By Jordan Smith SEO

WordPress developers are always busy. If you are a freelancer, your days will be filled with hosting strategy meetings, coding websites, and writing some new client proposals. If you are scaling towards or running a WordPress agency, you are entrenched in the tasks focused on growing, promoting, and strengthening your business.

Regardless of your situation, it would be a good idea to offload some of your time-consuming and tedious tasks you are responsible for. For example, how would you feel regarding relinquishing several of your duties on WordPress management?

You know how essential it is to pay attention on the CMS, particularly as it pertains to performance and security. While you might pencil in time for this daily, why would you do this if it will cost you extra to pay for managed WordPress hosting service provider? With that in mind, you have to take note that managed WordPress hosting is not for all.

How to Know If Managed WordPress Hosting is Good for You?

Searching for a good web host is not very difficult. There are some clear leaders in the space and if you cannot make up your mind, you can rely on the recommendations of WordPress. Of course, there is a difference between what makes for good web hosts and one that perfectly fits your unique needs.

Below are the things you must know about the different managed WordPress hosting companies and what makes these different from the traditional web hosting:

Improved Backend Setup – Companies providing managed WordPress hosting services have an idea of what you have to do to make your job much easier and better. This includes the things like setting up the control panel that way it should, giving you access on SSH for improved backend control, and optimizing your database.

WordPress Focus – Companies that are serving WordPress site clients, so you do not need to worry about the mix of the platforms sharing space on the server. And since they are focused on WordPress, support will be provided by the experts who know the ins and outs of CMS.

Security and Safety First – Such companies serve WordPress sites, so the infrastructure seems to be much faster and secure with caching that’s built-in, CDN, PHP support, and firewalls. They keep tabs on which themes and plugins you use. The reason behind it is that they ensure that you do not add any blacklisted integration unintentionally in your website and put others or yourself at risk in the long run.

Outsourced Management – Aside from offering WordPress-friendly hosting support team and environment, companies offering managed hosting services deal with the ongoing maintenance and management tasks that may take up more of your time.

Managed WordPress hosting is good if you are scaling your own WordPress business and you require assistance when managing site maintenance piece of your business service. It is also a good option for the implementers that like to provide high value WordPress development service to the customers, yet do not have the technical expertise to handle the server or give support.