Why SEO is Constantly Changing?

SEO is always evolving and changing. Sometimes, it forces everyone to reconsider their strategies and their workflow for effective and successful SEO. It may be hard to understand the reasons why it goes through a lot of changes and can be frustrating to keep updated at the same time.

What to Know about the New Algorithms

Google creates new algorithms always. Search engines constantly evaluate their algorithms and techniques to find the best results for all web users. Aside from that, Google makes it tougher for unfair SEO marketers to manipulate search engines. Other people also use tricks on optimization to fool the search engines and Google is making ways to detect whether or not SEO was done organically.

Once you use legit and more effective SEO strategies, it’ll take much longer to see results, yet once you use tricks to see quick results, such results will not last and Google could even flag the site that can be a bit damaging. Google changes the formulas for the reason it wants to boost one’s user experience and see to it that users are finding organic results. Typically, Google will go through a change three to four times every year. This is to avoid deceptive SEO practices or prevent them.

A Lot of Keywords

Previously, there’s a time when people would put lots of relevant keywords on their website to boost their rankings online. However, keyword stuffing or spamming may result in a penalty from Google. It also caused websites to read like they’re full of spam once the content was created clearly to include numerous keywords. It is crucial today to use keywords as well as target particular keywords to boost your rankings. But, it is not recommended to overfill your website with keywords. It is now considered as a thing of the past. With blog posts, you must use 2-4 keywords and avoid using 10 or more keywords. This is especially true if your blog post often includes 500 words.

Some Changes You Should Know

In the past, Google takes the Meta Keywords that are associated with the page, read them, and rank the page. These days, Google ignores such keywords as they don’t hold importance in the page’s rankings. Several people believe that more clicks on their pages, the higher their rankings would be. This isn’t true. Google doesn’t adjust the listings depending on the site that gets the most clicks. Organic traffic is basically something that’s tracked by the SEO experts for their clients to show the results of their SEO efforts. It may also be used to show that through improving the rankings of the site with SEO, it could boost the organic traffic. You have to take note that organic traffic comes through the search results and not on the paid ads.

It is always updated with the newest changes on the algorithm and will surely help you no matter what your SEO needs are.

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