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Property Development: Douglas ‘Doug’ Ebenstein’s Contributions

About Douglas Ebenstein

The President and Chairman Board of the Capital Commercial Properties, Inc, a company situated in Boca Raton, Florida. This company led by Douglas Ebenstein had a lot of success in the real estate and property development industry. Capital Commercial Properties, also known as CCP, is an important creation and expansion of a vast and very valuable site for the residents of Alexandria, Virginia where more than 500 units are located in the heart of the country’s capital. 

In 1961, Norman Ebenstein founded CCP which is currently being headed by his son Douglas Ebenstein, together with Lisa Ebenstein the latter’s daughter. Both are doing the best they can to run the company smoothly and with success keeping in mind the benefits it can offer to the market and the industry. 

Mr. Ebenstein as a President

As the President of another successful enterprise, Eden Center, Inc., he also finds a way to lead the premier Asian shopping center in the East Coast. Mr. Ebenstein is currently heading Eden Center as the owner and the manager. The Eden Center has become one of the primary destinations for cultural events, information, and education. It is also home to more than 115 tenants. Twenty four remarkable Vietnamese restaurants make up some of these tenants. The Eden Center and Capital Commercial Properties have received several honors that acknowledge the major accomplishments of the company. These awards are listed below:

  • “Most Improved Commercial Property” in Falls Church, Virginia in 1997
  • “Best Shopping Center” in 2014 by the Washington City Paper
  • “Best Shopping Center” in 2015 by the Washington City Paper

Douglas is also responsible for directing retail and leasing efforts for property development all over Eastern America, most especially in Washington DC metro and suburbs of Virginia and Maryland. 

Here are the current resources of Capital Commercial Properties Inc. in Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. These abundant resources are included below in a detailed list:

  • Hillandale Shopping Center: a very nice place in Silver Spring, Maryland
  • Sullivan Place Retail: a great place to shop in Alexandria, Virginia,
  • Timonium Square: a lovely place in Timonium, Maryland

Doug Ebenstein’s Educational Background

Mr. Ebenstein earned his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Brown University. He also competed and played in the varsity tennis team throughout his four years at the university. While on the team for his junior and senior years, he placed the number one standing in all singles and doubles competition. Doug Ebenstein reached a national status of 300 when he played tennis professionally. His next phase of life takes him to Duke University soon after he graduated from Brown University. While at Duke University, Doug Ebenstein did well, with many great accomplishments.

The impact Doug Ebenstein has had on his community has been great as he has had a very strong presence there for many years. He also gives to the athletic programs including the tennis team he was on when he attended. He is also behind the annual winter trip to Florida for the tennis team. Douglas Ebenstein also happens to be a part of a helpful congregation in Florida.

Doug Ebenstein is always ready for the possibility of new opportunities in property development and real estate. He focuses on long-lasting growth for all his companies and properties. He understands how risky the real-estate business can be with the surprising ups and downs of property value. However, Doug Ebenstein and his companies manage to remain successful due to his obtaining assets in places he knows will keep and raise their value consistently over some time. Doug’s mission for himself and his companies is to keep the philosophy of long-term investments to ensure a good continuance of growth and productivity.

Anyone can tell that Mr. Ebenstein is still very enthusiastic about playing tennis with his high ranking of single and doubles in the entire United States. Along with his other great deeds, Douglas Ebenstein contributes to both Duke University, Brown University, and each school and college that all of his children have attended. Known to many as an excellent man with many accomplishments, Doug Ebenstein is someone who has lived successfully with all he has learned, done, and given to society.

Is Managed WordPress Hosting Good for SEO

By Jordan Smith SEO

WordPress developers are always busy. If you are a freelancer, your days will be filled with hosting strategy meetings, coding websites, and writing some new client proposals. If you are scaling towards or running a WordPress agency, you are entrenched in the tasks focused on growing, promoting, and strengthening your business.

Regardless of your situation, it would be a good idea to offload some of your time-consuming and tedious tasks you are responsible for. For example, how would you feel regarding relinquishing several of your duties on WordPress management?

You know how essential it is to pay attention on the CMS, particularly as it pertains to performance and security. While you might pencil in time for this daily, why would you do this if it will cost you extra to pay for managed WordPress hosting service provider? With that in mind, you have to take note that managed WordPress hosting is not for all.

How to Know If Managed WordPress Hosting is Good for You?

Searching for a good web host is not very difficult. There are some clear leaders in the space and if you cannot make up your mind, you can rely on the recommendations of WordPress. Of course, there is a difference between what makes for good web hosts and one that perfectly fits your unique needs.

Below are the things you must know about the different managed WordPress hosting companies and what makes these different from the traditional web hosting:

Improved Backend Setup – Companies providing managed WordPress hosting services have an idea of what you have to do to make your job much easier and better. This includes the things like setting up the control panel that way it should, giving you access on SSH for improved backend control, and optimizing your database.

WordPress Focus – Companies that are serving WordPress site clients, so you do not need to worry about the mix of the platforms sharing space on the server. And since they are focused on WordPress, support will be provided by the experts who know the ins and outs of CMS.

Security and Safety First – Such companies serve WordPress sites, so the infrastructure seems to be much faster and secure with caching that’s built-in, CDN, PHP support, and firewalls. They keep tabs on which themes and plugins you use. The reason behind it is that they ensure that you do not add any blacklisted integration unintentionally in your website and put others or yourself at risk in the long run.

Outsourced Management – Aside from offering WordPress-friendly hosting support team and environment, companies offering managed hosting services deal with the ongoing maintenance and management tasks that may take up more of your time.

Managed WordPress hosting is good if you are scaling your own WordPress business and you require assistance when managing site maintenance piece of your business service. It is also a good option for the implementers that like to provide high value WordPress development service to the customers, yet do not have the technical expertise to handle the server or give support.

Choosing Between SEO and SEM

Choosing Between SEO and SEM

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are two digital methods that can be used to increase the visibility of a company. The latter is also popularly known as Pay Per Click (PPC). As the name suggests, you pay to make your product or service visible when you employ SEM. In fact, the main difference between SEO and SEM is that the former tries to get a site well ranked organically, meaning that with SEO you do not have to pay anybody to get good rankings. As a business owner, given the choice between the two which would you choose? Moreover, while it is possible to use either or both are you better off using only one or both?

Pros and Cons Of SEO

As stated above, a site that solely employs SEO aims to rise to the top of SERP organically. The fact that you do not pay for this is persuasive but remember that the process can be rather painstaking. If you made an online search for almost any product you’ll find millions of websites. That tells you that it will take plenty of work to get your site ranked on the first page of the search engine result page. This work might involve getting the services of a consultant or having a well-known copywriter craft the copy that could make your site rank well. For instance, there is a Spokane SEO company we have been talking to that explained this thoroughly the first phone call.

With SEO you’ll also have to constantly keep an eye on the activities of your competitors – you’ll want to find out why they are ranking better than or what you need to do to retain your ranking if you are ahead of them.

The results of an SEO campaign also take time and might disappoint those out for instant results. Even when you have an excellently built website that has awesome content, it might still take months for your site to get decent rankings.

Pros and Cons of SEM

SEM aims to accelerate the ranking of a site by making use of sponsored advertisements. This means that you could get your site a very good ranking in a very short time. Remember though, that you are paying for this ranking and sustaining such a campaign could prove very costly.

Another downside to the use of SEM is that what you are doing can be done by the competition – they too have the money to pay for sponsored ads. In a fiercely competitive industry where everybody decides to go this route the cost of SEM could ultimately prove prohibitive.

How about mixing the two?

Unlike what many people believe it is possible to run both SEO and SEM campaigns at the same time. This ensures that you get the best of both worlds. When you want to get visible as quickly as possible, you should consider initiating an SEM campaign while developing the infrastructure that will in the future help you rank well organically. For every company, the dream is to rank well organically as such ranking is much more sustainable. Remember also that the largest amount of web traffic is generated through SEO.

A successful SEO campaign requires the collection of huge amounts of data and you might take too much time getting this data. Since you can implement SEM immediately, you can very quickly get the data you wanted. Such a campaign will show you what people are searching for and will pinpoint the keywords you need to concentrate on. This aids greatly in the creation of content for your SEO campaign.

The ranking of most sites on the SERPs keep fluctuating and it is, therefore, possible that you were ranked on the first page three months ago but your site now is almost obscure. What could have happened? The easiest way to find out what could be going on is to launch an SEM campaign. Since this allows for almost instant ranking, you’ll be able to find out how people are conducting their searches. You might, therefore, discover that there’s a new set of keywords and keyword phrases that you need to develop content to make sure that you regain your previous or even better ranking.

When all is said and done, SEM and SEO should not be viewed as competing. In fact the two complement each other and the success of one does not mean the failure of the other. That is why you’ll find that even companies that are ranking well organically for certain keywords still do conduct SEM.

Digital Marketing Thoughts from a Milwaukee SEO Company

We recently sat down with Josh Parker of Badger SEO ( to discuss digital marketing, and how it can help business and website owners grow their business by harnessing some of the powerful marketing strategies that the internet provides.

Digital Marketing For Success

There are a lot of options out there for business owners when it comes to online marketing.† You have SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click), social media, video, and others.† These are the main strategies you can deploy when trying to get your business exposure in the vast landscape of the interwebs.

With all of these options, how does one select which strategy they should focus on for their own business?

First off, it is important to understand what each strategy can do.† I am not saying you need to become a master marketer, if you were you would not need the help of a professional.† However, knowing a little bit about each strategy might make the decision-making process a bit easier.

As we dug into the topic at hand, Josh laid out some pretty telling info and explained how a strategy that uses a little bit of each can yield the best results.† Here is how it breaks down.

Step 1 – Optimize your website with the long-term in mind.† You don’t have to be an SEO expert to put some important information in key spots that can help with SEO.† Use your site title and heading tags to target your most important keywords, which are what you do and where you do it. If you are an electrician in Baton Rouge, then let Google know that by creating a site title that says it.

Step 2 – Get social.† You don’t have to be a social media expert here, but to establish your brand the first things you need to do is lock them down on the main sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram.† Create a complete profile/page on each and make sure you link back to your website.

Step 3 – Run some PPC ads.† PPC ads are a great way to get some immediate traffic and exposure to your website and/or offer.† Keep in mind that conversion optimization is important when doing this because you do not want to be spending money on traffic if the page does not convert.† Check what other pages and sites are doing and do the same, but with your own unique spin.† No need to reinvent the wheel here.

Step 4 – Facebook Ads.† Facebook ads are a great way to capture leads and generate new business.† Creating the page will allow you to run ads, so experiment with that and see if you can find a way to get eyeballs on your website or landing pages, but again remember that conversion is key when paying for traffic.

NoteRunning some paid ads (Google and Facebook) is a great way to get some traffic while you cook up some results in the long-game with SEO.† SEO will take some time, so don’t expect to optimize a page and get instant rankings.† The ads will bring traffic in the meantime.† This is a great overall strategy because you get traffic now that is paid while building an SEO presence for later which will allow you to do less paid traffic down the road.

Closing Thoughts…

Companies that mix it up and get traffic from all over will get the best results.† Each marketing strategy has its place, and if done properly can yield amazing results.† Take the time to learn a little bit about these strategies before pressing Go, and go in with realistic expectations.† If at any point you do not feel comfortable you can always seek the help of a digital marketing expert.

SEO Partner Review

 Why SEO is Constantly Changing?

SEO is always evolving and changing. Sometimes, it forces everyone to reconsider their strategies and their workflow for effective and successful SEO. It may be hard to understand the reasons why it goes through a lot of changes and can be frustrating to keep updated at the same time.

What to Know about the New Algorithms

Google creates new algorithms always. Search engines constantly evaluate their algorithms and techniques to find the best results for all web users. Aside from that, Google makes it tougher for unfair SEO marketers to manipulate search engines. Other people also use tricks on optimization to fool the search engines and Google is making ways to detect whether or not SEO was done organically.

Once you use legit and more effective SEO strategies, it’ll take much longer to see results, yet once you use tricks to see quick results, such results will not last and Google could even flag the site that can be a bit damaging. Google changes the formulas for the reason it wants to boost one’s user experience and see to it that users are finding organic results. Typically, Google will go through a change three to four times every year. This is to avoid deceptive SEO practices or prevent them.

A Lot of Keywords

Previously, there’s a time when people would put lots of relevant keywords on their website to boost their rankings online. However, keyword stuffing or spamming may result in a penalty from Google. It also caused websites to read like they’re full of spam once the content was created clearly to include numerous keywords. It is crucial today to use keywords as well as target particular keywords to boost your rankings. But, it is not recommended to overfill your website with keywords. It is now considered as a thing of the past. With blog posts, you must use 2-4 keywords and avoid using 10 or more keywords. This is especially true if your blog post often includes 500 words.

Some Changes You Should Know

In the past, Google takes the Meta Keywords that are associated with the page, read them, and rank the page. These days, Google ignores such keywords as they don’t hold importance in the page’s rankings. Several people believe that more clicks on their pages, the higher their rankings would be. This isn’t true. Google doesn’t adjust the listings depending on the site that gets the most clicks. Organic traffic is basically something that’s tracked by the SEO experts for their clients to show the results of their SEO efforts. It may also be used to show that through improving the rankings of the site with SEO, it could boost the organic traffic. You have to take note that organic traffic comes through the search results and not on the paid ads.

It is always updated with the newest changes on the algorithm and will surely help you no matter what your SEO needs are.

If you want to know about the latest trends in SEO, Green Genie SEO can help you.

Their Toronto SEO packages start @ $2000 a month for Toronto local search marketing campaigns

Time Pinching Advices: Accelerate The Computer To Doing Your Everyday Schedules Effectually

Our world is becoming more rapid and more rapid every minute. And people need speed up ourselves for becoming successful in committing our projects.
In time management, as it is quite popular at the moment, the attention is shown to taking care of the equipment (e.c., (e.g. PC, smartphone small laptops) is employed, for being sure you would not waste time acclimatizing by the speed and dealing resembling problems.
So you identified that your computer appears not fast enough? The problem of computer operating lazily can be resolved lightly.
Test if the PC’s hardware is up-to-date. Perhaps re-equipment will do the personal computer much faster, and you keep a few minutes per week for long-run scheduling.
Put a mark in your weekly schedule to examine HDD unoccupied space though once a month. Retain the PC must contain at least 15-25% of free space in your HDD. Clearly, that will consume some of your precious working time peel and adjust files at the computer, take these efforts alike long-time investments – the consumer should reduce the challenge of a slow computer so will relish convenient as well as time-saving file classification.
Make sure you have installed all disposable applications updates. Very often applications updates uncostly, and there is a have to spend five minutes per week to look for updates to set up them. So the consumer must be rewarded by precious moments of saved free time, thanks to the fact that updating is made by teams of professionals aiming to make programs faster as well as more cozy.
Strive not to forget according to virtual memory occupation. Do not run upward five to eight programmes in the simultaneously. It will permit the personal computer to run fluently, effectively so quick enough. Other prizes in this context will be if you should not kill time switching from one application to another one, so would learn to prioritize your actions.
Watch up working with unknown programs as well as email enclosures by unfamiliar unknown senders to preclude virus attacks. Malware can slow down your computer and kill important data files. So one would need to spend your time, the currency for solving this problem; so you will finally grasp that prevention must be the most time-guarding way-out.
One more advice to your dairy – check if a situation is fine with your antivirus programme so plan PC scanning at least two times a week.
You can consume special utilities, designed for computer performance improvement. Some of them are free, really cheap that’s why should not wait for a miracle – search to find them to solve a problem of slow computer capacity. Use the favorite Web Search engine, use diverse various search phrases, go to message boards, examine massages of the users, I am assured one will discover the most suitable resolution.
There are multiple other methods to optimize personal computer performance; you can get in touch with hotline of equipment support office of your PC maker learn qualified advices as well as to get detailed manual.
It would take your time as well as funds control your time effectively, alike taking care of the personal computer’s rapidity. Anyway it’s deserving to be made for leaving behind thoughts sort of personal computer operating lento. You should manage your PC productivity otherwise your PC may manage your performance!

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