lives – I had thought to keep a file of press cuttings about his broken promises and bizarre policies but became too depressed by the number and frequency of them. I’ve put this site up on my favourites and am forwarding a link to all my friends. Great work and thanks again!

  93. I have disagreed with governments in the past, maybe more often than I have agreed with them, but never, ever, have I had in the past the utter contempt that I feel for this government. It is not a feeling I welcome, or enjoy.

    In a staggeringly short time, the Abbott government has set a record for sheer untrammeled nastiness that will stand for a long time, and never I hope, be broken.

    Item 12 above says it all. An Orwellian “doublespeak” arbitrary demand to change language, and confer illegality on refugees with not just doubtful due process, but no due process at all.

    I see no reason at the moment to be particularly proud to be an Australian.

    PS Sally, congratulations on your work and fortitude. I am in awe of your ability to subject yourself to this wallow on an ongoing basis and It almost needs to be sub categorized by Ministry. As time goes on, the sheer volume may demand it.

    1. “I see no reason at the moment to be particularly proud to be an Australian.”

      I agree totally.
      Australia is currently a laughing stock in the eyes of the world and it truly is an embarrassment.
      We can however see this in a positive light and hopefully use this to our advantage.
      With so many people outraged, we can use this opportunity to unite and make changes. It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention. I also believe frustration is the mother of change.
      It’s time for Australians to take action and realise that being apathetic and jsut allowing this to go on is no longer good enough.
      People like Sally who I thank very much are the start of this.
      Let’s keep the ball rolling and all do whatever we can to make sure this type of bad government NEVER happens again!
      Let’s not let the work of people like Sally and others be in vain.

      Be Australian and proud. Stand up and speak out!

      March in March
      People Power – a vote of no confidence in the current government.

    2. I think your comments reflect a very large sector of our county, JDC. No matter your creed or beliefs, it can only be the very greedy, selfish, bigoted, nasty or just plain stupid who cannot see the damage this man is doing. I watched an SBS programme on Hitler’s rise from ’29 to ’34 and there were some very eerie similarities.

  94. ” I have never been able to understand what it is that conservatives have against paying the people who work for them a decent living wage.”

    I remember reading something about this in a psychology paper once. Apparently it has something to do with low self esteem or sense of self worth.

    It mentioned that people like that feel a need to make sure others are less successful than they are in order to boost their own (carefully hidden) very low self esteem. They have some sort of need to always feel superior and go to great lengths to achieve this including pretending that their lives are perfect and denial that anything is wrong in their lives.

    Sometimes they do this all their lives. Other times they reach a point where they can’t keep it up any more and have a breakdown. It’s quite common and a sad symptom of our society’s obsession with money.

    If only those people could realise that it’s not necessary and that people can all get on much better in life if they treat one another with respect and kindness.
    I feel very sorry for them to be quite honest.

  95. There is a much better way than this government’s tunnel visioned, short term, dig it up and sell it economic lack of thinking.

    Believe it or not we can have a strong economy and at the same time one which benefits not only the population but also the people!
    All we need is a government capable of thinking outside the box, or should I say the mine or the gas well?

    Economist Gunter Pauli explains how…………….

    I strongly urge everyone to watch this. It’s truly inspirational.


  96. I wonder how proud Tony Abbott feels about possibly being the first Australian Prime Minister to have caused a nationwide march of no confidence against him?
    Another COALition first!

  97. I wonder how many genuine people will be there and not just people who will march against anything. I also wonder how many fully understand whey they are marching.

    1. Inevitably a few of the ones you are are worried about will be there, but more to the point, in logic, this is what is called a “straw man” argument, and is one of the commonest of examples of poor thinking. Now, I accept that logic is not the strongest of suits in conservative politics, but google can help you, I’m sure.

    2. Fred, i witnessed very many people marching, many of them older, who had never marched before, such is their outrage as to what is happening to our once fine country.

    1. You are of course correct, “to whom you referred” would have been more accurate. My deepest apologies. It is still a straw man, however.

  98. I apoligise for not use the correct grammar but I did not go to Uni so I cannot brag that I sat on my arse for 4 years to get an Arts degree. I left school at 15 and was never unemployed despite my poor grammar and spelling. I now live comfortable and without any help from the Unions.

    1. Fred, not a lot of Union members do have University Degrees, and despite that manage decent use of the language. Linking poor grammar to not having a higher education starts to sound like inverted snobbery.

      I am an engineer, old school, Diploma, no degree, but years of experience. I have worked in heavy industry (shipbuilding) all my life, and despite never having been a Union member, I am very, very, aware of the positive changes in industry in terms of working conditions, and safety, not just wages, for which the Unions have fought and can take credit.

      I am also very aware, how, with noteable exceptions, management fought every bloody one of them, their position simply being a knee jerk and repetitious wailing about “It will cost too much.”

      Speak to men from the earlier industrial era whose legs have been amputated because of cement exposure, welders blinded by their job, broken and crippled men whose working life on low wages ended with no support at all. They are living out the last of their days in Men’s Homes, where nurses like my wife look after them.

      This is the hidden cost of destroying the Unions, something I believe Abbott sees as a holy crusade.

      Add to this his quasi religious disbelief in scientific fact and advice, his belief that treasures like the Tasmanian forests, or the Great Barrier Reef cannot be placed in front of corporate exploitation, and add a few personal issues such as his mysoginistic attitudes and generally blinkered mindset, lead me to the conclusion that I cannot imagine a worse personality to be our Prime Minister.

      BTW, I do agree with you about Malcolm Turnbull. I do not agree with him politically, but I do respect him as a man.

  99. I don’t think much of Politicians of any persuasion the majority of them are Lawyers and as we all know what do they call 99 Lawyers at the bottom of the ocean. I cannot though in any way whatsoever say that this current mob are worse than they last lot of imbeciles that spent money like it was water put us into debt for Billions and acted like spoilt kids, I want to be leader no I want to be leader maybe if they got on running the country instead of back stabbing each other and throw money to all and sundry we may not be in the mess we now are.

    1. Fred. to repeat the LNP sloganeering that we have this disastrous debt is simply wrong. Educate yourself on the finer points of economics and you will find that the debt Labor left is what saved us from the GFC and, at the same time created long overdue employment and infrastructure. The internationally recognised waste came during the Howard regime when, coincidentally, 300bn from the biggest world wide boom era was wasted and all our gold reserves sold for $300 an ounce with nothing to show for it.
      And ‘running the country’ is creating society and community not serving and enriching giant, greedy corporations and selling the country out from under us. The economy is supposed to serve the community, not the other way around.

  100. How about all you people going on about what HOWARD is doing stopping the boats ring him up and tell him you will take 5 or 6 or them into your home, look after them, teach them the Australian way. Either do that or stop bitching. The boat people are paying people a lot of money so that they do not end up in the refugee camps around the world and wait their turn. As labor people I am sure you can understand that the rich should not get a better deal than the poor.

    1. “How about all you people going on about what HOWARD is doing stopping the boats ring him up and tell him you will take 5 or 6 or them into your home, look after them, ”

      Actually, I have done this. Not 5 or 6 of “them,” but one, and his family, until they found their feet. You cannot comprehend just how bloody wrong you and the rest of the bigots in the country who pre-judge refugees actually are.

      The only excuse for this point of view that I can consider is the brain washing to which you have been mercilessly subjected by Murdoch and his poodle, Tony Abbott.

      The family in question is the electrical engineer I mentioned in a previous post, and I have heard the whole story. I have seen the picture, he keeps it on his desk, of he and his wife and kids looking scruffy and goofy in the clumsy lifejackets put on them by the Navy, as they were taken off the boat that brought them.

      I have heard the reality of his movements from his home country (I don’t want to put in enough detail to be identifiable) and the utter impossibility of any of the so called “queue jumper” and other slurs with which these people are labelled.

      As he said, “If there was a queue anywhere that I could have joined, of course I would have, but there was not. When you consign yourself, out of desperation to this course of action, you are basically entirely under the control of the people who put you on the boats the whole way. It is very much like the underground railway that moved slaves from the American South to Canada.”

      Get past the bigotry, and look at the people who are desperate enough to risk their lives to get here the only way they can. And, the hard fact is, there are not really all that many of them anyway, certainly not compared to the flow of desperate people into Europe.

      It may also be worth mentioning that the ratbag mullah who was sending hate mail to Australian troops in Afghanistan arrived by plane in the Tony Abbott approved fashion.

      Oh, and, if you want to be taken as anything other than ill mannered, please do not refer to the myself and the respondents here as “you people.”

    2. Fred or whatever your name is, this has nothing to do with ‘labor people’ – this is to do with basic human rights that are taken away cruelly from refugees on Manus and other places.

      It would do you well to become better educated on the whole issue of the plight of refugees the world over. What would you do if you walked in their shoes? But probably if you are a lover of Abbott’s and Howard’s soiled beliefs, you do not have the ability to feel empathy for ‘outsiders’.

      And since you mentioned it, how is it that conservatives have only one label for people like us who care about human rights? What makes you think we’re all ‘labor’ people? Or socialists, LOL?

      I’m sure the small section of decent people in the LNP who are actually not self-centered, money-grabbing, individualistic nothings would be very cranky with beliefs like yours.

      Good on you, Sally! I’ll spread your blog far and wide.

  101. Sally, I think this is an excellent concept however it suffers a little in the suggestion that the Tony Abbott Government is responsible for all of the issues that you list. By way of some examples…. I think quite a few economists agree that the Australian car industry was always going to close down. Government subsidies by way of direct grants and tariffs may have prolonged the inevitable but fundamentally the market for Australian produced cars was simply not large enough domestically and once we had to compete internationally our competitiveness and the strength of the $AUD was always going to make it extremely difficult. So it is a little simplistic to attribute the destruction of the Australian Manufacturing industry to this one decision.Don’t get me wrong I am no friend of the LNP. I think many of the issues you list are irrefutable facts. What I advise is you need to avoid rhetoric and exaggeration. You need to avoid drawing causal inferences when there is little evidence to support the claim. I have carefully gone through your list and IMHO there are only about 10 that fit into my suggested “problem” criteria. So a damn good effort by all measures. I just think you will strengthen your case further by giving no room for the nutbakes who want to try and refute the damage that Abbott is doing to our wonderful country. regards dp

    1. David, I think your comments are entirely valid. My twist is that the LNP when in opposition, never conceded prior circumstance or their own role in explaining Labor policy or practice. What goes around, comes around. Unless of course we only want to deal in independently verified facts – but that’s a bit too radical for the Australian political culture as it stands at the moment.

  102. Good work Sally, glad to see you are keeping the list up-to-date. I thought the Howard government was bad, but Abbott is leaving Howard in the shade in the nastiness stakes.

    I think there was one statement that he made or decision that the government took a few weeks ago that I could support or at least not disagree with, but sadly I can’t remember what it was.

    Perhaps for balance you could start a list of positive actions in parallel to your excellent negatives list. Even put it at the top – I am afraid it won’t be very long!

    1. You may mean keeping Archer Midlands Daniels out of our grain stocks, that’s about the only one i supported. And the one that really surprised me too as the U.S has decided who leads this country since they got rid of Gough.

  103. Congratulations on your Engineering Diploma it would have been hard to get and no doubt you worked hard for it. One thing I would like to take you up on is the fact that you say you have never been in a Union but have received the benefits that they have fought for. If you were not in the union why did you take the benefits should those benefits have only gone to union members. I agree completely that in the early days of the unions they were needed as people were exploited but when you have bully boy unions ex BLF, Waterside Workers etc then this can spoil it for the rest of the unions. Some of the unions of this country have made companies move overseas because of constant demands on the employer. Just look at the car industry all three packing up because they cannot compete in the world market due to the cost of building vehicles here. I am not saying it is the total reason these and other companies are going overseas but it is a big part of it. We in this country have a pretty good lifestyle but how much longer can it last as companies close down and go overseas and we import goods that were once made here digging holes in the ground can only last so long.

    1. Actually, if you read what I said, I never claimed to receive any of the benefits to which I referred. My position, largely self employed, in the design and construction management of ships in several countries and in shipyards of hugely varying sophistication, while not giving me much in the way of benefit, has given me the opportunity and perspective over 50 years to view the changes, and make I think, pretty good comparative judgements.

        1. The reason we are no longer exploited is because of unions. What do you think will happen without them? If unions are corrupt and messing with Aussie workers rather than helping them, then they need to be policed – not dismantled.

        2. The exploitation continues right up to the management level where employees are paid for 40 hours and are expected to work 60/80+, not to mention being on call 24/7. Not to mention the fear behind taking holidays lest your job be gone on your return. Now what about penalty rates, working conditions, safety and so on?

    2. The cost of building cars here is higher because the cost of living is higher. Abbott, and for that matter Reinhardt’s solution is to lower conditions, lower wages and create a new class of poverty. Look to the 50 million in poverty in the U.S. How about we get busy and create sustainable 21st century living instead of hanging on to 17th century technology.

  104. I cannot see how saying “you people” is ill mannered I was referring to a group of people who say we should take all these people in like yourself. I did make a mistake and mentioned HOWARD when I should have said ABBOTT a slight mistake that even you did not pick up on. You say you took in one family of boat people well done I am sure a lot of people who say let them all in would not have done the same but I do note that you say he was an engineer which is what you are so do you only pick the educated ones to look after or would you take in any of them. As far the quote that he said if there had been a line I would have joined it. Well there is a line in all the refugee camps through no doubt your friend would have traveled including Indonesia where I expect he paid a lot of money to get to Australia there by disallowing someone else in one of these camps the chance of a better life in Australia.

    1. HOWARD / ABBOTT I noticed but ignored, I knew what you meant. I see little point in nit picking and wasting space on obvious and harmless errors.

      As to me friend, had he not been an engineer, which he is, is irrelevant. The opportunity to help presented itself, and the fact that his job brought him into contact with me through our similiar work is genuinely coincidental. Really, no cherry picking involved.

      You miss my point about the queues. When contracted with the people who got him out of where the secret police had shot others in his family, those contracting move you past all of the other “normal” means of access.

      Also, bear in mind, depending on where you come from, in a lot of cases, the refugee camps in other countries send you straight back, especially if their definition of “refugee” excludes having your family shot. To some people, this does not mean that you are necessarily at risk.

      A sweeping generalization of “you people” is considered prejorative, BTW. See how far you get publicly referring to a group as “You people.”

      1. A PS really to my last. I did not say we should take in everybody who arrives on a boat, nor do I think we should. Just the genuine refugees, for whom we have made an international (UN) commitment, which Abbott tries to ignore. It is worth noting that despite draconic attempts to exclude everybody, the vast majority of those arriving by boat are actually accepted as genuine refugees, much to Abbott’s chagrin.

  105. . I just think you will strengthen your case further by giving no room for the nutbakes who want to try and refute the damage that Abbott is doing to our wonderful country. regards dp.

    We must have a lot of nutbakes in this country because the majority voted this government in. By the way what is a nutbake it is an expression I have never herd before.

  106. Sadly we do have a lot of mindless idiots in this country and the numbers are now engineered to grow.
    That’s why the COALition reduces spending on education. This will guarantee an endless supply of dumbed down, sorry I mean loyal, COALition voters in the future.
    It’s all part of the evil master plan.

    1. I think you might be right, unfortunately. An uneducated public makes it much easier for the ones in power to do what they like and get away with it. Mmmm like the dark ages!!!!!

  107. Can’t Abbott be challenged under anti-discrimination laws for some of his cuts to organizations tasked with upholding the rights and improving the lives of the most racially discriminated against section of Australian society, our first people, and aren’t these the people we should be consulting with about refugee intake and settlement?

  108. How can I subscribe to this list to be notified of additional wreckage? I’m told he is implementing all the policies of the right wing think tank Institute of Public Affairs.

  109. Surely the move to remove Section 18C which for 18 years has protectected us against racial vilification deserves a special mention on the list?

  110. I used to think getting into a top leadership position in the COALition was rather exclusive and required one to (at the very least) first have a full frontal lobotomy, but these days it’s obvious that any idiot can get the gig.
    Such a drop in COALition standards!
    Makes me sad for them. It seems they have lost their way.

    1. yes it surely makes you wonder what sort of people our fellow Australians are when someone like Malcolm Turnbull is available and they choose to support this lunatic. I would still not vote for the LNP, but at least the fear of a new fascist regime a la Hitler would be gone.

  111. On 27th February, Christopher Pyne actually introduced amendments to Fair Work Act that reintroduced WorkChoices policies. http://www.rk.com.au/insights/coalition-introduces-fair-work-amendment-bill-2014/ This reintroduces “individual flexibility arrangements” and “Entitlements upon termination – employers will only be obliged to pay out annual leave loading on termination if required to do so under an enterprise agreement or modern award.” which means anyone that doesn’t take their leave will lose it.

    I certainly don’t recall any of these being promised. In fact, I seem to remember Abbott promising they’d never reintroduce WorkChoices!

  112. Here’s another one: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/national/health/infant-formula-industry-to-handle-complaints-on-its-marketing-to-new-mums-20140315-34tty.html
    We all know that self-regulation by an industry does not work. It’s like expecting a teenager to set their own school homework then giving themselves a mark for doing it.
    Previously an independent body was charged with monitoring complaints. Now that has been abolished to save money and replaced with a body composed of industry representatives.

      1. Completely missed it the first time around but as it’s a particularly odious and mean savings measure, just like cutting the payments to soldiers’ orphans (117), that I’m glad I repeated it.
        I expect that Red Tape Repeal day will present many more acts disadvantaging Australians by removing protections.

  113. discontinued the $1.5 million grant to the Community Food Grants program.
    AUSVEG claim that it is a potential risk the the horticulture industry !!!

  114. Following yesterday’s introduction of Abbott’s “Omnibus Repeal Day (Autumn 2014) Bill” yesterday, how the heck are you going to be able to track all the ‘baby thrown out with the bathwater’ bits? For a start, there are the laws regulating financial advisers and charities – all going. But apart from these, there’s one other bill that cancels a great reform introduced by Labor after three years of broad consultation: better regulation of agricultural and veterinary chemicals (includes pesticides)….

  115. thank you sally, you have saved me doing a list and i will be sure to publicise this one. A vital tool in these frightening times.

  116. I was bewildered to understand just who in Australia would be stupid enough to have voted for such a sexist, redneck, moronic COALition government.

    That is, until I found this today……………

    There are thousands of them out there apparently!

    Warning NSFW !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Contains graphic images of potential Nationals voters being themselves in their natural state. That being a rather sad state void of any real morals or intelligent thinking.

    No different to Tony and co really when you think about it.

    1. Things that make you go mmmmmm? Worriesome indeed – they don’t all behave like this though – the educated smooth and polite Rights are actually creepy – these people here in the video are just unknowing – well – unknowing anything at all, really – not their conscious choice – they are not conscious at all. Sad and concerning indeed.:(

  117. It looks like you are making assumptions that all those people vote LNP. They went out there had fun no one got hurt apparently except a few hangovers. Wonder what your idea of fun is. I have never been to one of those B & S balls but it is people letting their hair down. No doubt the PC brigade would frown on people having fun in anyway whatsoever.

    1. So you believe that sort of behavior constitutes a good time?
      Good for you. That tells us all quite a bit about you.
      I really doubt that anyone with even a modicum of intelligence and self respect would consider that to be having a good time. Obviously you think they would.


      You vote for the COALition by any chance? hmmmm?
      Or too ashamed to admit it?

      I would be!

      As for your PC brigade which you speak of. Who are they and why aren’t you asking them?

      I, like most people on here I’d imagine are all for people having a good time and a good life.
      Exactly why we want Abbott and his loonies gone!
      We don’t want to be taken down the Rabbott burrow back to the dark ages

  118. Really?

    I disagree.

    I think they would be pleased to see all of us (except you of course) standing up to a concentration camp building maniac with little to no regard for human beings and their wellfare.

    Not only those from other countries who need help and support but equally those of his own nation.

    Anyone standing up to someone like that is a decent human being and should be proud.

  119. Fred, any chance at all that your last name is Flintstone?

    If not why would you want us to be going back to the stone age Fred?

    Right now are you back in your cave and keeping warm by burning some imaginary “clean coal” whilst not caring at all that burning it is not only destroying our planet but at the same time giving asthma and cancer to people?

    But of course that is OK since it is creating jobs (repairing the damage) and making your rich mates like Gina richer and that’s what truly matters hey?

    1. Sorry I shouldn’t jump to conclusions about you burning coal Fred.

      Maybe your cave is one of those thoroughly modern ones heated by COALition seam gas while you sit there caring not at all that extracting this stuff is permanently polluting our water table which many of our hard working farmers depend on to feed us?

      1. Sorry, there I go again making assumptions.

        I shouldn’t assume the COALition has gas, but you’ve got to admit it’s hard not to since they really do stink! 😉

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  122. Is there a PDF version of this list that I can download? I have a staunch right-wing brother in law that I’d like to present it to.

  123. Then he can produce to you the one big lie of the previous government “There will be no Carbon Tax in the Government I lead” We all forget about that one did we and the amount of hurt it is costing the normal Australians. Also the fact that even Kevvie said before the last election that he was going to repeal it if he won government but alas he lost and now the leader of the Labor Party who by the way actually got less votes for the leadership than Albanese (sorry if spelt wrong) but still won the leadership because it appears that the votes of the ordinary Labor Party faithfuls are worth less than those elected to Parliament by those same people has voted with the Greens to block the rescinding of this tax.

    1. Blah blah blah same old shite from same old shite head Lieberal supporters . Caused so much pain to Aussies , not as much as your dimwitted Lieberals are causing to the country . You want to hope that Abbott doesn’t come after your job . Don’t think for one moment he gives a flying f$&k if you lose your job . He got voted in and that’s all he cares about .

    2. What she said but what has always been truncated by those pushing their barrows full of coal is http://fairmediaalliance.wordpress.com/2013/04/26/ “There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead but let’s be absolutely clear I am determined to price carbon”. Get it right and don’t parrot the COALition.
      The link contains details of how the quote has been reported and cut in various media.

    3. It’s a pity that even when faced with the blatant truth you cannot admit that abbott is the biggest fool to lead a country since G.W.Bush. He cut so much from the govrnments resources that now he cut the debtceilkng and Joe hockey said that labor would keep spending well lets srr sounds like hypocritsy

    4. Fred you need get the fact straight and stop listening Murdoch Julia did not LIE FACT
      Julia Gillard did not lie She actually said, following her comment about there being “no carbon tax under the government she led”; that she was determined to put a price on carbon – which was to be paid by the big polluters; with lower-income earners being compensated. Different from a tax which is paid for by the majority of the working class and middle class population.

      The media and the opposition only decided to pay attention to the first part of that statement; and neglected to pay attention to the rest of the statement that she made.


    5. Fred Are you an LNP TOLL you do not get the facts straight Carbon price was for 3 years then ETS we brought it forward by 1 year you listen to Murdoch and co she did not lie fact unlike silly Abbott that lies all time
      It’s not tax get facts From Julie Owens PM Thanks Stewart, you are right. the debate over the two years prior to Julia’s statement about a carbon tax was about which would be more effective, a tax (which was the Greens’ view) or a market mechanism ( which both major parties supported). She made a speech at the press club and several other statements that week committing to a price on carbon as was Labor policy, not a Tax. We introduced a market based system (not a tax).

      The evidence shows Gillard’s clear commitment was to introduce an ETS based on Rudd ETS (aka CPRS) rather than a Carbon Tax It’s not a tax it’s a price on carbon Tony Abbott lied


    6. Fred you are making your self look silly Abbott LOL
      LABOR REAFFIRMS COMMITMENT TO ETS It was always going to be an ETS Carbon price for 3 years we brought It forward by 1 Year It is not a tax ATO don’t look after it and it is a price on carbo

      Federal Labor has reaffirmed its commitment to ending the carbon tax as long as it’s replaced with an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) in the Senate today.

      Labor voted against the Greens’ disallowance motion against the Government’s revocation of voluntary auction for carbon units.

      “This entire episode has been nothing more than a political stunt by Tony Abbott and Greg Hunt,” Shadow Climate Change Minister Mark Butler said.

      “Labor’s decision indicates neither Greg Hunt’s claims of victory nor Christine Milne’s claims of defeat.”

      The facts are:

      Labor’s Clean Energy Bill amendments propose a shift to an Emissions Trading Scheme by 1 July 2014
      The voluntary auction would have no impact on the introduction of Labor’s ETS
      It is clear business would not have participated in this auction, given the uncertainty in the market created by the Government’s attempt to dismantle Labor’s clean energy policy.

      “Under existing legislation, a new auction can be undertaken almost immediately if the Government were to accept the expert advice that an ETS is the best way to combat climate change,” Mr Butler said.

      “Labor remains committed to terminating the carbon tax provided that an effective plan to combat carbon pollution is put in its place,” Mr Butler said.

      “The Government has no such plan and all the Parliamentary tricks in the world will not change that fact.”

      “This was a ploy by Mr Hunt to distract Australians from the fact he has no climate change policy and he is pretending this manoeuvre will lead to Labor abandoning its ETS,” Mark Butler said.

      “Labor will not change its position on this.”


  124. An easy way to copy this document so you can print it, is to:
    Highlight a few lines of text and photos is you want as well.
    Press Ctrl + C (this copies it to the clipboard)
    Open a new document in a word processor, such as Microsoft Word.
    Press Ctrl + V (this pastes it into the document.)

    Then go back and get some more text. Repeat as needed.

    When the document is viewed on a PC, the links within the dates still work.

    Have fun. Post here if this doesn’t work easily.

    1. Oh great! So we are paying $190 million to pay for this bunch of 1900 liars to tell us lies we don’t want to hear.
      That needs to stop right now!
      If Abbott wants to tell lies he should be paying for that from his own pocket.

  125. I think this post just enforces what I said about some Labor supporters not being able to answer a post with out using foul language and being just plain obnoxious.

    1. Still talking crap Frad , do you remember who stood in front of a sign that read ” ditch the witch ” and ” Bob’s Brown bitch ” . And you have the hide to call Labor supported obnoxious , pot and kettle I think hey Fred or whatever your name is.

    2. Fred, foul language and being just plain obnoxious is not just used by the left, have you ever read Larry Pickerings Face Book page? I suggest you do and then tell us what side uses the most foul language, and the most obnoxious words about anyone and everything Labor. When Julia Gillard was PM, the posts were absolutely disgusting. She has been out of politics and his posts still talk about her in the most derogatory way.

      1. I actually don’t red any of his stuff because of being told what he posts I have no more time from people from the right writing that sort of garbage than I have for the left doing the same.

    1. The facts it is not a Carbon tax ATO do not look after it it is price on carbon and it works she did not lie Julia Gillard did not lie She actually said, following her comment about there being “no carbon tax under the government she led”; that she was determined to put a price on carbon – which was to be paid by the big polluters; with lower-income earners being compensated. Different from a tax which is paid for by the majority of the working class and middle class population.

      The media and the opposition only decided to pay attention to the first part of that statement; and neglected to pay attention to the rest of the statement that she made.


    2. It’s not tax get facts From Julie Owens PM Thanks Stewart, you are right. the debate over the two years prior to Julia’s statement about a carbon tax was about which would be more effective, a tax (which was the Greens’ view) or a market mechanism ( which both major parties supported). She made a speech at the press club and several other statements that week committing to a price on carbon as was Labor policy, not a Tax. We introduced a market based system (not a tax).

      The evidence shows Gillard’s clear commitment was to introduce an ETS based on Rudd ETS (aka CPRS) rather than a Carbon Tax It’s not a tax it’s a price on carbon Tony Abbott lied


    3. Let look at the silly HYPOCRITE Abbott who supported A carbon TAX 2009 LOL
      Abbott Government the worst in history fact’
      Tony Abbott:”If you want to put a price on carbon why not just do it with a simple tax

    1. That’s terrible but not surprising of course.
      We can hardly expect a government with no ethics itself to support anything else which is ethical.

    1. Lol not trying to be mean or anything but Fred, I read your comments up to march of 14… And I think you’ve just given me cancer.

      1. Well if you feel like that I must be a very special person to give you cancer I hope you get it cured ASAP. If not don’t blame me .

    2. Fred you keep popping up with eye catching comments full of one sided logic and gross generalizations in support of your opinions. You remind me of the knight in the movie “The Holy Grail” who keeps fighting despite losing a succession of limbs. My advice to you is to hop away while you still have one good leg.

    3. you are LIAR Fred just like your mate Phony Tony Abbott LOL
      So in actual FACT, all the L/NP, and Mr Tony Abbott have been telling lies for over 3 years about the impact of the Carbon price! What happened to the “python squeeze,” the “cobra strike,” the “wrecking ball through the whole economy,” “towns wiped off the map,” “thousands of job loses because of the Carbon tax,” “a toxic tax,” “a great big New tax!” IT IS ALL A GREAT BIG LIE! Your friend Mr Tony Abbott admitted it! – FACT

  126. What about this one?……………….

    Despite saying he would not do so, His Grace Tony the Abbott, Duke of Australia has decided to reintroduce Dames and Knights.
    Not surprising really from this COALition flat earth society.

    To quote one commenter on Politics Live…………….

    “I heartily welcome the new awards system of knights and dames. Great to see the country striding confidently forward into the Middle Ages. Feudalism here we come! Serf’s up!

    Date and time
    March 25, 2014, 4:12PM

    I couldn’t have said it better myself!


    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/the-pulse-live/politics-live-march-25-2014-20140325-35ew5.html#ixzz2x7w6SpVg

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-opinion/tony-abbotts-bunyip-aristocracy-arise-lord-clive-and-lady-gina-20140325-35g7i.html#ixzz2x7uyJUIq

    1. Reintroducing knights and dames is there. But it’s not a broken promise as he said we would do it after the election

      1. “In a foolish and ultimately self-incriminating move, Murdoch’s Sunday Telegraph has tried to protect federal government leader Tony Abbott from humiliation.

        Mr Abbott is quite capable of humiliating himself. In fact, he usually does it on a daily basis, making protecting him a full-time, even futile, job.

        In short, The Sunday Telegraph pulled a page from 22 December, 2013, containing a story in which Abbott ruled out the reintroduction of knights and dames. Following a commotion on social media, the page was restored to the online edition the following day.”This story – dating from the 22nd Dec 2013 was AVAILABLE to read not now
        it is not! It was a blatant Broken promise another lie Fact

        Sorry your page could not be found
        We could not find the page you requested. This is either because:

        There’s an error in the address or link you have entered in your browser;
        There’s a technical issue and the page has not been properly published;
        The article was removed to comply with a legal order;
        It is an older article that has been removed from the site.
        If you believe that this is a technical error, please contact us and tell us the location of this page”



    1. My dear old (96) white haired mother had this to say re. knighthoods, and I quote:

      “The push behind this is not so much Abbott, whom I detest, and not even the unspeakable Howard, but rather Howard’s socialite wife, Janette, who sees herself as a “Dame.”

      My mother is a very wise woman, who has seen nearly 100 years of Australia, and is very aware of ratbags when she sees them.

  127. Gillard fends off broken promise claims, but admits carbon plan is like a tax,The AustralianFebruary 25, 2011

    JULIA Gillard has dismissed as “semantics” suggestions she has broken an election-eve promise ruling out a carbon tax, while admitting her carbon-pricing plan is “effectively like a tax”.

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott accused Ms Gillard of political dishonesty, saying she had no mandate for her three to five year carbon tax that will morph into an emissions trading scheme.

    “I think if the Prime Minister wants to make a, politically speaking, honest women of herself she needs to seek a mandate for a carbon tax,” Mr Abbott said.

    If it sounds like a Tax and looks like a tax then it is a tax just disguised in another name.

    1. Fred Get the facts straight LNP TROLL and I will leave again all this It is not a tax the Australian taxation office do not look after It because it is a price carbon she did not Lie ETC Unlike your Disgraceful mate Abbott LOL

      Julia Gillard did not lie She actually said, following her comment about there being “no carbon tax under the government she led”; that she was determined to put a price on carbon – which was to be paid by the big polluters; with lower-income earners being compensated. Different from a tax which is paid for by the majority of the working class and middle class population.

      The media and the opposition only decided to pay attention to the first part of that statement; and neglected to pay attention to the rest of the statement that she made.


    2. It’s not tax get facts From Julie Owens PM Thanks Stewart, you are right. the debate over the two years prior to Julia’s statement about a carbon tax was about which would be more effective, a tax (which was the Greens’ view) or a market mechanism ( which both major parties supported). She made a speech at the press club and several other statements that week committing to a price on carbon as was Labor policy, not a Tax. We introduced a market based system (not a tax).

      The evidence shows Gillard’s clear commitment was to introduce an ETS based on Rudd ETS (aka CPRS) rather than a Carbon Tax It’s not a tax it’s a price on carbon Tony Abbott lied


    3. Under Labor with Tony Windsor

      The carbon price has secured Inverell’s future.

      The town’s major employer, Bindaree Beef, has secured a $23 million grant to install a world-first biogas system.

      The $46 million project involves installing a more energy-efficient render plant and directing all organic waste through a digester, which will produce clean energy from biogas, high-quality recycled water for irrigation and organic fertilizer for sale.

      Bindaree Beef will no longer burn coal or dispose of waste in lagoons and landfill.

      Electricity consumption will be slashed by up to half.

      Reduced operating costs will make the abattoir much more globally competitive, boosting jobs and creating an opportunity for further expansion.

      I have been working with Bindaree Beef for two years to make this happen, and I’d like to congratulate the McDonald family for having the foresight to recognize the opportunities of the carbon pricing package. They are now world leaders in meat processing.


      1. I reckon that is great and I hope it works as it is supposed to where I live we have had a system called the Bedminster system something similar to the one you are talking about put in the garbage and out comes good fertile compost of course that is when it is actually working been out of commission more than it has been working since it was built cost millions of dollars to. I hope the system you get is better than the system we have.

          1. Like I said I hope it works but if they have just secured the $23 million to build it how do you know it works. I hope when it is built it works I only told you of the system here which they claimed was going to do this and do that cost millions and like I said has not been working longer than it has and even when working it is not working at full capacity a lot of the time.

  128. Under The Labor Government in a GFC environment
    We had the lowest unemployment rate in decades, and our economy was the envy of the world. The Gillard government oversaw the smallest increase in cost of living of any Australian government for at least 25 years despite the introduction of the carbon price, a new study has found.

    Moreover, Australian households have seen real incomes – disposable income minus cost of living increases – rise 15 per cent since just after Labor took office, giving the average household a $5324 a year boost, or $102 a week.


  129. Is it a bit like a duty that we have on Tobacco, Alcohol and Petrol. Not everyone one is hit with the duty only the people who use there products but as was pointed out when the GST came in it is a Tax on a Tax.

          1. No your version of the truth is what you are putting forwarded you believe that no matter what Labor can do no wrong I believe that there are two sides to every story.

      1. I agree with you we should not have gone into Iraq he either ignored the advice or believed what the Americans and the British were saying. As I said before as far as the GST goes yes he did say the GST was dead and buried but before the election he said he was going to introduce a consumption tax so he changed his mind but he did it before going to the people.

      2. and the Rudd/Gillard government only took the election by relying on several independents after their first election win

  130. Gee Fred, on what charge, or what cause? How exactly is having your nose rubbed in fact in any way indictable? Unless, of course you really are Tony Baloney himself trolling. Now there’s a thought.

  131. Hay Abbott I thought we had budget emergency we did not under Labor and you got rid of dept ceiling Abbott more lies from Abbott and co
    It’s now $61.15 billion of gross borrowing by the Abbott government
    The week ends with the Abbott government borrowing a further $700 million today, which brings the total of gross borrowing since 9 September 2013 to $61.15 billion.


    1. I believe that if you check this is money that has to be borrowed to keep continuing paying for Labors future spending brought in before they were trashed at the last election.

  132. I only posted what she said. Yes I picked that statement because of that comment you choose the parts where she said it was not a tax I chose where she said it was like a tax. So after all your huffing and puffing who is right and who is wrong.

    1. You are wrong again LNP TROLL get facts straight Like Abbott you do not read and I will leave you this again get the full picture and stop reading Murdock rag LNP TROLL

      Julia Gillard did not lie She actually said, following her comment about there being “no carbon tax under the government she led”; that she was determined to put a price on carbon – which was to be paid by the big polluters; with lower-income earners being compensated. Different from a tax which is paid for by the majority of the working class and middle class population.

      The media and the opposition only decided to pay attention to the first part of that statement; and neglected to pay attention to the rest of the statement that she made.


      1. I only posted what she said. Yes I picked that statement because of that comment you choose the parts where she said it was not a tax I chose where she said it was like a tax. So after all your huffing and puffing who is right and who is wrong.

        She said it is like a tax did she say this or did’nt she. I only copied and pasted from something you put up.

        Is duty a tax according to governments it is not it is a duty my opinion is that it is a tax.

    2. Truth Seeker points to the fact that whenever members of the coalition refer to Gillard’s famous statement before the last election about a carbon tax, they only quote half of the sentence:

      “There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead,” conveniently leaving out the part after the comma, where she goes on to say “but lets be absolutely clear. I am determined to price carbon”.’

      Not only the Opposition, either, but just about all of the mainstream media and Fred LOL

    3. It’s not tax get facts From Julie Owens PM Thanks Stewart, you are right. the debate over the two years prior to Julia’s statement about a carbon tax was about which would be more effective, a tax (which was the Greens’ view) or a market mechanism ( which both major parties supported). She made a speech at the press club and several other statements that week committing to a price on carbon as was Labor policy, not a Tax. We introduced a market based system (not a tax).

    4. And this LOL don’t Hyde from the facts Fred
      “The decision to do something about climate change (by Ms Gillard)…was a condition of the formation of government,” said Mr Windsor.
      “The Leader of the Opposition knows that very well because on a number of occasions he actually begged for the job, begged for the job. You’ve never denied it Tony, you’ve never denied it and you won’t.”
      “I got the sense that during the first week of negotiations that Tony Abbott probably was more interested in another election,” said Mr Windsor then.
      “I think that was being reinforced from outside. I got a number of phone calls. There was a lot of noise about.”
      But today he told Parliament Mr Abbott had told him, “I will do anything, anything, to get this job.” Mr Windsor said: “They were the comments, and people know that, and they should know it, because you are an absolute disgrace in the way in which you are wandering around on this issue.
      “You have exactly the same target as the emissions trading scheme pricing arrangements. You have exactly the same target in terms of the 1990 levels by 2020.
      “And you have the audacity to actually say to people that you are going to achieve that target through a much more expensive arrangement than putting a price on carbon particularly given the history that you have on this issue.”
      TONY Abbott two years ago begged for support to become Prime Minister, saying he would do anything except “sell my arse” to get the job, Parliament heard today.
      “He begged for the job and he made the point, not only to me but to others that were in that negotiating period, that he would do anything to get that job, anything to get that job.
      “And you would well remember and your colleagues should be aware, that the only codicil that you put on that (was), `I will do anything , Tony (Windsor) to get that job. The only thing I wouldn’t do is to sell my arse’.”

      Tony Abbott would do anything but sell my arse Tony Windsor

  133. Absolutely true he did say that BUT before the election he did go to the people saying he would introduce a consumption tax.

    1. G’day Fred you still here did you get the fact straight Howard & Abort Lied and Abbott said no cuts health look what he has done today more broken promises the Coalition of shame Howard never ever its dead and he nearly lost that election one term Howard but it will be one term Tony Abbott the polls have been on Labor side since the election The Abbott Government the Worst Government in history
      They are racking up the worsts, this government.
      Worst PM ever;
      Worst FM;
      Worst Immigration Minister;
      Worst Eleventy Minister;

      1. I believe anything I say about the Libs you will deny anything they have ever done is or was good. Where as I say some of the things Labor Party did were good Hawke I voted for Keating I did not Kennett first time I voted for second time I did not so like I have said before I choose the party that will do the best or Australia. The RUDD/GILLARD/RUDD time in government was an utter and complete shambles it took us from a surplus of approximately $80 Billion to a deficit of approximately $300. Now if you had a company worth $8 Billion and six years later you are in debt to the tune of $300 Billion even you would say that the person who had the company stuffed up. I know that some people say that stopped us going into recession like a large part of the world did although I tend to think that yes it helped but we did not need to spend that much money the miners selling to China were bringing in $Billions even though the dollars was high and this was because of the mining boom and what what Gillard/Rudd did. No doubt you have a different thought

        1. You Are a complete and utter liar in a GFC environment We had the lowest unemployment rate in decades, and our economy was the envy of the world. The Gillard government oversaw the smallest increase in cost of living of any Australian government for at least 25 years despite the introduction of the carbon price, a new study has found.

          Moreover, Australian households have seen real incomes – disposable income minus cost of living increases – rise 15 per cent since just after Labor took office, giving the average household a $5324 a year boost, or $102 a week.


          In the words of Thomas Jefferson
          “The Government ought to be judged by how well it meets its legitimate objectives”

          On the whole the Gillard Gov achieved great things within a short period of time. A hard-working, brave, efficient Gov that deserves recognition and the gratitude of all Australians.

          • NBN (the real one) – total cost $37.4b (Government contribution: $30.4b);
          • BER 7,920 schools: 10,475 projects. (completed at less than 3% dissatisfaction rate);
          • Gonski education funding reform;
          • NDIS – DisabilityCare;
          • MRRT & aligned PRRT;
          • Won seat at the UN;
          • Signed Kyoto;
          • Signatory to Bali Process & Regional Framework;
          • Eradicated WorkChoices;
          • Established Fair Work Australia;
          • Established Carbon Pricing/ETS (7% reduction in emissions since July last year);
          • Established National Network of Reserves and Parks;
          • Created world’s largest Marine Park Network;
          • Introduced Reef Rescue Program;
          • National Apology;
          • Sorry to the Stolen Generation;
          • Increased Superannuation from 9 to 12%;
          • Changed 85 laws to remove discrimination against same sex couples;
          • Introduced National Plan to reduce violence against women and children;
          • Improvements to Sex Discrimination Act;
          • Introduced plain packaging of cigarettes;
          • Legislated Equal pay (social & community workers up to 45% pay increases);
          • Legislated Australia’s first Paid Parental Leave scheme;
          • Achieved 1:1 ratio of computers for year 9-12 students;
          • Established $10b Clean Energy Bank;
          • Legislated Murray/Darling Basin plan (the first in a hundred years of trying);
          • Increased Education funding by 50%;
          • Established direct electoral enrollment;
          • Created 190,000 more University places;
          • Established My School;
          • Established National Curriculum;
          • Established NAPLAN;
          • Increased Health funding by 50%;
          • Legislated Aged care package;
          • Legislated Mental health package;
          • Legislated Dental Care package;
          • Created 90 Headspace sites;
          • Created Medicare Locals Program;
          • Created Aussie Jobs package;
          • Created Kick-Start Initiative (apprentices);
          • Funded New Car Plan (industry support);
          • Created Infrastructure Australia;
          • Established Nation Building Program (350 major projects);
          • Doubled Federal Roads budget ($36b) (7,000kms of roads);
          • Rebuilding 1/3 of interstate rail freight network;
          • Committed more to urban passenger rail than any government since Federation;
          • Developed National Ports Strategy;
          • Developed National Land Freight Strategy;
          • Created the nations first ever Aviation White Paper;
          • Revitalized Australian Shipping;
          • Reduced transport regulators from 23 to 3 (saving $30b over 20years);
          • Introduced NICS – infrastructure schedule;
          • Australia moved from 20th in 2007 to 2nd on OECD infrastructure ranking;
          • International Infrastructure Minister of the Year (2012) awarded to Mr Anthony Albanese;
          • International Treasurer of the Year (2011) awarded to Mr Wayne Swan;
          • Introduced anti-dumping and countervailing system reforms;
          • Legislated Household Assistance Package;
          • Introduced School Kids Bonus;
          • Increased Childcare rebate (to 50%);
          • Allocated $6b to Social Housing (20,000 homes);
          • Provided $5b to Support for Homelessness;
          • Established National Rental Affordability Scheme ($4.5b);
          • Introduced Closing the Gap;
          • Supports Act of Recognition for constitutional change;
          • Provided the highest pension increase in 100 years;
          • Created 900,000 new jobs;
          • Established National Jobs Board;
          • Allocated $9b for skills and training over 5 years;
          • Established Enterprise Connect (small business);
          • Appointed Australia’s first Small Business Commissioner;
          • Introduced immediate write-off of assets costing less than $6,500 for Small Business;
          • Introduced $5,000 immediate write-off for Small Business vehicles over $6,500;
          • Introduced a national levy to assist Queensland with reconstruction;
          • Standardized national definition of flood for Insurance purposes;
          • Created Tourism 2020;
          • Completed Australia’s first feasibility study on high speed rail;
          • Established ESCAS (traceability and accountability in live animal exports);
          • Established Royal Commission into Institutional Sexual Abuse;
          • Established National Crime Prevention Fund;
          • Lowered personal income taxes (average family now pays $3,500 less pa than 2007);
          • Raised the tax-free threshold from $6,000 to $18,200;
          • Raised Australia to the richest per capita nation on earth;
          • First time ever Australia has three triple A credit ratings from all three credit agencies;
          • Low inflation;
          • Lowest interest rates in 60 years (average mortgagee paying $5,000 less p.a. than 2007);
          • Low unemployment;
          • Lowest debt to GDP in OECD;
          • Australian dollar is now fifth most traded in the world and IMF Reserve Currency;
          • One of the world’s best performing economies during and since the GFC;
          • Australia now highest ranked for low Sovereign Risk;
          • AAA+ Credit Rating;
          • Overseen the largest fiscal tightening in nations history (4.4%);
          • 21 years of continuous economic growth (trend running at around 3% pa);
          • 11 years of continuous wages growth exceeding CPI;
          • Increasing Productivity;
          • Increasing Consumer Confidence;
          • Record foreign investment;
          • Historic levels of Chinese/Australian bilateral relations;
          • First female Prime Minister;
          • First female Governor General;
          • First female Attorney General;
          • Introduced Small business $1m loss carryback for tax rebate from previous year;
          • Legislated Australian Consumer law.

          A fiscal strategy to return to budget surpluses over the economic cycle without damaging its economy with austerity measures already proven to fail. A future linked to the National Broadband Network, renewable energy, greater productivity through higher education and infrastructure investment, improved social equality, and a more prominent voice on the world stage.

          All this (and more) despite a hung Parliament, a recalcitrant press, and the most negative and asinine Opposition since Federation.

          In my view this was one of the finest Parliamentary periods in our history. Revisiting these stellar achievements helps bring into sharp relief the abject failures of the current Abbott Government.

          Well done, and thank you to the former Gillard Government!

          [With thanks to Lavinia Projustice and Kaye Lee for this comprehensive list of achievements by a stellar Government]
          Judging Gillard and the Labor Government The Labor Achievement

          1. Yep a stellar Government that sent our debt to the stars you yes you and I are paying off this approximately $300 Billion debt your kids will be paying of this debt for years to come and so will mine and every other Australian the interest alone is Millions of $ a year.Let me ask you should we just forget about the debt run up by your so called stellar and not even pay of the interest so in years to come we will end up like Zimbabwe. Everything that Abbott and his government try to do at this time is held up either by the raising debt and or the senate where Labor with the help of the greens is blocking everything.

          2. $300 Billion debt from almost $1.6 GDP. You do the maths. You borrow to create a future. Or do you live in a squat and not have a mortage?

          3. You seem to have forgotten that the Flat Earth Society (COALition members & supporters) live in caves since they are merely Neanderthals.
            Hence they don’t need or believe in borrowing for the future and don’t have mortgages, their homes being holes in the earth, which might be why they are so fond of digging more perhaps?
            They don’t believe in the future and do all they can to ensure we won’t have one, they live in the past.

          4. Wow, thanks for that list it’s easy to forget what the previous Labor Governments did amid the din of the liberal opposition. Probably the greatest for Australia’s soul being Sorry to the Stolen Generation. The current government is still going on about the previous government and talking down the economy, very unAustralian not team players at all especially when overseas.

          5. Agree totally. Gillard did a wonderful job, despite being constantly attacked and blocked by a very negative, backward thinking opposition.
            Sadly they are now our very negative and backwards thinking government.

        3. Fred, we do not measure “success” in terms of surplus only. The Rudd/Gillard Government coped with the GFC very successfully. This required a depletion of surplus.

          There were a number of successes AND failures by the previous Labor Govt. But currently the exiting LNP has failed to provide one (1) lasting policy that is of benefit to ordinary Australians.

          To date, all actions are designed to benefit only the wealthy and large corporations. This is NOT the sign of a successful government.

        4. Fred your comment only reflects what the murdoch media and shrieking shock jocks tell you. Please understand it is in their financial interest to do so. Please research your facts from independent sources and consider such things as the great boom time during the Howard regime where 300 bn was wasted on nothing. This has been internationally noted (by the IMF) as being part of the 3 occasions in Australian history of needless wasteful spending. Under Howard prior to the ’04 and ’07 elections and once under Menzies. Imagine if this money was in the bank for the GFC or it was spent by Howard on infrastructure.
          The necessary deficit left by Labor was miniscule in international terms. Also you may wish to continue your unbiased international comparison by noting that in the last 6 months, Australia’s budget has disintegrated at a faster rate than the top 29 leading economies.

  134. So of all the election promises he made, what hasn’t he broken yet (that he still can)? I remember the whole “we will repeal the carbon tax within the first 100 days”, but he kinda gave that a shot, so it’s not really a broken promise. But what is there left?

    1. He hasnt done that yet. Like many things, he want to do it but knows the reality of the current Senate. It will go on the list if he manages to get it through

  135. Actually, I doubt Fred is by strict definition a liar. I read recently a fascinating piece of psychological research that found, counter intuitively, that when people with a “faith based” belief were presented with factual evidence that disproved the belief, it actually reinforced it, rather than causing the person holding it to reconsider.

    So, Fred may be an irrational true believer, deluded at a deep level, mentally incapable of distinguishing wheat from chaff, but not really a liar.

    1. I see JDC you have some of the same medals as I have. I am not irrational, or deluded or mentally incapable of distinguishing wheat from the chaff but I am crazy and do have papers to prove it and I am fighting a system that is set up to disallow service men and ex service men a fair hearing. I see you have the Vietnam Service Medal but looking at the colors of the ribbon it is not the active service medal is it please correct me if I am wrong. How can you as an ex service man support a party that the waterside workers union refused to load ships with needed supplies for the the troops and these ships had to be taken over by the navy so the diggers fighting in Vietnam could receive ammunition, food, etc. The posties refused to handle mail for the troops and Left wing Union students sent parcels to the North Vietnamese and there was Hanoi Jane standing behind anti aircraft guns next to the North Vietnamese soldiers. If you think this sort of thing was okay then I believe a great deal of you fellow Vietnam Veterans would be disgusted with you.